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De Vinci- Renaissance man/ literacy Date Monday November 6th

Subject/Grade Time
Social Studies 8 43 minutes
Level Duration
Unit Renaissance Teacher Mr. Bradley


General 8.2 Through an examination of Renaissance Europe, students will demonstrate an understanding
Learning and appreciation of how the exchange of ideas and knowledge contributed to shaping the worldview
Outcomes: of the Western world
Specific 8.2.3 - recognize how beliefs and values are shaped by time, geographic location and societal
Learning context
Outcomes: 8.2.4 - examine, critically, the factors that shaped the worldview evolving in western Europe
during the Renaissance by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions and issues:
In what ways did thinkers and philosophers influence society in the development of a
humanist worldview during the Renaissance?
LEARNING OBJECTIVES What do you want your students to learn?
Students will:
1. Examine materials on Leonardo de Vinci and determine how he reflects the renaissance worldview.

ASSESSMENTS How will you know your students have learned?

Formative / Summative Take in questions for formative assessment.


Newsella Power point on reading for information
Newsella reading materials
Comprehension questions for readings.
Introduction Time
Attention Grabber / Review last class
Introduction Today we are going to examine a little more about the renaissance
worldview by reading up on the man who is the most iconic example of
3 minutes
the phrase renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci.

Take in presentation sheets

Body Time
Learning Activity
Power point on non-fiction literacy
8 minutes
Sponge Activity:
Share critical question
Whole class Q&A on what they know about Leonardo de Vinci so far, and
answers with the class
what we might still want to learn. 2 minutes
for discussion.
38 minutes
Hand out leveled textstudents begin reading.
13 minutes

Comprehension questions: until end of class. 15 minutes

Closure Time
Next Class
Next class we will be discussing renaissance writers 1 minute

Personal Reflection Notes: