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Corporate Overview

• Backed by Banyan Tree Fund - anchor by FMO (Netherland) & DEG

Germany Private Equity .

• Turnover of INR 218 Crore in Last Financial Year and INR 108 Crore in Year 2008.

• 1700+ employees ( CCNA – 400, CCI - 3, MCSE – 300, ITIL Certified – 10) across India
servicing more than 350 Customers across more than 100 locations

• NOC & SOC certified on ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

• Running Managed Network Services and Managed SaaS with BSNL in Partnership with
Cisco and Microsoft

• Partner of British Telecom for Managing their Domestic Links in India

• Setting Up, Operating and Supporting Data Centre and DR Site for Maharashtra State
Road Transport Corporation Ltd

• Setting Up, Operating and Supporting 1 Lakh Sq Ft of Data Centre at Bangalore

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Core Organizational Capabilities

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System Integration - Overview

Turnkey Computerization
ERP Implementation
D t Centre
Data C t IInfrastructure
f t t Building
B ildi Management
M t
Telecom Services Wide Area Networking
Facility Management Services

Defence Training, Quality & Improvement Process

Third- party Application Deployment

Portal Designing, Deployment and Maintenance

C t t Center
Contact C t S
l IInstallation
t ll ti & M
i t off IT Products
P d t

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BSNL Partnership – Managed Network Services

• Trimax runs Managed Network Services on • Partnership for last 4 Years

BSNL Infrastructure • BSNL CMD inaugurated the Managed
• Link & Router Monitoring Network Services last year
• Customer Interface
• Coordination with BSNL for issue

• Extended arm of BSNL

• Empanelled System Integrator of
• Only Partner for Delivering Managed
Network Services
• Adding more than 250 Link
Management / Month
• Only Partner for Managed
Messaging Services

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BSNL Partnership - Managed SaaS Service

• BSNL has launched Managed SaaS Services • BSNL CMD inaugurated the Managed
in partnership with Microsoft SaaS Services on 23rd June
• Hosted Messaging Service Live
• Trimax is the Managed Service
Provider and Customer Interface
• Coordination with BSNL for issue

• Role of Trimax
• Only Partner for Delivering Managed
SaaS Services
• Generation of Leads, Customer
Presentation, Quotation and Closure
• Single Point of Contact for
Implementation of Service and
Support to Customer

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Case Study: JVVNL
JVVNL, Rajasthan

• Develop & Operate anytime anywhere cash collection system for

energy bills in Jaipur city on behalf of Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd

• 64 Counters

• More than 2.5

2 5 Lakh Transactions per month

ATP machine Central Database Server Cash Counter

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Case Study: e

• There will
Th ill be
b three
h types off services
i available
il bl at T
i e-
Mitra Centre/ Kiosk:
1. Payment of Government demands/levis by the citizen
2. Document centric services on citizen request
3. Citizen Information Services

• 23 Kiosks across Jaipur City

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Case Study - Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC)

Organization Project Snapshot

No. of Tickets Used last • Scope of Work:
153 Crore
year – Modernization of existing Ticketing system by
No Of Bus Stops 570 b ildi th
building the complete
l t IT iinfrastructure
f t t ffor
Replacement of conventional ticket issuing
Number of Buses 16,000 mechanism with e-Ticketing system and building
up an ORS
Description Value / Status – Provision of Require Software & Hardware
P j t IInvestment
Project t t INR 50 C
– Operation, Management and Maintenance of the
Total Revenue INR 200 Crore
Entire network.
No of Depots to be ¾250 – Building of Data Centre at Mumbai & Disaster
Automated Recovery Site at Pune.
People to be ¾15000
Trained – Train MSRTC to run the entire show
Breakeven Time 2 Years independently.

Status ORS & ETIM Live

• Duration Of Contract is 5 Years
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ITI Data Center Case Study
• Established in 1948 as 1st PSU under MoC, Business Case
GOI ITI sought a partnership capable of
• Contributes 70% of equipment to National Implementing, Operating and Marketing 1,20,000
• Telecom Network S ft off Data
Sq D t Center
C t on BOOT basis
b i
• 6 Manufacturing Plants, 12 RO, 34 AO
• Turnover of 2000 Crore (Approx)

SN Description Value / Status

1 Total Size of Data Centre 1,00,000 Sq ft

2 First Phase 40000 Sq. Ft

3 Total Project Investment 220 Crores
4. Total Investment (First Phase) 77 Crores (excluding Building & Space)
5 Breakeven Time 5 Years
6 First Phase Roll Out Inauguration on 30th June 2009
7 Second Phase Roll Out March 2010
8 Customer Focus Govt, PSU, Bank DR, Defence, Private
9 Service to be Offered under ITI Brand
10 Revenue Share ITI gets 18% of the totalWe help you e‐serve better
DC Case Study …..Infrastructure
Space Power
• 1,00,000 Sq Ft in Total • 11 KVA feed from two Sub Stations
• 40000 Sq Ft DC to be Operational Today • Redundant N+1 Transformer
• 12,500 Sq Ft of Raised Floor Area • (N + 1) Redundant DG Set
• Another 30000 Sq Ft for Non IT • (2N +1) Redundant UPS System

Cooling Security
• (N+1) Redundant HVAC System • Conforming to ISO 27001
• (N+1)
(N 1) Redundant PAC System • Perimeter Security y with CCTV and Guards
• Three Levels of Security – Access Card,
Numeric Code and Biometric Scanning
Network • CCTV Monitoring of Entire Facility with 30
• Bandwidth from Multiple Vendors on Fiber Day Archival of records
• R d d tR
Redundant Routers
t • Firewall from two different vendors running in
• Redundant Switches (Core , Distribution & High Availability Mode
Access Layer) • Customised Security Policy for Customers on
• Redundant Firewall request
• Redundant Fiber Network within Data • Different VLAN for different Customers/
Centre Processes
• Redundant Telco Cable till the Racks
• Redundant Monitoring Solution

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DC Case Study
Infrastructure – Exterior View

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DC Case Study -- Service portfolio

Data center services

Hosting services Managed services Value added services

Co- DR &
location Server
S Network Managed
mgmt mgmt security
AV Application
Dedicated specific
hosting services web
as c se
e hosting
Network Backup
Back p& S
Server Penetration
P t ti
mgmt like blog,
device mgmt restore hardening testing Unified
Shared communicati social n/w,
hosting Managed ons games
Managed OS
storage Vulnerability Patch test &
devices assessment application Managedg
Virtual (ERP,
Managed DB video CRM, Proj.
Storage Managed surveillance mgmt, star
servers solutions
Intrusion office
Managed load detection Hosted call
balancing center
DDoS Defense
RIM services

Launch Services Phase II services

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Facility Management Services

• D
k M
Management S Services
• Server Management Services
• Network Management Services
• Mail Management Services
• Vendor Management Services
• Asset Management Services
• Helpdesk Call Co-ordination
• Data
D t Centre
C t Management
M t Services
S i

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BSNL & MTNL – System Integration Partner

E d to end
d WAN solutions
l i on BSNL & MTNL ’’s D
Data N

– Point to Point leased circuits

– Managed
M dLLease Li
Line N
t k (MLLN)

– Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN

– Internet Leased Circuit, IP VPN


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Customers & Partners

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Few of Our Esteemed Customers

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Few of Our Esteemed Government Clients

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We are proud of being associated with

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