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Exame de Equivalncia Frequncia do 2 ciclo do Ensino Bsico


SUBJECT: Personal identification EVALUATION

1. Whats your name? 1. (6 pontos)

1 Momento a. If necessary whats your surname?
2. How old are you? 2. (6 pontos)
3. (6 pontos)
3 minutos 3. Where do you live?
4. (6 pontos)
30 pontos
4. How do you come to school?
5. (6 pontos)
5. Have you got any brothers or sisters?

MATERIAL a fornecer ao aluno:

2 Momento A. PICTURE 1 (The Zoo)

(monlogo) 1. What is this picture about? 1. (5 pontos)

(Orientao do discurso, se necessrio)

5 minutos
2. Do you like animals? Whats your favourite animal?
Descrio de imagem PICTURE 2 (Some animals)

(15 pontos) 3. Can you see your favourite animal in this picture?
2. (5 pontos)
4. Can you name 3 other animals?
5. Theres a shark in picture 2. Can you have a shark at 3. (5 pontos)
6. Where does a shark live?

Leitura B. TEXT: Toms visited the Zoo (My English Book 6 - page
(15 pontos)
Instructions: a. First, read the text silently; 15 pontos

b. Read loudly the 3 first sentences.

Instructions: Answer the questions about the text

3 Momento (8 pontos)
1. Who is the zookeeper in this text?
(interao (8 pontos)
aluno/examinador) 2. Where does Mr Samuels work? / What does he do in this zoo?

7 minutos 3. What is there to see at the zoo? (8 pontos)

(40 pontos) 4. What does Neckie look like? (8 pontos)

5. Does Neckie like eating the leaves of the acacia tree? (8 pontos)
Picture 1
Toms visited the Zoo. This is the article he wrote for the School Paper.

____________________________________________________ School Paper ________

The Zoo is an amazing place with lots of different and interesting animals.

She is very pretty and elegant with

her brown and yellow patches. She loves
eating the leaves of the acacia trees.
Mr. Samuels is the zookeeper. He
looks after the giraffe family. He is middle
aged and very active. He has got a round
face and he is bald. He is a nice person.
I learned a great deal of things
about zoo animals today. It was a lovely
day. I strongly recommend this trip to all
Mr Samuels, the zookeeper school students.
My favourite animal at the Zoo is
by Toms Gordon
Neckie is a baby giraffe but she is two
metres tall. She has got a long neck and legs,
a huge tongue, big eyes and a small tail.