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English 210F: Genres of Business Communication

Assignment 4 Rubric Group

Rhetorical Strategy & Communication of Purpose (20%)

Demonstrates: Primary & secondary audiences and purposes correctly determined. Primary purpose clearly expressed.
Rhetorical strategy suited to audience & purpose(s), including choice of direct/indirect, appeals to emotion and logic, etc. Any
requests or action items appropriately placed.

Outstanding Strong Acceptable Developing Lacking

Content & Expression (50%)

Demonstrates: Scope of content well suited to audience and purpose, with sufficient information included to achieve purpose.
Includes all sections necessary to develop the proposal effectively and according to guidelines; sections and section content are
ordered effectively and appropriately for rhetorical strategy. Paragraphs and transitions skillfully structured and developed.
Words choices correct, clear, and varied; proper construction and use of idioms; any jargon or specialized language justified.
Language is free from bias. Phrasing clear and concise, free of any wordiness and redundancies. Tone appropriate to audience
and purpose. Writing consistent and professional throughout,.

Outstanding Strong Acceptable Developing Lacking

Medium & Format (30%)

Demonstrates: Medium appropriate to audience, purpose, and message. Format appropriate to medium, audience, and purpose.
Skilful construction of visual rhetoric including font choices, spacing, layout and design, graphic elements. Appropriate and
competent use of media capabilities and other non-verbal rhetorical inducements (as applicable). Consistency and cohesiveness
maintained throughout. Assignments not submitted in PDF format automatically forfeit all marks in this category.

Outstanding Strong Acceptable Developing Lacking