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EXPECTED VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS The following questions are examples for,y s aim is to make

sure that you want to come to study here. the ours you Can expect during a visa interview. The
passible questions arc relatively easy. The. The officers look for confidence in your plans and you
need to be clear about your aims and reasons why you want to study in Hungary. There are no
adequate answers, just focus on giving straight answers which are not ambivalent.

Study related questions

why do you want to study in Europe/Hungary?

I want to build my career and also to do something for my country as well as my future.

-Where did you hear about the university?

I Heard about the university from google and collect all the information from Wikipedia and some
other social networking site.

-What is the difference between the European: Hungarian and your home country's education

Well my country`s University education system are almost similar. Usually most of the student are
study here and the important thing is the local education system is same and European education
system is better as well as quality full I think.

What do you expect from your studies at the university?

I expect to learn something that can help me in future to build my successful career and also
upgrade my current skills

-Why is this degree valuable for your future? What kind of job can You have after graduation?

I want to build my career in a big multinational company thats why I need to study at the
university and also do something significant for my country.

-Know anything and everything about the university and your chosen program - subjects, future

Well the University name is Debrecen University and I collect all those information from the
universities website. I think its one of the best university in Budapest and the environment of the
university is so beautiful.
My previous subject is related to business thats why I choose this subject and I think its helped to
build my career in future also I am much more flexible in this subject and I also love this subject.

Knowledge about Debrecen University /Budapest University. -What do you know about Hungary
(currency. population, location, language, capital city, etc.)?

Hungarian forint, 9,937,628, Debrecen, Egyetem tr 1, 4032 Hungary, Hungarian, Budapest,8


-What can you do in Budapest (attractions, what is it famous for, forms of public transport, how will
you get to your accommodation from the airport)?

First of all, its a beautiful country and its famous for its architectural grandeur and the
transportation system is very fast and easy to travel from one city to another, from e-banking I will
get my accommodation from the airport.

-Where will you live, what money will you live off, how will you get by?

I will live in varsities dormitory and I need 500 euro and will get it from my parents.

-Why is Hungary more attractive for you then e.g. Germany/Switzerland/the UK?

Because Hungarian people are more friendly and flexible rather than Germany/Switzerland/the
UK`s People and Hungarian universities tuition fees, accommodation is bearable for me.

Questions about your family -Have you got a relative/friend who lives in Hungary/Europe?

No, I havent.

-How about your family's financial background. the circumstances they live in?

Well I belongs to a middle-class family and our financial background is not bad and my father have
a business and I am the only one son of my parents thats why my parents doesnt face any
financial problem.

-How often will you see your family; would they come and visit you?

Well Obviously, they will come to visit me in every 6 month.

You can also expect -Do you have a job, if yes why did you leave it, can you have your job back after
your studies?

Yes, Obviously I have a job and when I complete my graduation then they gave me my job back
with a higher-level post in their company.

-Questions connected to the documents you submitted.

Please do not forget: confidence, clear aims and a smile can always help!

Good luck!