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As vaccines have become a routine partoflife,itisessentialtoknowtheinsandoutsofthe
procedure. This article investigates all dimensions of vaccination and concludes that
vaccination is mostly not good for healthandshouldbeavoided asmuchaspossible.There
are sufficient evidences available which indicate demerits of vaccination. Therefore,todayit
is essential to have open and fearless debate on pros and cons of vaccination so that real

In order to write this article, works of following well known personalities (from India and
1. B.M. Hegde: Padma Bhushan recipient Dr. B.M. Hegde is one of Indias finest doctors
and one of the worlds most respected medical scientist. He has written several books on
health awareness including the bestselling book, What Doctors Don't Get to Study in Medical

Rajiv Dixit:
Great patriot and Swadeshi supporter, who touched almost all topics which
are taking India down and raised voice against them. He was allegedly murdered on 30

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury: He is a famous memory master having name inGuinness
Book of Records. Presently, he is spreading awarenessonplantbaseddietinordertohave
a diseasefree life. His workshops on diabetes cure are popular. He has written several
books on healthawarenessandonexposingthescamsoffood,pharmaceuticalandvaccine

4. Jagannath Chatterjee: He is an antivaccine and antiGMO activist. He is one of the

pioneers in India to expose the reality of vaccines and the vaccineindustry. Hisendeavour

1. Shiv Chopra (Canada): Shiv Chopra is a Canadian microbiologist and human rights
activist, who was involved in one of the first major whistleblowing incidents in the Canadian
public service . His book, Corrupt to the Core exposes scams of food, pharmaceutical and

2. Andreas Moritz: Dr. Andreas Moritz opened the EnerChi Wellness Center to assist
individuals in achieving optimal health and wellbeing of their body, mind and spirit. He
authored 14 books covering different aspects of health,allopathyfrauds,vaccine frauds.He

3. LeonardHorowitz: Aswritteninhiswebsite, ,LeonardHorowitz,

is the worlds most prolific, best credential, and most controversial drug industry
whistleblower. He isanawardwinningauthor,filmmaker,pharmaceuticalindustrycritic,and
intelligence industry analyst. He has published seventeen books and dozens of peer

4. Neil Z. Miller:
As written in his website, , Neil Z. Millerisamedical
research journalist and the Director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute . He has
devoted his last 25 years to educate parents and health practitioners about vaccines,
encouraging informed consent and nonmandatory laws. He is the author of several books

Disclaimer: I,asauthorofthisarticle,amaPhDstudentinIITHyderabad,India,under

Acknowledgements: IsincerelythanktoMr.JagannathChatterjee(antivaccination


When a virus or bacteria attacks the body for the first time [1], the immune system of the
body not only combats it but also storesthesnapshotofthevirusinitsmemorycellssothat
immediate action can be taken when the same type of virus attacks our body infuture.The
memory of first natural attack of the virus/bacteria will remain stored in the memory cells of
the immune systemforthewholelife.Inotherword,wecansaythatmostly,ifonceourbody
is infected by a particular virus or bacteria then it can neverbeinfectedbythesametypeof
virus for rest of our life. But, here the risk is that, what if the body is unable to cope onfirst
attackofthevirus?Herearisestheconceptof Vaccination.
Vaccination is the process in which a live attenuated or killed organism of a particular
disease is injected into the body throughvaccinesothatimmunesystemofthebodycanbe
familiar with the disease causing organism and can take immediate action when thenatural
organism infests the body. Here, question arisesthathow thevirus/bacteriainjectedintothe
body through vaccineandtherealorganismaredifferent?Whatif theinjectedorganismalso
caused harm to thebody?Theansweris,therealviruswhichentersourbodythroughsome
natural phenomena such as through nose, is virulent and the virus injectedthroughvaccine
is rendered weak and avirulent. The virus to be injected is first made avirulent using some
1. Live attenuated virus : In this technique a live virus is injected into the body. In order to
destroy its virulence, the virus is grownindifferentcellculturessuchaskidneyofmonkeyor
cow or other animals. Aviruscanneverbegrowninlaboratoryandmustneedacellculture.
When the virus loses its virulence then it is ready for being injected into human body. This

2. Killed or inactivated virus : In this technique, the virus is exposed to Gama radiationso
that it will be killed. This technique is not as effective as first one. Because of this, several
Examples of some of the vaccines are polio (OPV and IPV), rotavirus, hepatitis, diphtheria,

As of now, we discussed some basics about vaccination. Now, we will discuss some of the
facts on vaccinations which are well researched but rarely come to the public domain
because of money involved in the vaccination business. This article exposes the blackface
of vaccination industry. The vaccination industry has succeeded in convincing the human
population that we must have to be vaccinated for better health. Because of this, today
vaccination programs are being carried out throughout the world and it has targeted almost
whole population of the world. In US,bytheageof1.5(one andhalf)years,a childreceives
35 vaccines [2]. A child will not get admission in school if he/she has not received some

Now two questions arise: (1) Is vaccination really so much essential that everyone should

It is known that a business is going to be very huge and profitmaking if each personinthe
world is targeted asits customer.In2014[3][4],theglobalannualsalesofvaccineswas$33
billion (2 lakh crores) and it is expected to reach $58 billion (3.7 lakh crores) by 2019. It is
not astonishing that because of involvement of such huge amount of money, ethics will be
brushed aside. Here, violation of ethics can be defined as targeting each person in the
world to be a customer of vaccination business by falsely convincing that it is essential for
good health. Obviously, for such a world level scam, big giants will have to join hands.
These giants [4][5][6][7][8] are pharmaceuticalcompanies,worldhealthorganization(WHO),

According to Jagannath Chatterjee, an antivaccination activist in India, doctors who know

the reality of vaccination,havewarnedtheMinistryofHealthinIndiaseveraltimesabout the
harmful consequences of massvaccination.But,in reality,theMinistry isalsounabletostop
it because they are bound to follow the regulations of WHO or such UN specialised
agencies. But these UN specialised agencies [7][8] are heavily under the control of
pharmaceutical and vaccination companies. Their regulations are being decided by the
scientists of these companies. Obviously, everything will be in the favour of thecompanies.
Those who think that Bill Gates[6][9][10][11][12]isahumanitarianwhodonatedhisproperty
but in reality, he is owner of such pharmaceutical, food (Monsanto) and vaccination

Now coming to the first question which is Is vaccination really so much essential that
everyone should receive it? Let us try to get the answer by understandingfollowingpoints.
Points 1 to 4 are largely inspired from links [9], [13], [15] and [16]. Links [9] and [13] are
lectures of Dr. Shiv Chopra and Dr. Andreas Moritz. Link [15] is a power point presentation
by Mr. Jagganath Chatterjee. Link [16] is an article on reality of vaccines by Dr. Neil Miller.
These personalities are well known for their crusade against vaccination. Any claim made
through following points is either referenced from these links or other reference is explicitly

