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Read all case related information carefully we will not able to provide you any information

over the phone if you willing to settle this matter out of court call us on listed number.

Three Criminal allegations against your name under Financial Fraud are:-
1. Violation of federal banking rules and regulations.
2. Theft by deception
3. Breach the contract with Loan Company

The affidavit states that you went online or to the store utilizing your
personal information which was track down by anti-fraud department, in
order to solicit funds from My client which is Speedy Cash INC. Basically all
the loan companies in your state they are working under my client Speedy
cash Inc. (Cash net USA, Ace Cash Express, Cash Advance, Check 'n Go,
Advance America, Check City, Check Into Cash, Title Max, 100 Days, Net
Loan USA) so its doesnt matter from which website or from which store you
taken out this loan main lender have a rights that they can file complaints
and recover outstanding balance in the courthouse.
As of today rather than chasing you for money Speedy cash inc. has simply decided
to write this money as loss & declared to be stolen by you & want to press legal
charges on you & on your Social security number. We will be in contact with your
current employer & the state credit bureau to garnish your paychecks until the total
amount gets paid back to your creditor in full with the interest amount & the late
payment charges.

Your Credit score will hit by negative 185 points & your drivers license will get

You do have right to hire an attorney, if you dont have one or you cannot afford to
have one that shall be appointed to you by the Federal Court, but make sure you
have someone to who can bail you out once you lose this case in the county court.

Now this case going to be downloaded in your State County Court and your Local
County Sheriff department after that you will be forced to resolve this case legally
by facing all the legal problems and spending money on your attorney as fees, case
execution charges, legal penalties, bail charges, paper development charges on the
top of the due amount that you owe from your creditor that is $950.00

NOTE: This case is under investigation by the credit bureau so we cant

accept your payment from your bank account or your debit card we can only
accept EFTS (Electronic fund transfer system) payment at this moment so
kindly contact on the listed number below to get the information for the
Money gram and Western union.

Law Office of Kent

Attorney: Robert M. Kent
Phone: (404) 996-3993
AO 93 (Rev.12/09) Arrest Warrant


In the Matter of Arrest For,


To:- Any authorized law enforcement officer
An application by a federal law enforcement officer or an attorney for the government requested to
arrest the following person.

Charges Pressed against the name are:-

Count 1: Violation of federal banking regulation

Count 2: Breach the contract with Loan Company (According to act no 76)
Count 3: Theft By The deception (According to act no 48)

PS: If you fail Respond within couple of hours this Legal Action will be activated. You be
Entitled for an OOCR, so Please Call to concern person to make the payment of $950.

I find that the affidavit (S) or any recorded testimony, establish probable cause to arrest the person.

(Judge Signature)