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Made by: Haifeng Zhao

Network Planning and Simulation Department

CDMA Division
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1 Effect Drawing
The following is the site information effect drawing based on MapInfo
made by the CellMaker

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2 How to use it
2.1 Preparation
First we need to make a site information file, and the format is as the

Then copy all the site information to a *.txt format file as the following:

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After the preparation is done, double clicks on the shortcut of
CellMaker, and it will automatically open MapInfo. And now we can
see that the plus-in tool is already on the main menu of MapInfo as
the name of Cellmaker.

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2.2 Create site information


Choosing the Delimited ASCII(*.txt) file format, and open the site file

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After open the site file, choosing the Use First Line for Column in the
pop-up Delimited ASCII Information window, the press OK

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Table---->Create Points

In the pop-up window for Create Points, click on Projection button

In the Choose Projection window, choosing the correct projection

mode, e.g. WGS84, press OK

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File---->Close All

CellMaker---->Draw Sector Symbols

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Choosing the .TAB site information file, which is converted from
the .Txt file, and in the pop-up Sector Builder window select
Sectorders, then press OK

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The CellMaker can maximally support 6 sectors sites, but generally

the sectors for each BTS site are not more than 3, so we are mainly
focusing on the sector A, B and C , and for the Sector designator,
we choose them from V1 to V3(sometimes it will be configured
automatically )

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For the sectors color, we can edit it according to our use manner.

Effect drawing of site information based on MapInfo

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Display the site ID.

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