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Adverb (adverb) is a word that serves Yusron always comes later. [Yusron I have told you twice.

I have told you twice. [Saya sudah Farhat reads quite clearly. [Farhat
to explain verbs, adjectives, or other selalu datang terlambat.] memberitahumu dua kali.] membaca dengan cukup jelas.]
adverbs. The postman comes daily. [Tukang post 5. Adverb of certainty 7. Interrogative adverb
various adverbs datang setiap hari.] Adverb of certainty explains the belief or Interrogative adverb is used in question.
1. Adverb of Manner 3. Adverb of Place certainty of a thing. Example of sentences:
Adverb of manner gives an explanation of Adverb of place explains the place. Example of sentences: Where are you going tonight? [Ke mana
how or in what way an activity is Example of sentences: It will probably rain tonight. [Mungkin Anda akan pergi malam ini?]
performed. My boss is out. [Bos saya sedang keluar.] akan hujan malam ini.] How long will you stay in Makassar?
Example of sentences: Stay here. [Diam di sini.] I will certainly help you. [Saya pasti akan [Berapa lama Anda akan tinggal di
The soldiers fight bravely. [Para tentara She always looks down. [Dia selalu menolong Anda.] Makassar?]
berperang dengan berani.] melihat ke bawah.] Yudi is obviously very clever. [Yudi sudah 8. Conjunction adverb
The students compete fairly. [Para 4. Adverb of Frequency jelas sangat pintar.] Conjunction adverb plays a role in
siswa bersaing secara adil.] Adverb of frequency describes how often 6. Adverb of Degree connecting two clauses.
She stared at me curiously. [Dia an activity is performed.. The adverb of the degree explains how Sample sentence:
menatapku dengan rasa penasaran.] Example of sentences: much, to what extent, or at what level Life is hard. However, life can be fun.
2. Adverb of Time I often forget her name. [Saya sering lupa something occurs. The market is very difficult these
Adverb of time is a word that refers to namanya.] Example of sentences: days.Consequently, we need to focus on
when something is happening or being. She seldom visits her mother. [Dia jarang He came rather late. [Dia datang agak what works best for our customers.
Example of sentences: mengunjungi ibunya.] terlambat.] My friend Mark doesnt enjoy school. Still,
Lets begin to work now. [Mari kita She is very beautiful. [Dia sangat cantik.] hes working hard at getting good grades
mulai bekerja sekarang.]

Adjective some fruits that I like there is in a 4.Possessive Adjective is an adjective what is your name? (siapakah nama
Adjective is a word that is one part of refrigerator form in English that states about a mu?)
part of speech that serves to explain there are some friends in your house possession in English. which are your hobbies? (yang mana
noun (noun) including Pronoun she needs more sugar in her tea Example: hobimu?)
(pronoun of object / person). 3.Numeric Adjective Used to express the that is my husband (dia adalah 6. Demonstrative adjective is an adjective
1.Qualitative Adjective = Qualitative number of plus numeric adjectives more suamiku) used to denote a noun or object in
adjectives are used to describe the quality using numbers such as one, two and so this is my wife (ini adalah istriku) question
of the nouns described. forth. Is he your bestfriend? (apakah dia That is my house (itu adalah rumahku)
She is a nice girl (dia adalah gadis yang There are ten students in this class (ada sahabat mu?) those are my besfriends (mereka itu
manis) sepuluh siswa di kelas ini) Are they your bestfriend? (apakah adalah teman baik ku)
My student is diligent (muridku rajin) There is just one man in this room mereka sahabat mu?) this is my favourite food (ini adalah
They are interesting (mereka menarik) (hanya ada satu laki-laki di ruangan ini) 5.Interrogative Adjective is an adjective makanan favoritku)
2.Quantitative Adjective Is an adjective I need five friends in this tame (aku that is used to ask an object in
form or adjective associated with quantity membutuhkan lima teman di tim ini) question.Example:
or quantity. whose is he? (siapakah dia?)

noun is a noun in English used to define meaning. Examples: group, class, flock, both are named, Sample sentence: This Countable nouns are objects that can be
people, places, animals, plants, battalion and so on. Sample sentence: restaurant has some men servants counted, either singularly (singularly)
things, the quality of things, or an My school has many classes Concrete Noun (tangible noun) to show and plural (plural). Sample sentence:
activity. Common noun (kata benda objects that have a form with criteria My brother drinks a glass of milk.
Various kinds of Noun and Functions umum),which is usually the most can be seen or touched. Examples: Uncountable nouns are things that can
Abstract Noun (kata benda yang tak memorable - because this type of noun people (people), books (books), car not be calculated, for example: water
berwujud) serves to show an intangible, is among the most basic and first (car), and so forth. Sample sentence: (water), water (air), sugar (sugar), and
but imaginable object. Examples: life, taught. Example: teacher, flower, car, Reading a book is my hoby others. Usually can be added with some
love, friendship, relationship, and so on. building, motorcycle, chair, and so on. Proper noun (name noun) ie name of (some) or much (much for something
Sample sentence: Love is important Sample sentence: She bought a new car person, school, company, city, country, that can not be counted.) Sample
thing in our life. Compound nouns are a combination of etc. Example: Marry, Indonesia, sentence: I put a bottle of water on the
Collective noun (kata benda kolektif) two words, where the first word and Facebook, and so on. Sample sentence: table.
serves as a noun that has a compound His name is John

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her trying But every time she ask me do I look okay? while She's so beautiful
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