1. Ingredients of a vaccine and their side effects on our body [9][13][14][15][16][17] :

Vaccination has increased chances of several diseases which were very less when
vaccination was notthere.Thesediseasesareautism,diabetes,cancer,allergy,asthmaetc.
The main reason is the harmful effects of ingredients of vaccines. Vaccines are basically
drugs which contain antigens, preservatives, adjuvants, stabilizers, antibiotics, buffers,
diluents, emulsifiers, inactivating chemicals, residue from animal and human growth
Antigens are main component of any vaccine designed to induce an immune
response. They are either weaked germs or fragmentsofthediseaseorganism.E.g.
Virus needs a medium in which to propagate or reproduce. Commonbrothsinclude
chick embryo fibroblasts, chick kidney cells, mouse brains, African green monkey
Adjuvants: These are used to enhance immunity. Aluminium salts are used as
adjuvants. Aluminum is a heavy metal with known neurotoxic effects on human and
animal nervous systems. Aluminum in vaccines is in the form of nano particles so
that vaccine ingredients can permeate each cell of the body. Babies have blunted
immune response [18] in comparison to young person. Aluminium is added to
vaccine to stimulate the immune response which in turn change theimmunesystem
from nonreactive to hyperreactive. This is an unnatural process and may results
Preservatives: These are used to stop microbial contamination of vaccines.
Thimerosal is used as preservative in vaccines which contain Mercury. Mercury is
very poisonous element. In 2000, USFDAdeclared thatmercuryshouldberemoved
from vaccines. In India and other developing countries full dose mercury remains in
all nonlive virus vaccines because it makes the vaccine cheaper. Further,presence
Stabilizers: These are used to inhibit chemical reactions and prevent vaccines
contents from separating or sticking to the vial. Fetal bovine (calf) serum is a
commonly used stabilizer. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) helps the vaccine remain
Human serum albumin helps stabilize live viruses. Porcine gelatin which protects
Antibiotics [19]: These are added to prevent bacterial growth during vaccine
production and storage. Some vaccines contain antibiotics Neomycin and
Streptomycin. Neomycin is a developmental toxin and suspected neurotoxin.
Inactivating Chemicals: These kill unwanted viruses and bacteria that could
contaminate vaccines. Formaldehyde or Formalin is used as inactivating chemicals.
It is a known carcinogen and suspected liver, immune, neuro, reproductive,
It is a misconception [16] that any side effect appears within 34 days of vaccination willbe
considered as 'side effect due to the vaccine'. Any symptoms that appears later aretreated
by doctors as a separate disease and not due to vaccination. But, in reality, side effects of
vaccination may appear throughout the life. According to FDA (Food and Drug
Administration), in US, side effects of vaccines are reported between only 1 to 10%.
Chemicals in vaccines are more harmful [13] if the child is prematurely born or delivered
using caesarean or has not received mothers milk. In 1983, 1 out of 2500 children has
2. Does vaccination really make us immune from diseases[9][13][16]:Expertssaythat
if a personisinfectedbyaviral/bacterialdiseaseinhis/herchildhoodthenitis90%surethat
the person will not be infected by same disease in his whole life but, if he receivedvaccine
for this disease in the childhood then this percentage is only 25%. The main reason is, in
vaccination, the virus/bacteria is directly injected into blood streams and bypasses the
gastrointestinal tract where 60% immune system is located and also bypasses respiratory
tract, nose, ear which are the natural passages of contact with any virus. As a result, these
parts remain deprived from getting immunity. In case of real virus/bacteria attack, the virus
passes through all these parts and the immune system ensures immunity for them. By
keeping this fact in mind, experts suggest that a child must undergo real virus attack and
should not be protected by getting vaccinated. If a child is not vaccinated till the age of 15
years and exposed to attacks of these viruses thenhe/shewillbe85%protectedforlifetime

Doesvaccinationreallyeradicatedseveraldiseasesfromtheglobe: Itisabigrumour
spread by vaccine companies. In reality, vaccines were introduced when related diseases
were at their end stage. Diseases came to end stage because of better living conditions,
sanitation and proper medical care. Above graph [20] shows that how mortality rate due to
diseases such as measles, typhoid, whooping cough, diphtheria was already in its lowest
point when related vaccines were introduced. Reports say that these vaccines instead
increased the disease spreading. For example, accordingtoCDC,everycaseofpoliointhe
U.S. since 1979 was caused by oral polio vaccine (written in moredetailin RealityofPolio

Basis of claims of good results of vaccination [9][13][15][16]: Let us go through
Vaccines are mostly tested by the manufacturer itself and never tested by independent
(b) Vaccines are not tested against any genuine placebo. They aretestedagainstthesame
vaccine without the virus (all chemicals are presentinthevaccineexceptthevaccinevirus).
(c) Comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated children has never been carried out
(d) Vaccines are tested on extremelyhealthysubjectsforaveryshorttime(7to14 days)or
till the time adverse events start appearing. But, once vaccine is licensed,itisprescribedto
excluded subjects also. For example, vaccines are not tested on too young, too old,
pregnant, ill, infants with very low birth weights, havingpreexistinghealthailmentsbutafter
(e) Most of the vaccine studies are funded by vaccine companies so only those outcomes
Following table [13][21][22][23][24][25] shows the difference between a vaccinated and

Diseases Numberoftimesmoreinvaccinated

Asthma 5timesmoreinvaccinated

Allergy 3timesmore

Tonsil Neverinunvaccinated

Hyperactive 10timesmoreinvaccinated

ADHD 370%more

NeurologicalDisorder 185%more

Autism 146%more

In Iceland [26], number of mandatory vaccines below five years is 11 and they have lowest
mortality rate (3.9 per 1000 children) and lowest autism rate (1 out of 1100, Norway has 1
out of 2000 and Denmark has 1 out of 2200) intheworldwhileinUS,numberofmandatory
vaccines below five years is 36 and theyhavemortalityrateof7.8per1000andautismrate
From above discussion it can be concluded that vaccination provides very minute immunity
but in the bargain, we allow some dangerous chemicals to be injected into the body which

In the below section, two viral diseases viz. Swine Flu and Polio have been discussed.

(1) RealityofSwineorH1N1Flu
When a virus enters into the body [27][28], firstly, it tries to enter into a cell. The protein
which helps the virus to enter into the cell is called as Haemagglutinin (H).Incaseofswine
flu, this protein iscalledas H1.Afterenteringinthecell,itmakesitsmultiplecopiesbyusing
RNA of the cell's nucleusandthentriestocomeoutof thecelltoenterintoanothercell.The
protein which helps these viruses come out of the cell is called as Neuraminidase (N). For
swine flu, itiscalledasN1. Usingtheaboveprocess,avirusspreadsintheentirebody.The
mechanism used by the body to get protected from all types of flu is, increasing the
The prescribed test for the detection of H1N1 virus is PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
test. According to Dr. Kary Mulis (inventor of PCR test) [28], this test tellsaboutthegenetic
sequence of the virus and not about the particular virus. It means that this test may be
positive even if the sample does not contain the H1N1 virus. Hence it is a very unreliable
The prescribed vaccine for Swine flu is Tamiflu. But, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz
[27][28], Tamiflu is a toxic medicine, which is very harmful and there can be serious
sideeffects (including death)from it.AccordingtoajointresearchdonebyCOCHRANEand
BMJ (British Medical Journal) in 2014 [28][29], Tamiflu stops the production ofantibodiesin
According to John RappoportandSharylAttkisson[28][30](healthjournalistsinUS whofirst
exposed theswinefluscamin2009),HIN1virusisasdangerousasvirusofcommoncough.
If a person can die because of cough then only he candiebecauseofH1N1virus[31].Any
type of flu in theworldcanbeovercomebyfollowingthedietplanmentionedbelowfor three

1. Using sensible personal hygiene and maintaining a strong immune system are the two
best ways to prevent the flu. Its ultimately the only real cure for any infectious disease,
2. According to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (The GermanParliamentarianandformerChairofthe
Health Committee in The European Council ) ,
[7] swine flu is the biggest scam of the
3. One of the beneficiaries of swine flu scam is Donald Rumsfeld [32], former defence
minister of US (at the time of George Bush), who was chairman of the company Gilead
Sciences Inc.from1997to2001(beforeBushAdministration)andits bigstockholder.Gilead
Sciences Inc. is inventor of the swine flu medicine Tamiflu and it has sold the rights of
4. One of the vaccine for swine flu is Pandemrix [33][34] which waslaterbannedforpeople
below age 20 because of increasing cases of Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder

The major part of this section is inspired from the paper [35], The polio vaccine: a critical
assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and longterm healthrelated consequences,
authored by Dr. Neil Z. Miller. Any claim made in this section is either referenced from this

Polio is a contagious disease caused byanintestinalvirusthatmayattacknervecellsofthe

brain and spinal cord. Symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat, and vomiting. Some
victims develop neurological complications, including stiffness of the neck and back, weak
muscles, pain in the joints, and paralysis of one or more limbs or respiratory muscles. In
severe cases it may be fatal, due to respiratory paralysis. Polio can be spread through
contact with contaminated faeces (for example, by changing an infected babys diapers) or
through airborne droplets, in food, or in water. The virus enters the body by noseormouth,
and then travels to the intestines where it incubates. Next, it enters the bloodstream where
antipolio antibodies are produced. In most cases, this stops the progression of the virus
Many people mistakenly believe that anyone who contracts polio will become paralyzed or
die. But, in fact, 95 percent of everyone who is exposed to the natural polio virus wont
exhibit any symptoms, even under epidemic conditions. About 5 percent of infected people
will experience mild symptoms, such as a sore throat, stiff neck, headache, and fever often
diagnosed as a cold or flu. Muscular paralysis has been estimated to occur in about oneof
every 1,000 people who contract the disease. This has lead some scientific researchers to
conclude that the small percentage of people who do develop paralytic polio may be
anatomically susceptible to the disease. The vast remainder of the population may be
Several studies have shown that injections (for antibiotics or other vaccines) increase
study showing that children who received a single injection within one monthafterreceiving
a polio vaccine were 8 times more likely to contract polio than children who received no
injections. The risk jumped 27fold when children received up to nine injections within one
month after receiving the polio vaccine. And with ten or more injections, the likelihood of
A poor diet has also been shown to increasesusceptibilitytopolio.Excessiveuseofsugars
deficiency precedes polio. Weakened nerve trunks are then more likely to malfunction and

