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WPP partnership in practice

Case 71/2008

Transition from Hutch to Vodafone in India
“The Turkish Vodafone migration set
the bar high for India. The Indian team
raised the bar and the migration process
to Vodafone from Hutch was again a
great collaboration between global and
local teams. Ogilvy India have driven
the 360-degree integration, working
with the Vodafone Global team very
effectively to produce great work with
great results. A very tough act for the David Wheldon
Global Director, Brand
next country to follow!” Vodafone

How do you transition a brand that is part of national consciousness?

How do you get your employees, trade partners and 35 million customers,
who are perfectly satisfied with their current brand, to welcome an
absolutely new brand overnight?

The simplicity and comprehensive nature of the Hutch to Vodafone

transition campaign was a perfect example of the successful entry of
a new brand into a market.

WPP lead company WPP partner companies

Ogilvy & Mather, India WPP Team Vodafone, London
Maxus, Mumbai
OgilvyOne, Mumbai
Ogilvy Action, Mumbai
Added Value, UK
Fitch, London
Project summary
Business issues brand and its tone of voice, which required intensive
Hutch, the second largest GSM brand in the Indian training across offices. The Ogilvy team took this
telecom market had been bought by Vodafone. A task forward and cascaded the new brand to 16 circle
leading player in the high-growth Indian market, teams across six cities. This helped develop work that
Hutch enjoyed considerable brand equity. It was also spoke the Vodafone tone of voice from Day One.
a well-loved brand in terms of its unique imagery
and award-winning communication. In making the A comprehensive research campaign study led by
transition to Vodafone, it was important to carry Added Value was followed by intensive workshops
forward this equity and exceed expectations. involving the key stakeholders at Ogilvy and Maxus.

The objectives for the exercise were to carry along Fitch was briefed not to just redesign the store
35 million customers, 400,000 trade partners and signage but to create a whole new store experience
10,000 employees through the transition and, even for the Vodafone customer. At every interaction
more importantly, to enthuse existing stakeholders point with the consumer, the brand required a new
and potential customers with the possibilities look in line with the new brand promise. That meant
offered by Vodafone. changing everything from the internal forms to the
uniform of the security guard.
Time frame
The entire project including positioning, retail identity, The launch campaign, one-on-one communication
campaign development and implementation was carried with existing customers and customer touch-point
out in less than four months, from June to September elements were developed by Ogilvy and OgilvyOne.
2007. In order to meet this tight time frame, a large Unlike most re-branding exercises, which are phased
amount of work was carried out in parallel, effectively over time, Maxus had to execute the transition
leveraging the strengths of the network agencies. overnight across the country. There was a first-
of-its-kind alliance with Star (India’s largest TV
Ogilvy, Added Value and Team Vodafone worked network) where the entire advertising was bought for
in conjunction to develop the India positioning for Vodafone for 24 hours across all the network’s 13
Vodafone by July. channels – the world’s first 24-hour TV roadblock.

The briefing for the campaign took place in July. Ogilvy Action put up over 20,000 high-visibility
Working with Team Vodafone and Maxus, Ogilvy outdoor sites overnight, using over 2 million square
arrived at and developed the idea, launch campaign feet of vinyl.
and launch strategy by August.
The touch point list alone, for this project, included The launch was the most talked about event in
over 3,000 different elements. Working in conjunction Indian media, with over 450 articles. An entire
with the OgilvyOne team and Fitch, the Ogilvy team episode of CNBC covered the transition as a case
developed and executed the entire list in just 45 days study. Day-after brand recall for Vodafone was
so that from Day One – 21 September 2007 – the 80% – proclaimed by the industry and media as one
consumer would experience a whole new brand. of the best brand-launches the country has ever seen.

Partnership activity Thirty-five million customers transitioned seamlessly

Getting India to love Vodafone – the transition into brand Vodafone. And within six months of
demanded an intensive engagement with every arm launch, it became the brand of choice for over
of the WPP teams. And the network responded 44 million subscribers. It was the fastest, most
with its very best. Five WPP agencies came together comprehensive and most effective launch witnessed
to help create magic on 21 September 2007. within the Vodafone network. And has today been
proclaimed as the benchmark for all forthcoming
The Ogilvy team played the role of Brand Team launches for Vodafone.
leader: their first task was to internalise the new

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