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Volume 125, Issue 47 Monday, November 20, 2017

Lunch breaks at midnight A mayor

elected with
two votes
By Keely Hendricks
Staff Writer

Some municipal elections in Robeson

County, N.C. had no candidates on the Nov. 7
Lumber Bridge and Orrums newly-elected
mayors were the only write-in candidates on
their ballots. According to the North Carolina
State Board of Elections, incumbent Mayor
William Skip Davis of Lumber Bridge won
with 18 votes, while incumbent Mayor Wilton
Caulder of Orrum won with just two the
only two votes that were cast in person on
election day.
Davis has lived in Lumber Bridge since
1989 and served as mayor, unopposed, for 12
years. He owns an automobile repair busi-
ness. Davis said he believes the small size and
elderly population in these towns is what con-
tributes to the lack of political candidates.
G.L. Pridgen, director of Robeson County
Board of Elections, laughed and said perhaps
nobody wants the job. He said for the past
couple of cycles, these two towns have not
had anyone run in the election. Although the
towns are small fewer than one hundred
DTH/BARRON NORTHRUP people each he is surprised no one ran.
Officer Pete McEwen chooses to work night shifts at the Chapel Hill Police Department in order to spend more time with his daughter during the day. Its advertised nearly enough, and every-
body knows every year its coming up, and for

Chapel Hills third shift keeps employees up all night some reason (in) those two places, people do
not take the interest, Pridgen said. We run
ads in the paper, the newspaper by itself runs
By Molly Horak works midnight shifts in a lab at work. just to feel like Im not alone, it. Everybody knows about it, but I have no
Assistant City Editor the UNC Medical Center every Im suddenly left alone in even though I know none of idea.
other weekend, has her routine the world, she said. Everyones them will see it until the morn- A write-in has never declined the seat,
When Jessica Toney texts down to a science. After a full asleep or getting back from ing. Pridgen said, so he is unsure what would hap-
her boyfriend during her lunch day of classes, she eats a large their parties and Im still going The streets are often empty pen in that situation.
break, hes often going to sleep. bowl of pasta and takes a nap for strong at work sometimes I Davis said it is still important to maintain
Toney, a UNC senior who five hours before heading into just post to my Snapchat story SEE THIRD SHIFT, PAGE 5 a governing body in these places so they can
help move the town forward when the oppor-
tunity arrives.

Seniors win nal home game, 65-10

Wed just like to say that for all the years
Ive served, its been a pleasure, he said.
It has been challenging at times, and even
though our town is small, the requirements
are quite large in keeping with, you know, the
By Alex Zietlow We asked them to play for our
bigger cities and that kind of thing.
Assistant Sports Editor seniors today, and they definitely
Davis said his hope and wish is for more
did it, Stewart said. They gave
people to move into town and show interest
M.J. Stewart addressed his their heart out for us.
in picking up the reins.
unit in the locker room after the For the pregame Senior Day
It might seem that were busy doing a lot
North Carolina football teams festivities, Stewart stood with
of stuff that a lot of people dont know about,
65-10 win over Western Carolina. his senior class. This group, as
but its all very important, and somebody
The old head among the head coach Larry Fedora has
needs to do it, and it needs to be continued,
defensive backs wanted to tell his explained, has acted as the glue
he said.
younger teammates how much that has kept the Tar Heels from
Donnie Douglas, editor of The Robesonian
he loved them, and how much unraveling.
and a 1979 UNC graduate, said the poor voter
he appreciated their willingness We got close to the bottom,
turnout was due to apathy and a lack of inter-
to accept the challenge of effec- Stewart said, reminiscent of
tively restarting their season in North Carolinas mid-season
Only about 27 percent of the people eli-
November. woes. There wasnt much farther
gible to vote in Robeson County showed up
He wanted to reiterate to them for us to go.
on election day, according to the NC Board
that no matter where you are or These seniors emanated positiv-
of Elections. Douglas said this has become a
what youre doing, if you were ity, no matter their health status,
DTH/LEXI BAIRD national trend, in which people dont show up
ever in the Rude Boy family because theyve had to. Through
Wide receiver Austin Proehl (7) celebrates after making his first catch since as vigorously to small elections as they do for
the name the Tar Heel secondary seven conference games, the Tar
a Sept. 23 injury against Western Carolina on Saturday in Kenan Stadium. statewide or national elections.
adopted years ago that reflects Heels didnt have an ACC win. By
I mean obviously theres big important
the units grit and swagger October, North Carolina became matchup with Duke on Sept. 23. Proehl said with a smile. But it issues like health care that affect us, but it
youre in it for life. ineligible for a bowl game. Proehl returned on Saturday, was probably the best decision. almost interests me that the people dont vote
And, of course, he wanted to The injuries didnt help. notching three receptions for 52 Two weeks after Proehl went or pay as much attention to the people who
thank them. After all, the senior Senior wide receiver Austin yards, but was confined to the down, redshirt senior Donnie set our tax rates or our zoning laws, things
departed from Kenan Stadium Proehl North Carolinas sidelines in a sling for five North Miles broke his right forearm. The that really affect our local ordinances and all
on Saturday victorious for the unquestioned leader on the Carolina losses. He said he had strong safety, who has witnessed that, Douglas said. The other thing thats
first time at home this season receiving corps went down every intention of competing
and the last time in his college with what seemed to be a season- against Pittsburgh last week.
football career. ending injury in North Carolinas SEE FOOTBALL, PAGE 5 SEE ELECTIONS, PAGE 5
I wasnt very happy with it,

PlayMakers exhibit lets audiences see the effort behind shows

By Summer Epps PlayMakers Repertory Chambers said. I think part of the whole
Staff Writer Company is a professional Walking through the gallery point is for people to under-
theater company at UNC, will feel as though you are on stand how much goes into
Most students will agree meaning that all of the design- an exclusive behind-the-scenes creating costumes and sets,
that Wilson Library is one of ers, artists and technicians are tour. The displayed costumes, she said. Lots of times people
the most beautiful spots on also faculty members in the photos, props, designs and dont even really think about
campus to study, but the build- Department of Dramatic Art. sketches allow viewers to see that. Nearly everybody is
ings treasure extends much Bobbi Owen, resident cos- and appreciate all that goes always amazed at all the
further than the reading room. tume designer, McKay Coble, into putting on a production. detail, research, artwork and
Take a right at the end of resident set and costume There is everything from operation that has to happen.
the left-wing hall and you will designer and Jan Chambers, rat heads with glowing eyes On Tuesday, Nov. 14, the
enter the latest exhibit in the also a resident set and costume to fantastic ball gowns, Coble Friends of the Library held a
North Carolina Collection designer were the main players said. We try to give you a talk and reception at Wilson
Gallery, Setting the Stage in bringing the exhibit to life. feeling for how it goes from Library. Vivienne Benesch,
at PlayMakers Repertory The three of us went the imagination of the design- PlayMakers producing artis-
Company: 40+ Years of Magic. through stock, which is stor- ers and the directors working tic director, spoke and lifted
The free public exhibit fea- age that has been used for together to the manifestation the curtain to mark the offi-
tures props and artifacts from past productions, and we of it. cial opening of the exhibit.
the very first PlayMakers pulled some of the things Chambers said people The responses were all
show in 1977 to productions that we thought were the sometimes forget about the positive, Owen said. It was
from this season. It will be on most interesting and showed magnitude of work required DTH/JEFF RICHARDSON
display until March 4, 2018. the talents of our students, to execute a show. SEE PLAYMAKERS, PAGE 5 A statue of Sir Walter Raleigh donated to the University in 1931.

carolina IS home live on campus!

The application closes
the heels November 26! Visit to apply!

Reliving past pain and getting depressed is what Thanksgiving is all about.
2 Monday, November 20, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel Over 15 years of self-expression
Established 1893
124 years of editorial freedom
Glenns custom UNC sophomore Annie
Oommen got her first tat-
tattoos contribute to too on her lower rib cage at
Glenns. She chose to get a
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Carrboros art culture. tattoo that symbolizes the
EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM camp she works at during the
By Sophia Wilhelm summers because of the sen-
JESSICA SWANSON timental value it holds for her.
Staff Writer
MANAGING EDITOR Those summers I have had
MANAGING.EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM For over a decade, there, I am my best self when
Carrboro residents have Im at camp and its my happy
RACHEL JONES turned to Glenns Tattoo place, she said. Having a tat-
ONLINE MANAGING EDITOR Service Inc. on West too there in a close place to my
ONLINE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Rosemary Street for custom heart is very sentimental, it
COREY RISINGER tattoos and body piercings. means a lot to me.
Owner Glenn Wilson Oommen paid around $60
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE opened the shop in 2001 for her tattoo, roughly a quar-
ENTERPRISE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM with the help of only one ter of the size of her hand, of
KIANA COLE other employee at the time, the logo of her unit at sum-
body piercer Robert Bland. mer camp. She plans to get a
Currently, Bland is the man- tattoo with her mother in the
INVESTIGATIONS ager and the shop has added next few years.
SPECIAL.PROJECTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM several piercers and tattooers They were so kind, they
LEAH ASMELASH to the team. explained everything to me
Wilson said opening a tat- and made sure I was comfort-
too shop was a good oppor- able, she said. I never felt
UNIVERSITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM tunity to start a business unsafe or anything like that,
REBECCA AYERS because there wasnt a tattoo it was overall a great experi-
CITY EDITOR shop in Carrboro at the time. ence.
I love tattooing, Ive been Wilson has come a long DTH/ALEXANDRA BLAZEVICH
doing it since I was a kid way since opening Glenns Mike Wheeler cracks a smile as he continues Hayden Fitzgeralds Alaskan tribal tattoo.
ANA IRIZARRY basically, he said. I started in 2001. He now also owns a
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR learning when I was 17, started tattoo shop in Wilmington, On a larger scale from just more exposure, a little less prejudice, the idea
tattooing when I was 18 Ive where he currently lives. He that the person with tattoos isnt the criminal, the biker, the prostitute.
done it all my life pretty much. said working as a tattoo artist
Employee and tattoo artist means respecting the self- Robert Bland
Mike Wheeler started work- expression of the client. Glenns Tattoo Service Inc. body piercer
ing at the shop a year and a Its kind of a combina-
ARTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM half ago, and he has been giv- gained a lot of validity over more exposure, a little less to foster that as much as we
tion of what art abilities the
CHAPEL FOWLER ing tattoos since 2003. tattooer has along with the the last two decades. He said prejudice, the idea that the can through our own actions
SPORTS EDITOR Its a craft, people bring expression of whoevers get- Glenns tries to combat the person with tattoos isnt the within the community, trying
a lot of art into it, he said. ting it and what they want, stereotypes that come with criminal, the biker, the pros- to be as charitable as we can
Arts got one thing but tat- Wilson said. having a tattoo. titute, he said. Whatever the be.
COLE DEL CHARCO tooing is a little different. Bland said the industry has On a larger scale from just stigma once was, weve tried

Music made for a greater cause

DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR The Daily Tar Heel reports any
DESIGN@DAILYTARHEEL.COM inaccurate information pub-
NATHAN KLIMA lished as soon as the error is Healing Hands uses We respond to rhythm
and music in really powerful
Editorial corrections will be
music to empower ways, she said.
PHOTO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Healing Hands strives to
printed on this page. Errors children. be a fun, easy way to help
SARAH LUNDGREN, committed on the Opinion people in the Chapel Hill/
Page have corrections print- By A.J. OLeary Durham area. UNC student
ed on that page. Corrections Staff Writer Hannah Bridges has volun-
COPY CHIEFS teered with Healing Hands
also are noted in the online
COPY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM The new organization, several times since its found-
versions of our stories.
Contact Managing Editor Healing Hands, seeks to uti- ing. Bridges encouraged any-
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. Jessica Swanson at manag- lize music as more than just a one whos interested to come
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 method of self-expression or out and volunteer.
Tyler Fleming, editor-in-chief, 962-4086 a way to pass the time they If you love music, then
with issues about this policy.
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 want to help people forget youre perfect for this, she
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 their troubles, even during said. If you can just go share
One copy per person; their darkest hours. Over the your love for music with
additional copies may be purchased Like: summer, Ashley Cantu and people they can totally pick
at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each. Ilon Weinstein decided they up on that.
Please report suspicious activity at Cantu and Weinstein both
wanted to make a difference.
our distribution racks by emailing Follow: @dailytarheel on Twitter emphasized that most of their
PHOTO COURTESY OF ASHLEY CANTU Both were interested in health
Healing Hands brings music to hospitals and assisted living care and music, so they started first semester this school year
2012 DTH Media Corp.
All rights reserved Follow: dailytarheel on Instagram facilities. a GoFundMe with a vision: has been spent testing the
bring music to those who need waters to see how best to run
it most. And thus, Healing their organization. During
the second semester, they
Renting to
Hands was born.
The budding organization plan to schedule even more
has since performed music opportunities to play music
students in and donated keyboards
to a local childrens hospital
for patients in hospitals or
assisted living facilities.
for over and performed music for
the residents at Brookdale
They are excited to begin
expanding the type of stu-
32 years! Meadowmont, an assisted liv-
ing facility.
dents they recruit from just
undergraduates at UNC to
You might call what students at Chapel Hill High
Healing Hands does some- School and graduate students
thing between music therapy at UNC. Emily Michael, cur-

Great locations and a courtesy visit.

Were not going to places
to give musical therapy, said
rent UNC student and volun-
teer with Healing Hands, has
high hopes for the organiza-
Cantu. Its more something tions future.
that doesnt really have any I feel like in the future itll
Near bus stops downsides. It makes people
be more diverse, as in theres
going to be a lot more places
Both Cantu and Weinstein to play and opportunities,
felt there is a real need for she said.
Available in Carrboro their services in the Chapel
Hill/Durham area.
Healing Hands dont have
members per se and they
We believe that music can dont have regular meetings,
be very healing in a way. It just an interest meeting at the

Visit our website makes (the patients) hospital

visits a little bit nicer, or their
start of each semester. They
just want to connect musi-
cians with deserving people
time at the assisted living
facility, Weinstein said. It who will truly appreciate
Property gives them a chance to escape.
Cantu echoed Weinsteins
what they have to offer.
Youre sharing music with
information is online at thoughts about the difference people who are really in need
music can make in someones of it, Bridges said.

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The Daily Tar Heel Opinion Monday, November 20, 2017 3

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

In my twenty years here, many elections
three votes.
Donnie Douglas, on the voter turnout in Robeson County


Who cares if your GPA is low and that it is a
good indication that you may be wasting your
Claude Wilson money. You may prove everyone wrong.
The Last Column on the Left
todapuckett, on an editorial about the limits of only considering GPAs.
Sophomore history major from
Chapel Hill, N.C.
EDITORIAL LETTERS TO ing the expansion of Israeli
settlements in the West Bank.

The next THE EDITOR Likewise, it means talking

Accepting responsibility
about the fact that a vast num-
Gorka is a false repre- ber of Palestinians want to live

crisis is Owning up to our Take the recent case of a way of accepting respon-
sentation of Pro-Israel peacefully alongside Israelis
via a two-state solution, and
recognizing that the mistakes

bound to mistakes isnt

TO THE EDITOR: and failures of the Palestinian
Senator Al Franken, whose sibility? Is it too little too Former deputy assistant
sexual misconduct with late? Authority do not detract
to President Trump and from Palestinians right to self
Leeann Tweeden has led Finally, think about a
enough to fix them. recently named Fox News

determination. The majority
to a review by the Senate time you were angered or security analyst Sebastian

of American Jews, and the
n the limelight, Ethics Committee on hurt by someone close in Gorka came to campus to majority of the American pro-
people are bound to whether or not Franken your life. You expressed discuss U.S.-Israel relations Israel community, understand

or as long as there has make mistakes. Over could face censureship your frustrations to them, and Middle Eastern foreign these dynamics.
been capitalism, there the past few weeks, these or expulsion from the only to receive a response policy at the invitation of Its unfortunate that Gorka
have been economic cri- mistakes have been Senate. Accepting respon- that they would accept UNCs Christians United for has been embraced by CUFI
ses which have been responsible Israel (CUFI) chapter. and other far-right organiza-
brought to light by angry, sibility in this case meant responsibility for whatev-
for drastic shifts in the global Gorkas lack of real exper- tions in the name of pro-
hurt and tired voices. Frankens willingness to er pain was caused to you. tise and experience in the
economic order. The response from end his political career, Was that enough? Israel advocacy.
For example, the Great field, as well as his ties to pro- For too long, these organi-
those accused of perpetrat- even after Tweeden accept- As more scandals come Nazi white nationalist groups
Depression brought about zations have accepted alienat-
ing such pain is often: I ed his apology. Is ending to light and we begin to and his overt Islamophobia,
the creation of the post-war ing and reductive views of the
Keynesian consensus that sup-
take responsibility for my his career enough? think about steps moving make him an awful candidate Israeli-Palestinian conflict as
ported economic regulation actions. And somehow, To bring it closer to forward, it is also time to to discuss any of these issues. the status quo.
and intervention, combining a thats meant to be enough. home, we cant forget the think of measures that Prior to serving in the Those of us who care
strong welfare state and labor This happens time and NCAAs recent decision move beyond accepting White House, Gorka was about Israel need to actively
unions. This system reigned time again, in the wake of to let UNC off scot-free of responsibility. These two fired from his post at the oppose the extremist views
until the stagflation of the sexual assault allegations, the academic scandal that words have lost their con- FBI for his extreme anti- of Gorka and his allies not
Muslim rhetoric. Those who
1970s, which contributed to the political misconduct and plagued the universitys viction and have become just because we disagree, but
replacement of Keynesianism attended his lectures at the because these views pres-
even amongst interperson- reputation for years. a lackluster way of saying: FBI said Gorka instructed
with the neoliberal consensus al relationships. Taking For years, we heard This is a PR disaster, I ent a real danger to Israels
that instead encouraged free them that every Muslim is future and to our own.
responsibility is meant to countless accounts of need to say something sur- either radicalized or waiting
trade, privatization, deregula- release some of the heavy administration and faculty face-level to save myself.
tion and austerity. to be radicalized. In May this Kyra Rubin
weight of guilt and shame accepting responsibility Whether that is the year, 55 members of Congress
The shocks caused by the Junior
Great Recession played an off of those affected, but to for the scandal. For years, intention or not, it is cer- urged President Trump to Chair of J Street UNC
important role in the rise of what avail? accepting responsibility tainly what appears to immediately dismiss Gorka Gaby Cila
modern populism, both on the What exactly is the point still wasnt enough to rid be happening, especially from his counterterrorism Sophomore
left with the growing popularity of accepting responsibil- UNC of this plague. when no action or reper- advisory role, saying Gorka Member of J Street UNC
of socialism and social democ- ity if there are hardly According to Carolina cussions follow. is clearly unfit to serve in
any repercussions to the Commitment, a website on Rather than just think- any position of responsibility
racy, and on the right with the
in your administration, due New program aids first-
rising tides of ultra-nationalism perpetrator of any such UNCs academic protocol ing of the right words to generation students
and fascism, which while vastly to his public support and
misconduct? In that same post-scandal, UNC has, say, it is time to think of membership in several anti-
different in goals and policies, vein, does accepting accepted full responsibil- the right things to do.
both reject the neoliberal con- Semitic and racist groups in TO THE EDITOR:
responsibility mean facing ity for past academic irreg- It is time to seek justice Hungary. Ironically, when Thanks to Cole del Charco
sensus. Despite the growth of
scrutiny for years down the ularities and responded through corrective actions you Google Sebastian Gorka for the great story on UNCs
these movements, however, a
new economic consensus has
line? To some, maybe that with extensive steps in the along with apologies. Lets on Israel, you will find arti- new Lookout Scholars
yet to emerge and neoliberal- is the proper way to accept long journey to bring a stop simply applying ban- cles of him defending himself program (Oct. 4, 2017). I
ism remains predominant. This responsibility. To others, painful chapter in campus dages to the third-degree against accusations of anti- would like to provide some
could change quickly though. that is hardly even scratch- history to a proper conclu- burns that brand our semitism followed by articles additional information about
The potential for a new eco- ing the surface. sion. Is this transparency society. of him accusing liberal Jews this important new program
nomic crisis exists in a few ways, of being antisemites. and a small correction. This
one of the most visible signs The fact that a political program is made possible by
being high levels of household figure with longstanding ties a generous gift from Sunny
to a fascist, Nazi-associated
consumer debt. The average
American household owes over
EDITORIAL organization is able to be
(84) and Lee (82) Burrows.
Their gift established

