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1 What is the term commonly used to refer to the act of directional drilling
deviating a well bore to head in the direction desired?
2 What is the name commonly given to the liquid used in drilling mud
a well?
3 What is the name commonly given to the Oil Company the Company Man
representative who is present while drilling is taking place?
4 What is the name given to an offshore drilling rig? Semi-submersible, Drill ship,
5 When oil is "struck", it usually produces a spout which reaches False
150 feet or more above the surface of the ground
6 What is the name given to the workers who work on a drilling Roughnecks
rig drill floor?
7 What type of formations are oil and gas usually found in? sand
8 What is the name given to the tall, main structure of a drilling the derrick
9 It smells like rotten eggs, and one good whiff of it in high Hydrogen Sulfide
concentrations will kill you instantly. It is sometimes
encountered in formations while drilling for oil.
10 What is the term used for when the pressure of an oil or gas a kick
well overcomes the hydrostatic pressure exerted on it by the
drilling fluid while drilling?
11 How deep is a average oil well? 10,000 ft
12 In regards to the diamond drilling, what is the purpose of the Provides 800-2300 rpm of
swivel head? rotation and feed force
13 What is the function of the wireline overshot? Tool lowered to bottom of
the hole to recover inner
14 Dynamite is water resistant. True
15 Which term BEST describes the Rotary Crush method of This method uses a bit that
drilling? has two or more rotating
cones with carbide or steel
16 Which term best describes the rotary abrasive method of This method requires the bit
drilling? to wear away at the rock to
advance the hole. This
requires material of high
abrasive resistance.
(Diamond, tungsten or
17 This method uses variations of carbide cutting teeth, normally Rotary Cutting
associated with auger drilling. The teeth take large cuts into
the soil and transfer it to the surface by auger flights. What
method of drilling is this?
18 On the rotary drill what is the function of the rotary head? Provides rotation and torque
to the drill string
19 Unconsolidated soil above rock is called what? Overburden
20 A force generated on the bit by the weight of the drill string Feed force
and powered by the drill rig is known as what?
21 Crude oil is a mixture of various different compounds called Fractional Distillation
hydrocarbons. These different hydrocarbons need to be
separated in a column by which process?
22 Which of the following substances can be isolated by the Kerosene
method of separating the mixture of hydrocarbons found in
crude oil?
23 Chains of hydrogen and carbon atoms called hydrocarbon Cracking
compounds tend to be too large to be considered useful in
industry. What is the name of the process which allows large
hydrocarbon molecules to be broken down into smaller
hydrocarbon molecules so that they are efficient to use in
industrial processes?
24 Products of hydrocarbon chains can be used in the formation Polythene
of plastics. If a molecule of ethene (C2H4), a member of the
alkene family, reacts with other ethene molecules, what
plastic is formed?
25 The alkene family is known as having one double carbon to Addition polymerization
carbon bond within its structure. This gives it the ability to
react with other members of the alkene family. A good
example is when a molecule of ethene reacts with another
molecule of ethene. Ethene molecules are considered to be
monomers. What is the name of the chemical process
whereby monomers join together to form longer chains?
26 Polymers are, in general, relatively unreactive. One way to Acid Rain
dispose of many polymers is to burn them. If a plastic contains
sulfuric impurities however, how does this pose an ecological
27 The hydrocarbon ethene can be used to create ethanol. There Steam
are a few ways of doing this, however, which of the following
substances can ethene react with to create ethanol?
28 When using ethene to create ethanol, a catalyst is used. Phosphoric Acid
29 Alkanes and alkenes are two chemical families found within Bromine Water
crude oil. What chemical substance can be used to
differentiate between two unknown substances - one
containing an alkane, the other, an alkene?
30 The combustion of hydrocarbons is a common process used in Carbon Monoxide
industrial chemistry. When a hydrocarbon combusts in a
plentiful supply of oxygen (O2) gas, the by-product would be
carbon dioxide (CO2). When there is a limited supply of
oxygen, what would be the by-product?
31 Where does crude oil come from? It is pumped from wells
drilled into the ground.
32 What is the first step that crude oil undergoes in a refinery? It is heated, and the water
and salts are removed.
33 What is crude oil distillation? A process in which oil is
separated into its different
34 Environmental regulations dictate that a refinery has to Sulfur
remove certain pollutants from the products before they leave
the plant. What contributor to 'acid rain' is removed in the
refining process?
35 What is cracking? Breaking large oil molecules
down into lighter ones by the
use of heat and catalyst.
36 What form of water is the most prevalent in oil refinery Steam
37 What is the proper spelling of the light oil cut that ends up in naphtha
gasoline after the refining process is complete?
38 What is "octane rating" for gasoline? A measure of how well
gasoline will perform in a car
39 The heaviest material that comes out of a refinery is a product On roads and parking lots
that you and I use almost daily. Where can you find it?
Asphalt is so heavy that it has
to be kept above 400 degrees
F to make it flow as a liquid.
Asphalt is also used in roofing
40 What is the name of the tall pipe that burns off excess gas Flare
from the refinery (and often shows a visible flame)?
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