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Class :2lp

Time : 1h

The text :

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to

U.S. President Barack Obama "for his extraordinary
efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and
corporation between peoples. Obama is third sitting
U.S. President to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the third African American.
He received the prize eight and a half months after his inauguration. The White House
announced Obama would travel to Oslo in December to accept the prize. Obama plans
to donate the full 10 million Swedish kronor (US$1.4 million) monetary award to charity.

Obama is the third sitting U.S. President to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the others being: Theodore
Roosevelt (1906) and Woodrow Wilson (1919). Former President Jimmy Carter (2002) received the award
after leaving office. Obama is the third African American to win this honour, the others being: Ralph J.
Bunche, (1950) and Martin Luther King, Jr., (1964).

Many presidents had honoured Obama by this Nobel Prize. The French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the
award would reinforce Obama's determination to work for justice and peace. He added that the award
"finally confirms the return of America in the hearts of all the peoples of the world". The British Prime
Minister Gordon Brown sent a private message of congratulations to President Obama. Hope that the prize
would assist Obama's efforts toward nuclear disarmament and stop wars in the world.

Comprehension Questions: (7pts)

A- Choose the right answer : (1pts)

The third president who won a Nobel prize is : Obama Wilson Carter

Obama is : African American African and American

B- Say if the following sentences are true or false : (2 pts)

Obama won the Nobel Prize in 2010.

Obama won the prize before his inauguration as a president.

Nicolas Sarkozy wrote a letter to Obama to congratulate him.

Luther king is the first black American who won a Nobel Prize.

C- Answer the following questions : (3 pts )

o Who are the two presidents that won a Nobel prize before Obama?


o What is the reaction of the French and the British president toward the Prize?

o Why did Barak Obama deserve this Prize according to them?

D- What do the underlined words refer to : (1pt)

He (1). His(1) .

Text Exploration: ( 13pts )

A. Found in the text words that are close in meaning to : (1,5pts)

Prize (3) = Contribution (1) = .. Disputes (3) =

B. Found in the text words opposite to : (1,5pts)

Conflict (1) Reinforce (3) unfairness (3) .

C. Complete this table: ( 2pts)

Nouns Verbs Adjective

Peace ////////////////////// ..
.. . Strong
To reinforce ///////////////////////////

D. Choose the right tense of the model verb Can ( Past- present future present perfect ) ( 3 pts)

Obama was the first presidents who settle disputes.

Nowadays, any black president . win a Nobel prize.

After all his efforts , Obama (not) stop producing nuclear arms.

E. Complete this dialogue and put the right intonation in both of A and B : (3pts)

A: Who is the Nobel Prize winner in 1964 ?

B :

A : Great Girl . Why he won the Nobel prize ?

B : ..

A : It is okay . Never mind. Who is the third black American President who won the Nobel Prize?

B : ..

A : Thats true. Could say it louder, please ?


F. Complete this paragraph with the right model verb : Must , need to, can (2pts)

Any president.... make efforts and charity contribution to prove his diplomacy and stop
wars . Many African countrys presidents . Understand this for the sake of
their nations.