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28 septembrie 2012

10 : 59 | Friday 28th September 2012

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Calculate Years, Months, Days elapsed from a certain date in Microsoft Excel
CATEGORY - Excel Date & Time Formulas VERSION - All Microsoft Excel Versions
Excel General
Excel Macros and VBA
In order to calculate the time elapsed from a certain date, we will use a birthdate as an example Excel Formula and Function
Enter birthday date in cell A1: 01/01/1980 Working with Formulas
Links between Worksheet
and Workbooks
To calculate the number of years from the date, enter the following formula in cell B1: =YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR(A1) Summing
The result (rounded): 23 Years Excel Array Formulas
Custom Functions
For a decimal solution, use the following formula: =DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"m")/12 Excel Financial Formulas
Excel Date & Time
The result: 23.25 Years Formulas
Lookup Formulas
To calculate the number of months from the date, enter the following formula in cell D1: =DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"m") Database Formulas
Excel Text Formulas
The result: 279 Months Logical Formulas
Information Formulas
To calculate the number of days from the date, enter the following formula in cell E1: =DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"d") Other Q&A Formulas
Excel Text, Editing and
The result: 8499 Days Format
Excel Date and Time
Excel Data
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28 septembrie 2012

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