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EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

Lesson Plan 7.
Name of student Teacher: Anfal. School: Emirates National School.

Date& Duration of lesson Number of students Grade & Age

November 14 , 2017 23 students. 3A- 8 years old.
8:40 to 9:20 (40 minutes).
Personal Learning Aims:
The overall aim of this lesson is to identify different laws in education, health, and laws and order in the
Subject Strand
Social Studies Government.
Learning outcomes Resources
(refer to MOE PYP planner
Learning Outcome Opening
(MOE) Touch your head song+ national anthem.
Students will be able
to Activity 1 Activity 2
- Name the types of The flag papers. The analyzer.
government in the
Activity 3 Activity 4
- List ways the
For Hamad who has a disability; N/A.
government of the
copying cards+ UAE flag to
UAE looks after it
colour and write a sentence.
people (citizen).
- Give example of each
law of the government Closing
(Education; achieving Random picker + UAE flag game.
UAE vision 2021 to
have a first rate
education system).

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani

EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

Supporting activities based on grouping considerations ( See MOE document)

Opening: National Anthem. Time: 5 minutes.

( Consider prior learning, Motivation, Overview and the presentation of the learning outcome)
The teacher will greet the students and the students will greet her back, then she will open touch your head
song, then her friend will come to the class and she will ask her to open a folder called lesson 7 and play
the video that is there, then she will open the national anthem and she will ask the students to keep their
ears opened and listen to the song that she will played. Then she will ask them about the song and it
belongs to whom and the students will responds that it is the national anthem for the UAE and it belongs
to the UAE.

Practice Activities ( Use grouping as required)

Time: 15 minutes.
Describe the activities and what the students will be doing. Consider differentiated activities.

Describe here What the teacher will be doing during the practice activities:
Activity 1 Activity 2
The teacher will print out colored paper (the flag The teacher will give each group of students a word
colors) and she will hide them under in different search to find out some of the words they learnt
areas in the class, and she will help the students to about the UAE. The teacher will give each group
find the papers by providing clues to help them to of students a work sheet and she will setup a timer
find them easily. For example, she will say it is for about 10 minutes for this activity:
under a chair. These papers will have pictures and
words that are examples of the laws in the UAE High ability students: students in this level they will
(Education, Health, and other laws). do the crossword worksheet that has 10 questions
that is related to the topic and they need to
remember the words from the teacher explanation,
and the teacher will support them with the word
bank that has the words and they need to use the
words to write them in the correct answer.

Middle ability students: Students are going to do

the word search worksheet and the teacher will
support them by answering one word, so they will
do the rest by searching in the big box.

Low ability students: students in this level will be

given a worksheet to draw about the UAE such as;
the traditional clothes that men wear Kandura,
then write a simple sentence such as; UAE flag has
four colors.

While the students will be busy in doing the

activity, the teacher will use and the points cards to
evaluate the students work and she will move to

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani

EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

each group to mark their work and make sure that

they understand what they need to do.
Activity 3 Activity 4
For Hamad who has a disability; the teacher will N/A.
give him a copying worksheet write a sentence (I
love the UAE) + UAE flag to colour .Also she will
ask him to design it because he is talented in
designing thigs.

Closing: Random picker Time: 5 minutes.

Consider a review of what the students did during the practice activities and ensure that all
students are assessed for learning
The teacher will ask the students to stand at the back of the class, then she will use the random picker to ask
random students to answer her questions that will be in displayed in the board as a flag game, she will ask
them questions about the lesson such as; UAE is consider in which type of government? / give me one
example of education law in the UAE? And if the student answered correctly she or he will be able to go
back to the seat, but if not she will ask him or her to choose a body for help.

The Process of the lesson

Teaching strategies Inquiry based learning.
Classroom Management Card Points.
strategies 1, 2 eyes on me.
Transitions Show me closed lips.
High five.
If you are ready raise your
Assessment Strategies Questioning.
General Comments
Recommendations/ Future personal targets/ area of focus

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani