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60 FCE Common Mistakes

These mistakes were found by teachers when they were correcting FCE
written papers or checking the speaking tests, so pay close attention ...


1. Everyday, he gets up early. Every day, he gets up early. (EVERYDAY is an

adjective; EVERY DAY is an adverb)
2. The weather is unstable here. The weather is unpredictable here.
3. This is a scene describing a natural This is a scene showing a natural disaster.
4. He was wearing a long pants. He was wearing a pair of long pants.
5. They seems to be happy. They seem to be happy.
6. I would do something indoor. I would do something indoors.
7. I stayed in the washroom for 30 minutes. I stayed in the washroom for 30 minutes.
Hopefully my body will be dry by then. Hopefully my body would be dry by then.
8. There were eyes looking at me. There were people looking at me.
9. ... to switch the fan to a higher volume. ... to switch the fan's knob to a cooler
10. From time to time loud crushes ... From time to time loud crashes ...
11. I could see the asian house. I could see the ancient house.
12. I saw a human feature. I saw a human figure.
13. ... intent on getting there revenge. ... intent on getting their revenge.
14. We changed into different clothings. We changed into different clothes.
15. I agree to the statement that she made. I agree with the statement that she made.
16. I came down the bus. I came down from the bus.
17. We were chit chatting. We were engaging in chitchat.
18. There were alot people. There were a lot of people.
19. Although it is late, but I will still come. Although it is late I will still come.
20. I was awaiting my results. I was waiting for my results.
21. The reporter was biased towards him, and The reporter was biased against him, and
was always criticising him. was always criticising him.
22. He complained about the biasness of the He complained about the reporter's bias.
23. I will bring you there. I will take you there.
24. He was of medium built. He was of medium build.
25. They were China-made. They were Made in China.
26. He ran pasted me. He ran past me.
27. Your essay is out of point. Your essay is off the point.
28. What time do you reach home? What time do you get home? (REACH implies
difficulty in attainment)
29. ... for her family members. ... for her family.
30. ... with my fellow schoolmates. ... with my schoolmates. (or "fellow