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Introduction to CITYgreen 5.

Urban forests provide enormous environmental benefits by reducing air pollution,
slowing stormwater runoff, and helping us conserve energy. At the same time,
cities are grappling to meet regulatory requirements for air and water quality.
Failing to meet these requirements jeopardizes their federal funding for public
projects. Why have proponents of urban trees not been able to promote the
importance of urban forests from the ornamental to the indispensable? The reason
is simple: They have not had the tools to translate the benefits we grasp in an
abstract way into a fiscal bottom line.

Over the last 30 years countless U.S. metropolitan areas have reported significant
declines in canopy cover, a loss directly correlated to rising urban populations.
According to recent AMERICAN FORESTS studies, an average decline of 30% in
natural forest cover has occurred over the last 3 decades in major metropolitan
areas in the U.S. AMERICAN FORESTS estimates a loss of roughly 634 million trees
in and around U.S. urban areas over the last 25 years alone, constituting a national
tree deficit of immense proportions.

With a growing recognition that urban forests constitute our ecological green
infrastructure, how do we reverse these trends and help cities save money?

Calculating the Value of Nature

With its initial release in 1996, AMERICAN FORESTS CITYgreen software was the
first comprehensive, user-friendly attempt to make a financial case for urban
forests. CITYgreens release represents a groundbreaking collaboration between
academia and urban conservation professionals. Based on the most up-to-date,
peer-reviewed science, CITYgreen allows cities and conservation groups to
calculate the economic and environmental benefits provided by trees and other
vegetation and models the economic impact of various development and planning
What is CITYgreen?
CITYgreen is a Windows based Geographical Information System (GIS). CITYgreen is an extension to
ArcView 3.x, which was developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). ESRI's
products have become the most widely used GIS software in the country. Cities are aggressively
increasing their use of GIS software for planning and general decision support.

CITYgreen 5.0 Scales Up: Whats NEW!

CITYgreen 5.0 takes advantage of a broader range of imagery. With high-
resolution satellite imagery, users can choose larger study areas.
New standard report templates and a built-in report generator allows users
to design custom reports.
ArcPad support means field data can be collected on a handheld PC and
synchronized to the desktop project when you return to the office. This
significantly reduces errors and data collection time!
For the first time, communities can accurately conduct a stormwater runoff
and air quality analysis over the whole of a large area rather than
having to extrapolate environmental benefits from sample plots. Handheld PC, ArcPad and
The software conducts complex statistical analyses of ecosystem services and
creates easy-to-understand maps and reports. CITYgreen calculates dollar benefits based on your specific
site conditions.

CITYgreen 5.0 Analyzes Trees and Other Green Infrastructure

With CITYgreen, you can take advantage of natural systems to produce the maximum economic benefits
for your growing community. CITYgreen uses the most up-to-date scientific research to calculate the
dollar value of trees and vegetation. It calculates the services performed for:

Reducing Stormwater Runoff

Mitigating Air Quality
Saving Summer Energy
Storing and Avoiding Carbon
Modeling Tree Growth

The CITYgreen 5.0 Users Manual

The CITYgreen 5.0 Users Manual provides step-by-step
instructions on how to (1) use imagery and locally gathered
data to prepare for an analysis of your study area, (2)
conduct a CITYgreen analysis and produce reports, and (3)
model different scenarios to present your results.

Digitizing a sample site to identify

landcover features.

Whats Included
The CITYgreen 5.0 CD-ROM includes the setup software, a printable version of the CITYgreen Users
Manual in .pdf format, and sample data. The data that will be installed to your hard drive includes sample
shape files for running the CITYgreen site analysis and reference data, such as the master species
database. Other large datasets can be viewed from the CD-ROM, including the soils database.

Software Requirements
CITYgreen 5.0 works with ArcView 3.x and Windows 98, 2000 or NT. Install ArcView and Crystal
Reports for ArcView before installing CITYgreen. When using raster data (explained in the manual), it is
necessary to install the ESRI Spatial Analyst extension. CITYgreen 5.0 is also compatible with ESRIs
ArcPad software for using CITYgreen in the field. You will need to install the ArcPad Tools extension to
use this feature.

Hardware Requirements
When working with GIS files we recommend using a minimum of a Pentium II Windows PC with at
least 128 MB of RAM, a CD-ROM drive, and a 17 or larger monitor. CITYgreen requires a minimum of
50 MB of disk space. To use the CITYgreen 5.0s ArcPad capabilities for field use, you will need a
Pocket PC with Windows CE and ESRIs ArcPad software installed.

For a Demonstration of CITYgreen

Visit our website to download a free trial version of
CITYgreen 5.0 and the sample data needed to evaluate the
software. This demonstration copy is licensed by AMERICAN
FORESTS for evaluation purposes only. All functions of
CITYgreen 5.0 are enabled in this evaluation copy when
working with the sample data. The evaluation software will
work with your own data but certain reporting, saving and
printing functionality will be disabled. With a valid serial
number this trial copy becomes a fully licensed copy of
CITYgreen. Contact AMERICAN FORESTS to purchase a serial
number. To download, visit: Green infrastructure of Washington, DC. /cg5.php

AMERICAN FORESTS, founded in 1875, is the oldest national nonprofit citizen conservation organization.
We have conducted several dozen urban ecosystem analyses over the last five years using CITYgreen.
Findings from the analyses have been featured in USA Today, US News and World Report, on CNN and
NPR, as well as in major city newspapers in Atlanta; Denver; Seattle ; Washington, DC; and Baltimore.
We offer regional training workshops and technical support for CITYgreen and are a certified ESRI
developer and reseller of ESRI products.
Visit AMERICAN FORESTS website at or contact us at:

AMERICAN FORESTS, P.O. Box 2000, Washington, DC 20013

(202) 955-4500; Fax: (202) 955-4588; E-mail: