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Coleen H. Aniversario
John Andrew Moquia
Danelle Cortez

Guide for the classroom observation

1. What approach is being used by the teacher subject centered, learner-centered, or problem-
centered? Is it effective? What are your proof for this claims?

Considering that the teacher thinks of ways to interact with the students and makes sure that
the discussions, ideas, experiences and information will be coming from the students. It is a Learner-
centered approach. From our observations, it is effective because it boosts the confidence of the
students in terms of sharing their ideas in a specific topic at the same time they are having a
collaborative learning with other students. When she opened a new topic, Ms. Ballena made sure that
the students share their experiences in travelling because the topic is how to write or writing a Travel
Essay or Lakbay Sanaysay. In this way the teacher easily got the attention of her students and theyre
all willingly to share their experiences.

2. How the lesson plan (as the teachers the mini-curriculum) implemented in the classroom? Are
the intended learning outcomes attained at the end of the period? What did the teacher do to
attain such ILOs?

The lesson plan was implemented inside the classroom by stating first the learning outcomes
that they are expected to have after discussing the lesson. In this way the students are aware of the
things that they need to know and how the discussion will be. Ms. Ballena is very systematic in her way
of teaching. She started the lesson with a prayer, then she asked them first hows their morning before
formally greeting them a good morning and asking for their attendance. Before going to her new lesson,
she made sure that shell do a recap about their discussion last meeting and she let the students share
their learnings by doing a quick summarization of it. After that she discussed the introduction of the new
lesson or topic for the week by asking them if there are places that they wanted to visit or their dream
destination. She asked them to describe the places they wanted to go. In this part of the discussion we
saw the already how the teacher and students interact with each other. Yes, the ILOs was attainted by
Ms. Balleno by looking at the scores of their quizzes and by listening to the generalizations that the
students made before they took the exercises. She tasked the class to have a group activity where they
need to create a travel essay about their City. The teacher used the learning by doing process and it is
very effective because they experienced how to create one.

Coleen H. Aniversario
John Andrew Moquia
Danelle Cortez

3. What can you say about the teacher after observing his/ her class? What do you see as his/her
strengths? How about his/ her weakness?

After observing Ms. Bellena, we felt very inspired to be a good teacher like her. She shows expertise and
mastery in the topics that shes discussing. What we really liked about her way of discussing a lesson is
that, she always relate it in the real world or real life, sharing her experiences that can relate to the topic
and also how she politely accept the opinions of her students. Respecting their insights and correcting
them in a nice way whenever some shares unsure information. She seems like a role model to us and we
cant find anything that will make us think she have weakness in her teaching approach and techniques.