Two types of polio vaccines are there. First one is called as oral polio vaccine (OPV) in
which few drops of the vaccine is poured into the mouth of the child. This vaccine contains
the liveattenuated virus (explained in the beginning of the article). OPV is used in India as
polio vaccine. The other one is inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) which is given in the form of
injection and it containsinactivatedvirus.In1976,Dr.JonasSalk,creatoroftheIPVvaccine
used in the 1950s, testified that the OPV vaccine was the principal if not sole cause of all
reported polio cases in the US since 1961. The reason is that the polio virus in the OPV
remains in the throat for one to two weeks and in the faeces for up to two months. Thus,
vaccine recipients are at risk, and can potentially spread the disease, as long as faecal
excretion of the virus continues. In 1992, the US Federal Centre for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) published an admission [37][38] that the OPV vaccine had become the
dominant cause of polio in the United States. In fact, according to CDC figures, every case
of polio in the U.S. since 1979 was caused by the oral polio vaccine. OPV [38] vaccine is
The video [11] exposes that after OPV vaccines being banned in western countries, how
mass polio vaccination campaigns came into existence in India. Areas which were facing
water scarcity, food scarcity and under Government ignorance,therealsoeachchildstarted
getting two drops of OPV vaccine. According to Pushpa M. Bhargava (Scientist, Padma
Bhushan recipient and founder of centre for cellular and molecular biology (CCMB)), after
the banning of OPV in western countries [39], all third world countries were chosen for
dumping of manufactured OPV as humanitarian cause.Atthattime,Indiawasalsoplanning
to shift from OPV to IPV but due to the instructions of WHO, which is heavily influenced by
pharmaceutical and vaccine industries, and vested interests of officials of health ministry,
India not switched toOPV.Nowitcanbeimaginedthatasacommonman,towhomwewill
believe on Government, who has to follow WHO instructions on WHO, which is under the
influence of pharmaandvaccinecompaniesonpharmaandvaccinecompanieswhosesole
aim is to maximize the benefit on celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, ShahRukh Khanwho
were advertising for OPV vaccine although knowing that it is banned in US doctors who
were knowing that OPV is not good for health still never raised their voice against it. The
reality is that so many doctors know its reality but cannot raise their voice as because for
this, they will have to go against the system and will have to ready to suffer further
(i) By the time, when polio vaccine was introduced, polio death rates were declined to 55
percent. Countries (in Europe) who denied to accept polio vaccine,werealsofreefromitas
(iii) In order to make an active polio virus avirulent for using it in the vaccine, it is grown in
monkey kidneys. If the monkey is infected by some other virus then it is possible that the
virus may also pass on to humans through vaccines. Thesevirusesmaynotharmmonkeys
but humans. Such an example is SV40 monkey virus which transferred tohumansthrough
(iv) Other example of such monkey virus is simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), a virus
closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the infectious agent thought to
precede AIDS. Several studies have proven close relation of SIV and HIV and have
recommended that not to useSIVinfectedmonkeysforgrowingPoliovirus.Before1959,no

