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Asking And Giving Attention Beserta Contoh Soal

Beranda Expression Speaking Asking and Giving Attention Beserta Contoh Soal
Posted by : Muhammad Iqbal
7/28/17 - Asking and Giving Attention Beserta Contoh Soal

Terlengkap. Expressing Attention adalah cara yang digunakan untuk meminta
seseorang memfokuskan perhatiannya kepada kita atau sebaliknya kita yang
memfokuskan perhatian kepada orang yang sedang berbicara. Pada postingan kali ini
saya akan berbagi tentang berbagai macam expression yang bisa digunakan ketika kita
ingin meminta perhatian dari seseorang atau memberi perhatian kepada seseorang.
Untuk setiap situasi tersebut saya juga akan membagikan beberapa dialogue yang bisa
digunakan sebagai acuan dalam memahami penggunaan expression tersebut.

Asking Attention
Excuse me!
Listen to me!
Look at me!
Look here.
Attention, please!
Can I get the attention! Thanks.
Stop talking please
Everybody, may I have your attention, please ?
Can I have your attention, please?
Excuse me, I wonder if I could trouble you .
May I have your attention, please?
Sorry to trouble you.
Sorry to bother you.
Look what Ive got here.

Giving Attention
I see.
Tell me more about it.
What happens next?
And then what?
Whats next?
Is that all?
Thats alright
I see. Tell me more about it.
Oh, yes. Really?
Mmm Oh, my God! What happens next?
A ha And then what?
How interesting! Whats next?
I know what you mean. Is that all?
Oh, oh! Indeed?
Well, well, well Oh, no!

Wildan: Will you hear my story?
Nadine: Yes, I will. Whats about?
Wildan: It is about our friend Dina. Listen to me!
Nadine: Okay!
Wildan: Dina asked me to join her to Batam next Sunday.
Nadine: And then?
Wildan: I confused because next week I will have my first test in my course.
Nadine: I see. Then?
Wildan: How to say to Dina if I cant join her?
Nadine: Just say the true.
Wildan: Okay I will try.
Nadine: Look what Ive got here.
Wildan: Why?
Nadine: What do you think about my new motorcycle?
Wildan: Wow! Thats a cool motorcycle. Next time I will borrow it with you.
Nadine: Yes, sure.

Wildan: Maukah kamu mendengarkan ceritaku?
Nadine: Ya, aku mau. Tentang apa?
Wildan: Ini tentang teman kita dina. Dengarkan aku!
Nadine: Oke!
Wildan: Dina memintaku ikut dengannya ke Batam minggu depan.
Nadine: Lalu?
Wildan: Aku bingung, minggu depan aku ada tes pertama di tempat kursusku.
Nadine: Ya aku tahu. Lalu?
Wildan: Bagaimana caranya aku bilang ke Dina aku tidak bisa ikut dengannya?
Nadine: Katakan saja sejujurnya.
Wildan: Oke, akan ku coba.
Nadine: Lihat apa yang saya punya di sini
Wildan: Kenapa?
Nadine: Bagaimana menurutmu tentang sepeda motor baruku ini?
Wildan: Wow! Itu bagus. Lain kali aku akan meminjamnya padamu.
Nadine: Ya, tentu.

Contoh Percakapan 1

Rendy: May I have your attention, please? We have to collect the assignment on
our teachers table now, have you finished it yet?
Andy: Yes, I have.
Giselle: off course yes.
Ester: Unfortunately, I havent.
Rendy: Whats up with you, what did you do?
Ester: Sorry, I have lied, I did not bring my assignment. It was left at home.
Rendy: You have to write again, there will be enough time to it.
Ester: Do you want to wait me?
Rendy: Of course, hurry up, guys.
Ester: Thank you so much.

Contoh Percakapan 2

Teacher: Dont be noise please! Attention please!

Students: Yes, mam.
Nana :Okay, next week we will do middle examination.
Students: (Students are noise)
Teacher: Listen to me!
Students: (Students are silent)
Teacher: The material that should be learned by you are begin from chapter 1
until chapter 4. Dont forget to enrich your vocabularies with exercise!
Students: Yes, mam.
Nana: Okay, thats all for today. Good luck then!

Exercise: Answer the following questions!

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 1 and 2)
Rafasya: Do you know, my new roomate is very choosey. I dont like her character.
Gilang : Really?
Rafasya: Embarrassing. He just talks big!
Gilang : Mmmmhh.
Rafasya: She is only concerned with herself and told about his branded things.
Gilang : Really?

1. The underlined word is showing

A. Showing interesting news
B. Responding Admiration
C. Asking Attention
D. Responding of certainty
E. Showing Attention

2. Why Rafasya very angry with his new girlfriend?

A. She is annoying
B. She is generous
C. She is very talkaktive
D. She is very kind
E. She is very nice

Complete the dialogue below (for question number 3)

Lukman: A terrible thing happened to me yesterday. My mom was very angry to me.
Ikhsan: Oh my God. Why?
Lukman: I lost my motorcycle when I parked it in front of the bookstore.
Ikhsan: Oh No !! ____________.
3. Why Ranggas mother was very angry?
A. Rangga had lost his motorcycle
B. Rangga has stolen a motorcycle
C. Rangga was parked in front of the bookstore
D. Rangga told Riadi that his motorcycle was lost
E. Rangga bought a new motorcycle

4. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is

A. It sound nice
B. Buy a new one
C. I am really happy to hear that
D. Im sorry to hear that.
E. You can do it

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 4 and 5)

Mr. Iqbal: Hello students, Can I have your attention, please? In this part of the test, you
will hear some dialogues and questions spoken in English. The questions and the
dialogues will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must
listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. After you listen to the
dialogue and the question about it, read the five possible answers, and decide which
one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Now listen to a sample
Students: Thats alright, Sir.
5. The underlined expression expresses ....
A. Expressing satisfaction
B. Making an appointment
C. Asking Attention
D. Giving Attention
E. Declining Attention

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