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WHAT TO DO BEFORE THE Pain upon swallowing


Do not take aspirin, Ibuprofen or prescription PAIN MANAGEMENT
drugs like Mortin for at at least 2 weeks before Drink pain relievers as prescribed
Diversional activities (especially for children)
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight Applying an ice pack on the front of the neck
the night before surgery for 20 min every hour for the first 24 hrs. after
the surgery
You can take a bath in the morning or Use a vaporizer or humidifier.
evening before your surgery Chewing GUM?- relieves ear pain
Keep all your valuables (jewelries, Drink small sips of fluids to keep the throat
charms, money, etc.) to your most trusted
person, a family member, or spouse.
Make sure to remove all cosmetics (eg.
Make-up, nail polish, etc.) Placing a cloth over your head with a
bowl of hot water place in as well
SURGERY Have a warm bath

1. Moderate to severe throat pain Vapor Rubs

that lasts for 5-10 days post-surgery
Pain is fluctuant and typically increases at about
four to five days after initial improvement 2.Fever up to 38.7 within the first 24-48
Pain can usually be worse early in the morning or
hours after surgery
in the evening
Ear pain
If the fever persists formore than 2 days, 4. A suspicious with patch. Its a scab.
or if a higher fever develops, call your A yellow-white patch will be present for several
doctor days where the tonsils were

This can indicate an infection or a lack of fluid THIS IS NORMAL!

intake Most scabs fall off in small pieces. After the first
week, the patches will come off and a little
bleeding may occur
What to do:
5. Bleeding: most episodes are self-limiting
Drink prescribed medicine to reduce fever
and minimal
Drink more fluids (1,500-2,000 ml)
Remove excessive clothing ***Bright red bleeding which lasts more
Take a bath (if you can) with slightly than a couple of minutes, is not normal, go to the
lukewarm water emergency room or call your doctor
Turn the fan on (not too cold though) or
open some windows FOOD IS THE BEST MEDICINE

3. Bad breath is normal and will get better as Immediately following a tonsillectomy, your diet
time passes should consist primarily of clear liquids.
What can I do? Clear fluids are not only easier and can
soothe a sore throat, they also help coat the
Gently brush your teeth (if tolerated)
stomach and decrease nausea. Drinking cold or
Gurgling non-alcoholic mouthwash or using
prescribed oral rises to wash out dead room temperature clear fluids would be
tissue best
Drink a lot of fluids
Clear liquids: Make sure not to add a lot of spices to
these foods, because certain spices may
Water (1,500-2,000ml) irritate the lining of your throat and
Apple juice cause additional throat PAIN

Stay away from spicy, crunchy or rough
foods such as corn chips and popcorn.
Avoid: Continue the soft diet for 1 to 2
Citric juices weeks, after which you can slowly move on
to your normal diet.
Carbonated drinks
they may irritate sensitive throat tissue
and increase pain
Once you are able to tolerate liquids, you
should be able to safely consume bland,
soft foods.
-scrambled eggs
-porridge (lugao)
-mashed potatoes