From above discussion, it can be concluded that we should avoid vaccination as much as
possible. Only solution to save ourselves from virus infection is making the immunesystem
of our body stronger. A strong immune system depends on sufficiencyofVitaminDthrough
Sun exposure [31] and the quality of food we are eating. The lecture of Dr. Andreas Moritz
[40] explains that sufficient Vitamin D in the body saves us from attack of virus and other
diseases such as cancer, heart diseases. This is why, the risk of viral infection is lesser in
countries like India where sunlight is available throughout the year. In present day to day
life, because of incorporation of processed food, junk food, packed food, canned fruits etc.,
our diet can no longer be called as healthyandnutritious.Anunhealthydietwillresultintoa
weaker immune system which makes it easier for the virus to attack onthebody.Following
1. Eat wholesome food (naturally nutritious) as much as possible. Try to avoid
food in which nutrients are externally added. Forexample,Horlicks,Bournvitaetc. In
order to understand the science that why food having externally added nutrientsare
not good for health, read fourth chapter of the book How to return from hospital
2. Ideally, 80% of our food should consist of alkaline food. All processed food,
fast food, nonvegetarian food, soft drinks, bottled sauce, white flour (Maida)
products, artificial sweeteners are highlyacidicinnature.Ittakes30glassesofwater
to neutralize one bottle of cold drink. This link [44] gives classification of acidic and
3. Completelyavoiddeepfriedfoods.
4. Chew the food well. This practice can keep ourselves away from several
diseases because a well chewed food can be digested by thestomacheasily.Chew
5. Eat less than the stomach desire. Leave one fourth of the space in stomach
6. Try to eat, sleep and wake up at the same timeeveryday. Toknowthathow
7. Avoid eating after sunset. In any case, last mealofthedayshouldbearound
8. Avoidstalefood.
9. Avoidnonvegetarianfood[46][47][48][49].
10. Follow rules of drinking of water. By following some simple rules of water
drinking, we can keep our body away from diseases such as diabetes,asthma,high
blood pressure. These rules include when to drink and when not todrinkwater,how
much amount of water to drink etc. In the link [50], Dr. Hiten Patel explains water
11. Prefer Homeopathic and Ayurvedic based treatment and avoid Allopathy as
12. DailyHalfhourexposuretosunlight.
13. GiveYoga,PranayamandMeditationanimportantplaceinlife.
14. Clean environment, clean air, clean food, clean water, sunlight and earthare
15. Our destructive emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, depression and hostility
are key contributor to the unhealthy and unhappy life. Love and compassion for

Apart from this, the common concern is, how to protect the child if planning not to be
vaccinated. Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn has explained different types of childhood viral
diseases, their characteristics and methods of takingprecautionsandcuringthedisease, in
his book [53], how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor, chapter 19. Apart from
1. Provide proper nutrition and care to pregnant mother[54](atleastduringfirst
2. Homeopathictreatmentduringpregnancywillensureahealthychild.
3. Avoiddrugsandvaccinesduringpregnancy.
4. Go in for natural child birth [55]. Delay cord clamping [56]. Donotcleanchild
5. Givebabyhomeopathictreatmentduringillnesses.
6. Give the first yellow milk colostrum to the child. It can breastfeed up to 2
In order to know Ayurvedic way of healthy childcare, go through part 2 to part 4 of this link

Questions to be asked before getting vaccinated [58]: Vaccines are pharmaceutical

products that carry risks, which can be greater for some than others. Many vaccine injured
victims have gotcompensationmoneyfromvaccinecompaniesifinjuryisreportedatcorrect
1. AmIormychildsickrightnow?
2. HaveIormychildhadabadreactiontoavaccinationbefore?
3. Do I or my child have a personal or family history of vaccine reactions, neurological
4. DoIknowthediseaseandvaccinerisksformyselformychild?
5. DoIhavefullinformationaboutthevaccinessideeffects?
6. DoIknowhowtoidentifyandreportavaccinereaction?
7. DoIknowIneedtokeepawrittenrecord,includingthevaccinemanufacturersname
8. DoIknowIhavetherighttomakeaninformedchoice?
Answer to the questions 1, 2, 3 should be No and answer to the questions4,5,6,7and8


This link contains collection of links on the fact that herd immunity from vaccines is

Following is the link of a pdf which is a collection of 200 articles and their links which

Following is the link of a pdf which is a collectionof1000peerreviewedreportsandstudies



Following is the link of notes offacebookpageofJagganathChaterjeewherehehaswritten


In the following link famous personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw



After going through these facts, it can be concluded that it is only an illusion that we are
living in an age where all facts and information are just one click away from us. But, in
reality, we are exposedtoknowonlythatinformationwhichthesebiggiantsororganisations
want us to know. It can be imagined that how much our mind is being controlled by them.
They are able to do it because all modes of directcommunicationtothecommonpublicare
under their control such as media, celebrities, politicians, government (because of corrupt
politicians and International pressure) etc. Blind race for money has brought the world into
this condition. We think that religious extremism is biggest threat in the presentworld,butit
is wrong.Theactualthreatisfood,pharmaceuticalandvaccinationindustries.Intheworldof
conspiracies and scams, the prime victim is the common public. Rememberthatnoonewill
come forward to take care of us, neither the celebrities who influence us to choose wrong
foods or lifestyles through their ads, nor companies, governments. We, the common man,
will have to join hands to spread authentic awareness into the society in order to save
ourselves from these big giants, otherwise we will not only affect ourselves but also we will

Vaccines are part of life of everyone, therefore thorough discussion on it is also essential.
This article investigates other side of the vaccination which is rarely known to common
public. Apart from this, the article suggests (a) steps to be taken when we are under a flu
attack (b) steps to be taken for a healthy baby (c) steps to be taken for a healthy and
1. Vaccinesalestranslateintobigprofitsforvaccinemanufacturers.
2. Statisticalmanipulationandintenselobbyingisbehindvaccinesuccess.
3. Childhoodillnessesarebeneficialandareessentialtobuildtheimmunesystem.
4. Vaccines are not natural. These are man made drugs which contain dangerous and
toxic substances. Some ofthesearemercury,aluminium,formaldehyde,liveviruses,
5. Vaccines are never tested by independent and unbiasedagencies. Vaccinesarenot
tested against any genuine placebo. Comparison between unvaccinated and
vaccinated children is never been carried out byauthorisingagencies. Theeffectsof
6. Most of the so called reliable researchonvaccinesistremendouslybias.There isno
7. The claimthatvaccineseradicateddiseaseisnotbackedbyfacts.Thecreditactually
8. Side effects of vaccination are heavily underreported. These side effects are never
considered as vaccine caused but it is not true. The real side effectsofvaccination
9. In the USA $3.3 billion has so far been paid as compensation for vaccination
10. All the CDC studies disproving the vaccineautism link has been exposed for fraud
and statistical manipulation. While experts deny the vaccine autism connection,
Courts have so far compensated 87casesofvaccineinducedautism intheUSAand

11. Countries where number of vaccines received per child is higher, childmortalityrate
12. Vaccines are not responsible for decreasing diseases after their introduction.
Mortality rate due to diseases such as polio, measles, mumps etc. were already in
13. Unvaccinated children have significantly better health than vaccinated children. The
unvaccinated children develop natural immunity for diseases which is far stronger
14. Highestrateofunvaccinatedchildrenareamongrichandinformed.
15. Swinefluisabigjoke.Anytypeofflucanbecuredbymakingthebodyalkaline.
16. OPVpoliodropsaredangerous.
17. Strong immune system is the only solution to save ourselves from viral diseases. A
strong immune system depends on sufficiency of Vitamin D through Sun exposure
18. Ayurvedicandhomeopathicbasedpatientcareshouldbeencouraged.
19. Mothersmilkisthebestmedicineforababy.
20. In comparison to religious extremism, food, pharmaceutical and vaccine companies
21. Common man should join hands to spread authentic information in the society.

[1] This is the link of a lecture to understand basics of vaccination. It
[4] Book Name: What Doctors Dont Get to Study in Medical School. Chapter Name: Did
[5] Book name: Emerging Viruses. Chapter Name: WHO Plays in the Big Leagues.
[6] Book Name: Why Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go On Strike. Chapter Name:
Iatrogenocide: How and Why Many of the Smarter Kindest People on the Earth Become
[8] Book Name: How to Return From Hospital Alive. Chapter Two. Author Name:
[9] (LectureofShivChopraonrealityofvaccines)
[11] (This lecture exposes the truth of Polio. It was presented in a
seminar organised by the NGO, NatureHuman Centric Peoples Movement in 2012. The






[27] (Lecture of Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chodhury on reality of swine flu.





[37] (CDC paper on harms





[46] (
Vishwaroop Roy Choudhurys lecture on
Diabetes which also contains demerits of nonveg diet. 2.03th hour of this video explains
[48] (Dr. Shiv Chopras lecture on