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Name: alamgir younis ansari


Human Resource management

Submitted to :
Sir. sikandar aziz

Topic : how has the global village

contributed to the need for diversity
awareness in our organizations?


Organizations were working with the
UNICULTURE environment, uniculture refers to the
society or environment were persons living or working in
the organizations having same language ,dressing and
eating. In short having same norms and social values .

The organizations were in to it, they have to apply one

policy and it was applicable to all the persons working
in the organizations ,its all due to uniculture
environment .e.g Pakistani uniculture if some policy is
made that can be applicable to Pakistanies they can
easily accept that .But later on , due to the emergence
of technology and the modern working environment the
development of Telecommunication and internet which
fastens the way to communicate more then before.

This gives a thinkable point to the organizations that

first they werelimited to some area ,because if they
extent themselves they may lack control due to absence
of Communication but when this technology came this
was a new turn o the Business world as many
organizations can now expand themselves and can
establish some communication .

The two factors cost of labour and cost of raw material

if a company control these factors it can be in the
strong competition otherwise its out of the competition
as the cost will increase so Organizations shifted their
production houses and there warehouses to those areas
or countries where the Rawmaterial and Labour were
cheap because it was easy to control now that’s why
many organizations have shifted their production and
factories to CHINA and its knows as the factory of the
world .

The organizations shifted themselves as per e.g Nike

shifted themselves to U.A.E and china their productions
houses and expand almost in all the world or
organization like PEPSI AND COCACOLA did exactly that
the telecommunication network organizations expanded
themselves .When this happens one organization is
operating 70 percent in USA , 20 percent in china and 10
percent in U.A.E the people of china worked in that
organization ,the people of U.A.E worked in the
organization and in U.A.E there are Pakistanies , Arabs,
Indians etc

then the working environment of the organization will

not be uniculture it will have work diversity environment
or Multicultural environment ,the awareness was deeply
created when the one policy was not applicable to the
whole organization the policy may not suit Chinese and
other culture people so in this way the

GLOBAL VILLAGE concept the era of fast communication

in which you can gather at one place with the world at
one time ,faster communication created the diversity
awareness in the organization that there are now more
and more people into the organization belonging to
different races , classes and with different culture and
traditions so there has to be a way to manage it .Global
village created the need for the diversity awareness and
it can be very useful with brilliant ideas as we see the
technology is advancing day by day