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For as long as I can remember, I've never been satisfied with the knowledge I possess. Law touches
almost every aspect of our lives, and like life, is constantly evolving to keep up with the same societal
trends to which we try so hard to conform. My wish to study law stems from a need to overcome the
inequities of society by enabling the law to keep up with the modern fast paced society, something that
can only be achieved by a better understanding of the foundation of the laws that govern us. I strive to
achieve challenging goals that require considerable focused application of mind, and personal reflection
such as [I want to Consider inserting a personal experience or example that demonstrates this]. Studying
law at the graduate level refines a students understanding and method of thinking, which I think will
better serve me in my professional public policy oriented career.

Currently I am a Law Graduate, pursued the five year B.A.LL.B course in PRR Law College, Osmania
University. Academically speaking I have achieved a 61% marks through my years. However, it is my
inquisitive nature and ambition to study LLM in UK to improve my legal skills that truly sets me apart.

Presently, in addition to my studies, I am also practicing Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh High Court, I hope to
inculcate this knowledge that I acquired through my academic program through my legal career. Law is
the only profession that gives me the ability to fulfill my lifelong dream of making a significant impact on
our society through civil service.

Academics aside, I have participated in numerous extracurricular activities. I was an Executive Member
in organizing the University Moot Court Competition, in the University Law College. Being part of an
organization team taught me the importance of communicating amicably with team members, dealing
with difficult situations and working hard in a group, I am sure that these lessons will serve me well in
the times to come.

I believe that theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to be a good lawyer, practical knowledge and
experience also plays an important role. In this regard, I have worked as an intern with various
organizations which have given me a chance to dive deep into various topics and have attempted to gain
an insight to the knowledge and skill required to pursue my masters in law as well as to succeed as a
legal professional. I learned much from my internships, particularly in relation to drafting and
negotiating contracts and legal notices, however I believe the most important takeaway from all of my
internships was the satisfaction of knowing that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
It is important in today's largely global scenario to gain international exposure. I want to pursue my
masters in E-COMMERCE LAW in UK. I have chosen UK because; India and UK have a similar legal
structure, which is where I would want to return. Since corporate field is not restricted to one place,
where same law can be interpreted in different cultures and precepts and thus lecturers from various
spheres will come and enlighten us .This will be an ideal platform for me to get to know students of
other country and as well and can develop strong working relations After the completion of my masters
in law I would like to pursue my career in Corporate sector. I feel that post graduate study at your
University will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards
achieving my objectives. I would be grateful to you if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my post
graduate studies at your esteemed university and I am able to justify your faith in me.