Folts four years

$15,000 in credit card debt, deemed pro-Israel simply the Lookout Scholars First
over $25,000 in auto loans, over by being anti-Muslim, anti- Generation Students Fund
$50,000 in student loans and Palestinian and anti-liberal to create a learning com-
over $180,000 in mortgages. is mystifying. munity that will provide
The Bank of England and Unfortunately, Sebastian support for such students.
the International Monetary Some good things, administration strikes this
board as misplaced when
Gorkas beliefs reflect those
of a far larger group of politi-
(Sunny Burrows is cur-
rently chair of the Arts &
Fund have both warned that
this growing consumer debt some bad things. faculty and worker raises cians on the right, both at Sciences Foundation Board
home and abroad, who seek
could be dangerous, as was
demonstrated by the subprime
Can Folt rise further? come along far too seldom.
It is faculty and operations to exploit fears rather than
of Directors.)
The gift also funds a full-
mortgage crisis of 2008. This Chancellor Carol Folts staff, not solely the admin- offer solutions.These fears time director and graduate
could potentially be exacerbated engagement with the public feed a dangerous narrative assistant to oversee the pro-
istration, who execute and
by the proposed tax code which perpetuated by the Israeli gram, which provides support
tends to focus up front on facilitate the research and right-wing government and
the House of Representatives money. Folt and her team, teaching that form UNCs for up to 40 students per year.
just recently passed, which ends are pervasive in many pow- The program enrolled its
building on prior success professed core mission. the whole of what we need erful American institutions
deductions for student loans, first 38 students this fall. The
and now chasing an ambi- It is also ironic that for out of a leader. We under- and now our own campus. College of Arts & Sciences
effectively increasing their cost
tious campaign goal, have all the money spent on pub- stand the difficulty of Folts Ensuring Israels security is grateful to the Burrows
by about $24 billion over the
next decade.
done and we hope will con- lic relations and political job and do not envy her means supporting never- family for launching this
There are also the issues tinue to do a fabulous job of lobbying, Folt cannot seem position. We also believe ending occupation and the far-reaching academic sup-
posed by climate change, exac- raising money. to shake what are now erosion of democratic norms. port program at UNC. The
that she has UNCs admit-
erbating the number and inten- This role is all the more two interminable issues at Israeli Prime Minister story incorrectly states that
tedly diverse interests at Benjamin Netanyahu has
sity of extreme weather events important as the state has UNC: race relations and heart and has an inclusive Carmen Gonzales is director
proven a much less friendly portrayed his far-right coali- of undergraduate retention.
such as wildfires and hurricanes, athletic scandal. We empa- impulse.
which over the course of the tion as representing the She is the director of the
business partner under thize with Folt on both Yet raising money with-
last decade has cost the United beliefs and values of not only Lookout Scholars program,
Republican control. If UNC of these issues. While the out taking stands when Israelis but Jews around the
States more than $350 billion. is to remain competitive, which is a part of the Office of
scandal has largely come they count are not the world. He has attempted to
Beyond this, rising tem- Undergraduate Retention.
productive and affordable to an a close, she inherited makings of a good univer- convince Americans, liberal
peratures will likely lead to It also states that she
for state taxpayers, money both problems and was sity, Chancellor. Money and conservative alike, that oversees 100 students. Her
higher food prices and increased
demand for energy, even if the
for that purpose must come tasked with fixing them. raised does not equal a he and he alone is acting in primary responsibility is
decreases in fossil fuel emissions from somewhere. Folts On race relations, Folts moral shield that elides the best interest of the Jewish to the Lookout Scholars
leadership has exploited record is mixed. Firm but people and that those who and Lookout Scholar staff
aimed for by the Paris Climate Folts duty to profess her
accords are reached. many available avenues, flexible, she listened to dissent are both anti-Israel members. The Office of
principles, principles that and antisemitic. Being truly
This only skims the surface keeping UNC not only student demands while may involve personal, Undergraduate Retention
of potential crises, but the point operating but growing. not being dominated in pro-Israel is not about blindly serves a larger group of stu-
political and financial cost. aligning with the Israeli right.
here is not to speculate the exact Folts administration also the fall of 2015. While dents with unique barriers
To take the next step in Rather, its about fighting for to success, including first
nature of the next economic can be credited with smart Folt made statements her leadership Folt will a safe, secure and democratic generation students, transfer
crisis, but to raise the question: value investments. The earlier in the semester
how will we address it? need to become more per- Israel. It means advocating students and rural students.
Arts Initiative, building on that the statue should sonally forceful and direct for the rights of refugees,
In the short run, and in the excellent current resources, come down but legally in her beliefs and resul- defending the accomplish- Abigail Panter
interest of weathering such a
could significantly enrich cannot, she has not taken tant policy directives. Folt ments of the Iran nuclear Senior Associate Dean of
crisis, I suggest we should pur-
sue a system of universal basic our campus culture. Access a strong, defined stance needs to articulate her deal, fighting for a two-state Undergraduate Education
services to ensure that even scholarships and support on the ongoing issue of moral and philosophical solution and actively oppos- College of Arts & Sciences
in the worst of times, every- for low income and first Silent Sam, furthering vision for the University,
one has access to food, shelter, generation students con- confusion in the drama not just a set of quantita-
transportation and information. nect what the University
can offer to increasing
surrounding the monu- tive goals that avoid hard SPEAK OUT
In the long run, we should do ment this fall. political questions. This
what we can to pursue a post- WRITING GUIDELINES
numbers of North Carolina Regarding the aca- board, even though it may Please type: Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
scarcity society that might citizens. demic scandal, she once
allow us escape from the tides
disagree with Folt now Sign and date: No more than two people should sign letters.
Student Stores serves as described this as fraud yet and in the future, prefers Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
of economic crisis. On this sub- a potent visual metaphor changed the administra-
ject, I recommend the works firm well argued positions Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
for what most ails Folt and tions language to escape to equivocation. Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
of the political theorist Murray
her administration: The NCAA sanction draw- None of us are perfect, letters to 250 words.
Ultimately, if we desire free- appearance of fundraising ing criticism from all over. and all of us are here to SUBMISSION
dom from this merciless cycle, it through shallow messaging Folt has been humble grow as people and lead- Drop-off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
as the highest of concerns, about her role, claiming N.C. 27514
falls on us to liberate ourselves. ers. We hope Carol Folt
with all else being nego- she seeks to be a consensus Email:
continues to grow along
tiable and preferably out of builder as opposed to one with the community that

11/22: Moderately Annoyed sight. For all Folts ability who makes people choose EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
we have trusted to her resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
Kirk Kovach writes about cam- to raise money, her spend- sides based on her opinion.
pus politics from the center. charge. opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
ing of it on superfluous This is refreshing, but not members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.
4 Monday, November 20, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Why did Raleigh decide to rebrand?

By Grace Carney As you might imagine, are cost and perceptions of
Staff Writer we have 20 different busi- how that cost was used.
nesses within the businesses He said most people dont
Raleigh invested in the or departments within the city, understand why the city spent
design of a new logo and and each one of those different over $200,000 on this and
it cost nearly a quarter of departments has different divi- question if that is an exorbi-
a million dollars. Prior to sions within it, and all of them tant amount or if the spend-
implementing the new logo, had a different logo, a different ing was worth the new logo.
Raleighs city government used color scheme, a different font, a Raleigh City Council mem-
a seal depicting a stylized oak different iconography that they bers, as well as any repre-
tree surrounded by garlands used to communicate their ser- sentative associated with the
for all city branding. The new vices, he said. implementation of it have the
logo portrays an oak tree of He said Raleigh will con- ability to communicate with
various green shades with tinue to use the seal for offi- constituents about why they
rounded and blocky leaves. cial capacities, such as a new chose this design and why
Joseph Cabosky, professor in policy or ordinance the city they thought the cost would
the UNC School of Media and council approves. pay off, he said.
Journalism, said logos give cit- Mary Ann Bitter, staff Bitter said the process
ies a brand, which is important member of The Assembly, a happened over the course of
to entice corporations, new local design firm that contrib- almost one year.
residents, new talent and labor. uted to designing Raleighs The Assembly conducted
Cities generally want to new logo, said in an email the design discovery workshops
attract businesses but also city promised to implement where we gathered input
want to attract employees a communications policy and from a variety of stakehold-
who want to go and find a plan to tell Raleighs story. ers, employees and com- PHOTO COURTESY OF DAMIEN GRAHAM
new home, he said. A cohesive brand platform munity members, she said. Raleigh invested over $200,000 in the design of a new logo to unify the citys brand image.
Damien Graham, spokes- will enable the city to simpli- We shared, refined based on
person for the city of Raleigh, fy, unify and amplify the city feedback and sometimes even Graham said its important If theres consistency in the sistent quality to our materials,
said the city was struggling of Raleighs communication started over until we got to a to tell your story from a munic- way that we provide informa- it makes us more reflective of
from extreme fragmentation, and story, she said. solution that the stakeholders ipal standpoint, which starts tion, in the way that it looks the community in which we
and the goal was to create a Cabosky said the two main believe in and the city council with having an image that and in the way that it is pre- serve, he said.
logo to unify the citys image. challenges with this process voted unanimously yes for. people can quickly identify. sented, that we have more con-

UNC student raising money to rebuild house

The crowdfunding panicked when a stove fire
began and ran to her neigh-
said. I knew that we did not
have home insurance and that
and its loss has impacted all
of their lives.
campaign has raised bors for help.
Johnson believes the fire
was confirmed to me by my
parents, that we do not have
A lot of times with our
family functions, birthday
$5,000 so far. on Friday led to the larger fire home insurance and I just, I parties, family reunions,
on Tuesday morning, since was lost, and I didnt know things like that we always
By Mark Burnett there may have been residual how we would recover. did those at the Johnson
Staff Writer burning that she couldnt see Darius grew up in this home, because it was bigger,
or smell. home in Lumberton. the land was much larger,
It was 3:40 a.m. on Nov. 11 Everything was out, didnt Its the backdrop for she said. It could hold a lot of
when Wanda Johnson awoke smell nothing, she said. We many of the most important people, so a lot of the family
to a loud popping noise. thought everything was good. moments of his life, from cry- functions were done there. So
When she opened her bed- So evidently it must have ing with his parents on tough of course we will miss that for
room door to investigate, she triggered the wire in the back days to his acceptance into the moments.
faced smoke and flames com- of the stove in the wall, so it UNC. But McEachin said the
ing from the attic. must have got in there some A lot of memories have community is close, and
She yelled for her family, kind of way. been created and harbored theyre willing to help.
and quickly got her daughter Wanda Johnsons son, in that house. Its where I Theyre pretty tight as far
and nephew out of the house UNC sophomore Darius first met my little sister when as the community that they
to ensure their safety. Johnson, created a crowd- they brought her home from live in, everyone that lives PHOTO COURTESY OF DARIUS JOHNSON
But when she and a neigh- funding campaign to raise the hospital. Its where my there, she said. Theyve UNC sophomore Darius Johnson created a crowdfunding cam-
bor tried to put out the fire money for the rebuilding of younger sister and I and my been there for years on top paign to raise money for the rebuilding of his home.
with a hose, the efforts were his home. So far, the family older sister had many fights, of years, so they all know
futile. has raised over $5,000, but Darius said. each other very well, and A lot of memories have been created and
The flames were too their goal is $90,000.
Almost everything was
Wanda Johnsons niece
Shaquana McEachin said the
theyre all supportive of one
harbored in the house.
strong, and soon their beloved
home was gone. damaged either due to the fire house was a common gather- @markburnett1234 Darius Johnson
The day before, Johnson or due to water damage, he ing place for the entire family, UNC sophomore

