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Lab Title

Student name, ID Number, Section

Student name, ID Number, Section

Abstract This is a preview summary of your report. An

abstract is a concise, one paragraph description of your
entire project. Write in the following order :
purposes/objectives, methodology and outcomes/result.

Theory of operation: Here the basic idea is to describe
how your device works. Here you should describe how and
why the function generator works, including the 555 timer, the
circuit built around it, and the DC power supply. Include any
equations and formulae you developed or borrowed (mention
where they came from) that can be used to determine the Fig. 1 : Title
characteristics of the system.

Design procedure: The goal of this part is to convey what IV. DISCUSSION
you did in this project. A description of the total design Compare and analyze data sets from theoretical calculations,
process. Here you want to describe each part of the plan, each simulation, and experimental testing. If the design did not
lab you did, with a few sentences in a short paragraph. Talk meet the specs for each frequency range, explain why and
about what you did in PSpice/Multisim - how you simulated discuss whether the margin of error is acceptable. Describe
the design - in one paragraph. In the next paragraph your conclusions about why it did or did not perform as
summarize the prototyping and testing process[1]. expected, what went well, and what you would do differently

III. RESULT A short, logical summing up of the theme(s) developed in
The purpose of this part is to evaluate your implementation the main text. Refer to the objectives.
of the project. In this section you should detail the
performance of the device from theoretical calculations,
simulation, and experimental testing. Put all the data in Details of published sources of material referred to or
table/graph etc[2]. quoted in the text (including any lecture notes and URL
addresses of any websites used, any further material which is
Captions with table numbers must be placed before their essential for full understanding of your report such as
associated tables, as shown in Table 1. specification sheet)

[1] S. M. Metev and V. P. Veiko, Laser Assisted Microtechnology, 2nd ed.,

TABLE I R. M. Osgood, Jr., Ed. Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1998.
[2] J. Breckling, Ed., The Analysis of Directional Time Series:
Font Appearance (in Time New Roman or Times) Applications to Wind Speed and Direction, ser. Lecture Notes in
Size Bold Statistics. Berlin, Germany: Springer, 1989, vol. 61.

Captions with figure numbers must be placed after their

associated figures, as shown in Fig. 1.
Please use the group cover page of faculty in your first page. downgraded per day). The format/template of the report can
At the very last page of the report, please attach the lab report be downloaded from e-notes/yahoo group.
rubric forms. Submitted report without rubricform wont be
evalute. Ethics
All work, including this report, is subject to institution policy
The report should NOT MORE than 6 pages excluding cover on academic honesty. Any incidents of dishonest work will be
page and rubric forms. handled in accordance with these rules, and reported to
proper authorities. Any report that has any portion copied,
Laboratory report must be submitted following the schedule without a reference to the source of this copied material, is
given. Late submission will be penalized per day basis (1% considered plagiarism, as well as work copied from other