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Whats The NetBSD Project? Fully committed to open source.

The NetBSD Project provides a full-featured, 100% open source, Unix-like All of our source is available free of charge via the Internet, either under
operating system, supporting industry-standard APIs and internetwork non-restrictive Berkeley-like terms or the GNU General Public License.
protocols, and a vast range of hardware platforms. NetBSD suits almost All copies of NetBSD purchased from The NetBSD Mission include the
every environment: robust servers and workstations, plus handheld and full source tree. Open source isnt just a buzzword with NetBSD.
embedded systems.
NetBSD has often been chosen to drive new hardware designs, including Available in many sizes.
network computers, single-board computers, and even webcams; and it NetBSD runs on a wide range of hardware platforms, from the VAX 11/750
is used in networking research around the world. ISPs use NetBSD for to the latest PCs and Windows CE palmtops. Whether you dig that dusty
its wide range of networking options, and enthusiasts use NetBSD for its old computer out of your garage, or bring home the latest gadget from
very diverse platform support. the store, NetBSD will be there for you. By removing some optional
Most NetBSD development is done by volunteers. We have more than components, NetBSD also fits nicely into embedded systems.
130 active developers with commit privileges, and hundreds more who
contribute frequently. The project is loosely managed by the NetBSD core Security for the paranoid.
group and The NetBSD Foundation.
With integrated firewall tools, IPsec, Kerberos 5 and SSL, and other
Whats so cool about NetBSD? cryptographic tools such as SSH and PGP easily installed from our package
system, state of the art communications security is at your fingertips.
Since our inception in early 1993, NetBSD has always been at the forefront Weve audited for local security holes, too.
of open source OS development. In many cases, NetBSD source code has NetBSD has consistently had the fewest known security problems (as
been used wholesale or as a reference by other projects. measured by vulnerability to holes reported in public forums such as
Many of these features are not present in any other open source system: bugtraq). See why security consultants choose NetBSD.
support for 30 distinct hardware platforms, with more always under
development; Dont get left behind.
full standard USB support, including hot-swapping; NetBSD has been thriving for more than 7 years (longer than any open
fully automatic ISA Plug-and-Play configuration; source alternatives) and were stronger today than ever before. We wont
three different methods of kernel debugging: local, remote and post- disappear, or desupport your hardware on a whim.
mortem; You can rest easy at night knowing that your OS is maintained by seasoned
complete source history available via anonymous CVS and CVSweb; professionals with a proven track record and a commitment to the project.
ABI emulation for executables from Solaris, SCO, Linux, FreeBSD,
BSD/OS, OSF/1 and Ultrix (on the same CPU type); How can I help?
support for diverse networking technologies, including ATM, HIPPI, There are many ways you or your organization can help support NetBSD:
FDDI, HSSI, IEEE 802.11, Token-Ring, ARCnet and Ethernet;
mention NetBSD on your web site, to your colleagues, and to hardware
published papers describing several new subsystems in detail. vendors when youre buying a new system;
NetBSD comes with all the features youve grown to expect, such as X11, write support for a device, platform, protocol or API that we dont
firewall tools, software RAID, and a third party package system. support;
acquire hardware, or technical specifications for hardware that we
Great for hardware designers. dont have, and send them to us for development and testing;
NetBSD focuses heavily on multi-platform portability. Put simply, this politely inquire (repeatedly, if necessary) to hardware vendors who
means bootstrapping NetBSD on a new design requires only minimal refuse to supply us with specifications;
effort, allowing you to focus on the hardware. port your software to NetBSD;
If you do need further assistance, some of our developers are professional purchase NetBSD or NetBSD memorabilia;
consultants and are available for short and long term contracts. (See donate money to purchase hardware needed for development, and to for listings.) offset the costs of advertising.
Join Fortune 100 and 500 companies in choosing NetBSD, the worlds Please send correspondence about donations to
most portable operating system, for your product.
Where do I get NetBSD?
Support is just an email away.
We offer generally fast (but ad hoc) support via mailing lists and our bug FTP:
tracking system. Or, if you need more formal support, you can contact CVS:
one of the professional consultants listed on our web site.
No, there isnt an 800 number; but well give you the right answer, and CD-ROM:
we wont make you wait on hold. 04/2000 US