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Appendix Burns and “Clarinda” Manuscript Letters from the G. Ross Roy Collection of Robert Burns & Scottish Poetry L University of South Carolina Libraries Facsimile of autograph letter from Robert Burs (“Sylvander”) to Agnes M’Lehose (“Clarinda”), 1 p., [January 12, 1788]. First published 1843; in Letters of Robert Burns, ed. Roy (1985), I: 205. Facsimile of autograph letter from Robert Burns (“Sylvander”) to Agnes M’Lehose (“Clarinda”), 2 pp., [February, 1788]. First published 1802; in Letters of Robert Burns, ed. Roy (1985), I: 205. Facsimile and transcription of autograph letter from Agnes M’Lehose (“Clarinda”) to Robert Burns (“Sylvander”), 3 pp., [February 5, 1788]. Not in 1802 or 1843; published in Glasgow Herald (March 31, 1928; dating letter March 18, 1788); reprinted in Burns Chronicle (1929), 13-15. “ th ti 4 (end cane ena like pat 4M ay tae Angel | in af I dead thera. i” am slay wile? ret ; ‘ , Can Wot aft WAL: Gor Meus Ad fr i me dadt hadoud 1) 4 ents silat oe ; a iho cn le Lae A wilh + (dieoded on Pe Ue fan sulfa (ed! won 1 ay my Pei Bi: 4 Ae foimesh vA Mt aduluf ten this wid tha evtawod 6 bom of pad a ; Wa he dbiong ad he he ML D whine, 1 Me dab (habin lt Mh can make uy ny ii hen com ta om ew ‘dein, ae ede oN k Pong tot fe y and sd ' the fe wil f Kae seaduomed Yor ld they he hour mh X yo . tin FLO on TAL “eutndl & yord cryin mend (KK Nin vy | ee on aki Avid ia Uk dol gid Bu Blain, ' j efton yy Ube you, awl A fi NG |edit qm V hie yf A Moin: hi jel We ome ba | fe rintle A veshnns v ikon) ¢ Pal ait e peat AA, gli our: fiw ¥ Yolyp muy qh. fH fi nyse sue nyveld dr a Al Al sin +" FP Udapte | NYCI CIV. mR PNP AMEN FM bin | aU, Ny dul Madan, ra necimlitiys ny ee a bes pik Be Mi foe tk ooh de Tene Ah Flees: host slonplopint, Whee bran 4 erele ff Neier Te Ady hBl Wooo \de ) Lanes tnpoee DS gets He ble Tele ef the bouserns, Hise tt nd hse Sls te mph om) tack tle an Dard : Muck ana ty tategihied Wily -bA Im of Bsa a! nip Oe r pA x face poodfiarde te sili on Fe Ga Pll ws poles cB for tig gual tera lb of tite? ie xe bah folont few Veco tts fhen Pisa fheoronte Wo fede 1 shld hitter tr lh Pf, fie Ehinad wrethe > bate Nt haa Ta Hs) Javon or Ti aol fo : hen - ae a) Spied Back mye aS aceons brayay N -ighe3 He uP Mes prone ».preler, se Ie ay r Suck Ons, ak Lehen, J “4 Doe blow Lawrhbe Miike aS se tb oe a Bay fi r | a eh taffeta a yb bls Pi, ath oi Mr cPaka| MPa nk Be = | wy wd yon be des fort Torn y / lithe, Meng, | ae wren Lites bot bn $n Ol - flnkd ; Hi J dfs | fee ee Ad fre ont FY ace be gael jn obs Dited Gb ol hot he Hay Boe berms ba po tom fo bm bhi te da i — eda ee i MOM & i Ul slowp loads le A, , ok, Ae ef Wek ! pats Lhe ls. JM 4 LD bn, fai ei 0) Hlaglem 7 tall Neen RAMAS qe ie a Ld. Mh neh vena of — ae ee y 4 | ee 1 mg ty (> pte nha san : Oe a al L Melee ae nel 2 yor’ Ch hate Fe fi