DTH office is open TODAY fromis9am-5pm

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The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Monday, November 20, 2017 5
THIRD SHIFT explained strange sleep pat-
terns can have long-lasting
older, playing sports or what-
ever, Im not going to be there FOOTBALL points in a quarter after scor-
ing 35 points in the second.
The team wont be favored
when it travels to Raleigh as
FROM PAGE 1 effects on attentiveness and to get to see him all the time, FROM PAGE 1 But the significance of a 15.5-point underdog to take
for Pete McEwen, too, as he organ function. Breaking the Warner said. ... Depending some of the highest and low- Saturdays win for North on conference foe N.C. State.
returns home from his 4 a.m. natural cycle of hours awake on what day it falls on our cal- est points in North Carolina Carolina cant be unearthed The seniors wont be afforded
shift with the Chapel Hill and asleep leave individuals endar, we could be working football, was diagnosed as out from the box score. It is the luxury of playing in a
Police Department. more likely to incur health Christmas, their birthday, and for the year. special because, in a season bowl game afterward.
I go home before the risks such as high blood pres- you might miss those days. I felt for him, you know, stifled by shaky quarterback But, as this Tar Heel team
sun comes up, McEwen, an sure, cardiovascular disease Theres a lot of give and take. because I knew how much he play and an injury-riddled sees it, the legacies of these
officer whose 12-hour shift and diabetes, he said. UNC sophomore Sam wanted it, Stewart said. We roster, the game went accord- seniors arent damaged a bit.
begins in the afternoon, said. In his four years work- Meroney works as a volunteer wanted it together. We talked ing to plan. And the win on Saturday
And when you dont see a ing nights, McEwen said EMT with the South Orange about it all the time. And It hadnt been the season cemented the sentiment.
single person walking around he has noticed a good bit of Rescue Squad in Carrboro. when he went down, it really we wanted, Fedora said. Our Theyre the ones that
or out doing something weight gain from eating fast For him, the challenge lies hurt him, but it hurt me too. seniors have done a tremen- have kept this team fighting,
it makes everything a lot food from gas stations late not in seeing his family but Saturdays blowout in dous job of keeping that lock- Fedora said. Theyre the
harder. at night. And while police in fitting a 12-hour overnight Chapel Hill led to North er room positive and keeping ones that have kept this team
McEwen said he considers officers get gym memberships shift in with his busy class Carolinas third win of the our guys playing hard no mat- together.
himself one of the odd ones to O2 Fitness in Chapel Hill, schedule, homework and a season. The team scored over ter what the situation was. Its a tremendous tribute
in the department, preferring McEwen cant use it nearly as college social life. 60 points for the fifth time North Carolina wont be to them.
nighttime shifts to daylight much as he would like since I do have a couple of since Fedora has taken over, competing for an ACC Coastal @alexzietlow05
alternatives. With a 2-year- fitness classes arent offered times where I have to work and it tied a record for most Championship next week.
old daughter and a wife that during his middle-of-the- from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and
works from home, he said the night lunch break. then I get up and still make
schedule allows more time You really notice the lack it to my 8 a.m. class the next
with his family. of sleep when you get a cou- morning it sucks, but its
Nighttime shifts also allow ple of days off and get to catch doable, he said. You get to
him to pursue his favorite up on sleep, you just feel so that point where youre so
police cases: DWIs. much better, McEwen said. tired that you actually have
When theres people there You forget what being rested energy.
and its busy, you dont notice feels like. For Toney, who said shes
the time youre taking calls At the Chapel Hill Fire not a night owl, the adjust-
and doing things and the next Department, the crews on ment is difficult. But under
thing you know its 4 a.m. and the fire trucks work 24-hour the fluorescent lights of the
its time to go home, McEwen shifts from 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. hospital, Toney and the rest of
said. the following morning. For the night staff keep pretend-
But slow nights can be the crew, there is no typical ing it is daylight, doing what
more difficult, he said. day, said Lt. Ryan Warner they can to get through the
We ride together with between training, paperwork exhaustion.
someone else just to stay and calls throughout the We order food from
awake and make sure were night, it is rare to get uninter- delivery for lunchtimes and
doing the right thing because rupted sleep. get pizza or Jimmy Johns
when theres no one else on Warner said he loves the delivered in the middle of
the roads its easy to just try fast-paced and unexpected the night and theres a lot of
and watch the time pass by, nature of running calls, but coffee, she said. But hon-
he said. the hours put stress on his estly for a lot of the people
Toney and McEwen arent home life. He only gets to see who work midnight shifts
alone in altering their inter- his wife and 3-year-old son full-time its really normal.
nal body clocks for night a few days a week while hes They go home and take their
shifts in Chapel Hill and on shift and he said trying children to school and hop in
Carrboro. to find the balance between bed, its almost kind of weird
Dr. Bradley Vaughn, a work life and home life is how its not different.
professor of neurology at the rough. @molly_horak
UNC School of Medicine, As my son starts getting

ELECTIONS actually change the outcome

of an election.
would for national races
because it means more in
FROM PAGE 1 He said the lack of civic terms of how it affects your
interesting is, in my twenty engagement seems counter- life, and it also has more
years here, many elections intuitive. chance of actually affecting an
have ended tied or (won by) It seems like people would outcome.
two votes, three votes and, be more interested in vot- @keely_hendricks
you know, your vote may ing for local races than they

PLAYMAKERS those dresses still looked as

good as they do.
she said. If youve seen the
plays from which the artifacts
FROM PAGE 1 Coble said viewers of the are taken, you might be really
terrific. People were really exhibit will be in awe, no interested in seeing them up
enthusiastic. People who matter their level of interest close. If you havent seen any
were there who had seen pro- in theater or number of plays of the plays, I think it will be
ductions from 40 years ago they have seen. equally interesting.
couldnt believe that some of I think its for everyone,

Brake Pad Special Vehicle Maintenance

Brake Pads or Shoes
off FREE
Vehicle Maintenance Check-Up
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Wipers Belts Coolant Battery
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pricing. Valid on most cars & light trucks. Not valid
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With this coupon. Not valid with any other coupons
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T Carrboro, NC
present coupon at time of estimate. Expires 12/12/17. warranty work. Expires 12/12/17. 919-933-6888
Think ink
Glenns Tattoo Service Inc.
has been giving Carrboro
games folks tattoos for over a
decade. See pg. 2 for story.
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 Local logo

Raleigh has rebranded
with a kicky new logo. Why
Complete the grid have they done this? See pg.
so each row, column
4 for story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9.
Sports! Sports!
Field hockey, football
Solution to and mens soccer sure are
last puzzle heating up. See pg. 6 for
Sports Monday.

Trippin on Tryptophan
Have a delicious and
warm Thanksgiving
break. Thank a family or
community member today.

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

(C)2012 Tribune Media
Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Across weather roast 47 Aid in a felony

1 Spaghetti or ziti 64 Speck in the ocean 25 Alien-seeking org. 48 Solidified, as plans,
6 In different places 65 Beethovens Fr 26 Underhanded plan with up
11 What a steamroller __ 29 Secretly keep in the 49 H.G. who wrote
steamrolls 66 Lao-__: Taoism email loop, briefly The War of the
14 Moral standard founder 30 Abu Dhabis fed. Worlds
15 Capital of Yemen 67 Heart rate 31 Suspected McIntosh 50 Internet forum
16 Thrilla in Manila 68 Thin coins relative with pure troublemaker
winner white flesh 51 Backpacking outings
17 Understand, finally Down 32 TDs six 52 Online social
19 Caboodle go-with 1 Ones who wont leave 33 Gives birth to appointment
20 Bill at the bar you alone 34 What borrowers do 53 Jeans material
21 Tehran native 2 Really bugged 36 __ Today 54 Admission of defeat
22 German auto 3 Biblical queens land 37 Subj. for some 55 Cary of Glory
engineer Karl 4 Little songbird green-card holders 56 Cool ones heels
23 Zone out 5 More sore 39 Former auto 60 One of a kissing pair
27 Mined rock 6 Lion of Narnia financing co. 61 Buckeyes sch.
28 Ticklish Muppet 7 Sherwin-Williams 40 A pop 62 Yale Blue wearer
29 Booms opposite product 41 Roulette color
32 ID card feature 8 Cardio procedure 46 Verizon rival
35 Point de __: 9 Word of support
opinion, in Paris 10 Skin art, briefly
38 Revival leaders 11 Seek shelter
query ... and hint to 12 Flared skirt
the starts of 17-, 23-, 13 Big name in hotels
49- and 60-Across and crackers
42 Corp. ladder leader 18 Buffalos lake
43 En __: as a group 22 Emeril catchword
44 Spoken 24 __ de boeuf: French
45 WWII female
47 Org. with a
100 Greatest
Movie Quotes
of All Time list
56 Had a bawl
57 Track jockey,
58 Building wing
59 Swiss peak
60 Didnt think
I could do it,
did ya?!
63 Under the
6 Monday, November 20, 2017 The Daily Tar Heel

Womens soccer: Princeton 2, UNC 1
Volleyball: Louisville 3, UNC 2
Womens bball: South Alabama 85, UNC 84
Football: UNC 65, Western Carolina 10
Mens soccer: UNC 2, UNC-Wilmington 1

Field hockey falls to UConn in Final Four

After double that she was surprised the Tar Heels
had survived so long in a game they
were expected to lose. Actually, quite
overtime, the opposite.
I thought wed win it in over-

UNC lost 3-0 time.

A few razor-thin moments that
went in favor of UConn goalie Nina
in penalty Klein were the difference. The
Huskies advanced past the Tar Heels

3-0 in penalty strokes for a spot in
the title game, which they ultimately
won on Sunday. Klein had a season-
FIELD HOCKEY (NCAA FINAL FOUR) high 13 saves on Friday, and the
Huskies needed every single one of
UCONN2 them.
If she hadnt played quite so
NORTH CAROLINA 1 well, we wouldve been playing for
a championship and couldve won
By James Tatter it, Shelton said. But we didnt. And
Assistant Sports Editor now we look to the future, as we do.
And our future is really bright.
You could have excused head North Carolina loses just one
coach Karen Sheltons North senior from this years squad, for-
Carolina field hockey team for hav- ward Gab Major.
ing a down year. A deep supporting cast behind
UNC had made it to the Final her returns, junior Ashley Hoffman
Four in each of the past eight sea- was named the ACC Defensive
sons, but after losing six seniors to Player of the Year. Junior Eva vant
graduation from a 2016 team that Hoog, who had the game-tying goal
made it to the national champion- in the second half of Fridays game,
ship game, Shelton had what she had the third-most points on the PHOTO COURTESY OF JEFFREY CAMARATI
called a rebuilding scenario on her team this season, behind Hoffman Midfielder Eva vant Hoog (22) swipes at a ball during the NCAA Final Four game against UConn in Louisville on Friday.
hands. and Major.
On Friday, that team headed to Shelton gave credit beyond the indicate otherwise. Shelton has used has been to in the last eight seasons. next years team, which returns all
penalty strokes in Louisville, Ky., stars, too. the accomplishment as the objective Shelton feels confident that with the but one player. For now, the coach
after tying undefeated No. 1 seed It was the rest of the team that of every season, however. set of returners she has, the drought isnt worried about outside hype
UConn, 1-1, through two overtime made the difference, she said. Its And once you get there you can may be over soon. surrounding the team. After this
periods. The winner would advance what made this year so special, is celebrate your season, and then you Knowing that we have all these season, she knows that expectations
to the national title game. that every player on our team played have a chance to win. kids returning is amazing for us dont matter so much.
The Tar Heels lost, but the team a role. Even the ones who didnt The Tar Heels havent capitalized because we are going to have some The buzz is that we are going to
could have been credited with play, they practiced and competed on that chance since their last title incoming kids that will add, Shelton work our asses off every day, to be
exceeding expectations. every day to make our starters bet- in 2009. said. So next year we are going to so good, as good as we can possibly
I didnt think wed ever get that ter. Shelton has led Tar Heel teams have depth and we are going to have be, Shelton said. Thats going to be
far, Shelton said of her team mak- Making it to the Final Four isnt to titles on six occasions over her 37 optimism and we are going to have the buzz.
ing it to penalty strokes. automatic, though the Tar Heels years as head coach, but UNC hasnt energy. @James_Tatter
But Shelton didnt mean to imply record over the past decade may won any of the five title games it There are high hopes for the

Brown, Carter flourish against WCU defense

By Sam Jarden last season. He came into the up 94 rushing yards and two
Staff Writer year with many expecting him touchdowns in the season
to take up the lead back role, opener against California.
In a season defined by but while he leads the team in He wasnt big-eyed or
gloom, two players in par- carries with 130, Fedora has overwhelmed by anything,
ticular have been consistent been spreading out touches Fedora said after that game.
bright spots for the North pretty evenly all season. He was pretty calm and ran
Carolina football team: run- The 5-foot-10, 195-pound the ball hard and made some
ning backs Michael Carter Durham native is a true all- nice plays.
and Jordon Brown. purpose back, as evidenced Since then hes had some
Entering the year, there by ranking him as ups and downs, but with 530
were question marks all over the No. 7 all-purpose back in total rushing yards going into
the offense none more so the nation coming out of high the last game of the season,
than at running back after school two years ago. the player nicknamed The
the departure of dynamic duo His breakout game came Scientist has undoubtedly
Elijah Hood and T.J. Logan. back in Week Three against shown flashes of potential.
But Carter and Brown have Old Dominion, when he In games where Carter has
performed admirably after rushed for 123 yards and two gotten 10 or more carries, he
being thrust into prominent touchdowns. He hasnt broken has stood out in a big way, with
roles in head coach Larry 100 yards since then, but hes 422 of his 530 rushing yards
Fedoras system. been a consistent performer and seven of his eight touch-
The two underclassmen and hasnt gotten less than downs coming in those four
have combined for over ten touches since Week Two, games alone. But interestingly,
1,100 rushing yards and 12 showing Fedoras faith in him. Fedora has varied his number
touchdowns in 11 games, I think we complement of carries a lot from week to
including 172 combined yards each other well, so when he week. After getting 14 carries
and a touchdown apiece in comes in or I come in, I feel against Old Dominion, he was
Saturdays 65-10 demolition like we dont really miss a called upon only 15 times in the
of Western Carolina. Theyve beat, Carter said of his team- next three games combined.
also done all of this while hav- mate. I feel like its been Carter, however, says theres DTH/LEXI BAIRD
ing to deal with a carousel at good this season, both of us no frustration when he isnt Michael Carter (8) celebrates with Charlie Heck (67) after scoring a touchdown on Saturday.
quarterback that has made it have work to do though. seeing as much of the ball.
difficult for the teams offense Carter, on the other hand, Its not about me, he said best efforts, those wins just State with not much else to aged to provide something
to find its rhythm all year. has perhaps been the surprise after Saturdays game. Its havent been coming for this play for besides their team- thats been all too difficult
Brown, a returning sopho- of the season on offense. The about our team. Whatever years Tar Heels. Sitting at mates and pride. to find recently for Tar Heel
more, has the upper hand in first-year from Navarre, Fla., puts us in a better position to 3-8, the Tar Heels travel to In an injury-plagued and football: hope for the future.
experience of the two, despite has looked excellent from win, Im all for. Raleigh next weekend to end disappointing season, these @sam_jarden
having only 21 total touches right out of the gate, putting Despite Brown and Carters their season against N.C. two young players have man-

Mens soccer advances to ninth Sweet 16 in 10 years

MENS SOCCER (NCAA SECOND ROUND) 53rd minute. David Lozanos cross struck the leg
The large UNC-W contingent fell of teammate Julio Moncada and
NORTH CAROLINA 2 silent as cheers went up from those
supporting the Tar Heels. Not only
went into the back of the net.
From there, the game turned
UNC-WILMINGTON 1 had Pieters just connected on his chippy as the Tar Heels controlled
eighth goal of the season, but he had possession, waiting for the final
By Chris Hilburn-Trenkle scored his eighth point in his last whistle. The chippiness was high-
Senior Writer five matches. lighted by senior forward Alan
I think the result is more Winn falling on the ground while
CARY On Sunday night at important than the goal or assists a UNC-W defender stood over him
WakeMed Soccer Park, elation Pieters said. I will do what I need with less than ten minutes remain-
turned to despair in a matter of sec- to get the result at the end of the ing in the game.
onds for UNC-Wilmington fans in day. Winn grabbed his opponents leg
the second round of the mens soccer Three minutes later, UNC and the defender shoved him back
NCAA Tournament. struck again. Sophomore defender in a confrontation that went unno-
One moment, the Seahawks Mauricio Pineda delivered the play ticed from the officials.
(12-8) had a shot on goal and of the game on a screamer from 25 Minutes later, the final whistle
looked like they might be building yards out. Pinedas right foot con- sounded and UNC had moved on,
momentum to take a 1-0 edge over nected with the ball and, in the blink avenging a 1-0 regular-season loss to
North Carolina (15-3-1) early in the of an eye, it rocketed into the top UNC-W on Sept. 1.
second half. Then, there was only right corner of the net, effectively With the win, UNC advances to DTH/EMILY CAROLINE SARTIN
silence. ending any comeback bid from the its ninth NCAA Sweet 16 appear- Forward Jelani Pieters (26) takes a shot on goal against UNC-W on Sunday in Cary.
As UNC forward Zach Wright Seahawks. ance in the last ten years. The Tar
raced down the right sideline, he
saw his teammate Jelani Pieters rac-
I think that was a great build
up play by the whole team Pineda
Heels face Southern Methodist
University on Saturday in Cary. A
to get better in the college soccer
season head coach Carlos Somoano
I will do what I need to
ing toward the box. said. Ive had a lot of shots this win would put UNC a game closer said. All we want to do is take get the result at the end of
With a flick of his leg, Wright
delivered a hard ground cross to the
season, but maybe not as much suc-
cess. Definitely worth the wait for
to getting back to the College Cup
for the second straight year after last
advantage of every day to see how
far we can go to make ourselves the
the day.
forward. The ball found the redshirt now. years loss to Stanford in the Final best team possible. Jelani Pieters
sophomores foot, and just like that, In the 74th minute, the Seahawks Four in penalty kicks. @christrenkle2 Redshirt sophomore forward
UNC had taken a 1-0 lead in the cut the 2-1 deficit in half when Theres a finite time that we have