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The principal of SMK Teras Kejayaan, Mr. Nelson Mandela, the teachers of the school and my fellow
SMK Teras Kejayaan friends, a very good morning and welcome to the talk!

First of all, a simple but important word, "thank you" I would like to address to the school, my
Science teacher, Mdm Oung as well as you all. Without you, I won't stand a chance to be standing
here and have a talk with you about a science reference book on the occassion of Science day.
Today's simple but remarkable talk is indeed very critical for you and I, who are always being
troubled by the choice of a suitable reference book for us, especially the Science subject.

But today, that will not happen to us anymore. After this, I am very sure that no more students
will be complaining about the quality of the Science reference books they bought. As today, I would
like to share the ever best Science reference book, which is the "Science Made Simple" by Sharifah

As a holder of a Master Degree in Science studies from University Felix, there should be no
field for us to question Mdm Sharifah's qualifications, including the quality of the book. Moreover,
her 22 years of teaching in secondary schools is already good enough to convince not only the
students, but the teachers also.

Published by Bunga Publications, undeniably, I am more confident with this book as this publisher
has been awarded "Trusted Publisher" from the government of Malaysia recently. In the award-
ceremony that was held two weeks ago in H Hotel Penang, "Science Made Simple" was
also awarded the best selling reference book in Malaysia. Obviously, "Science Made Simple" is the
most appropriate partner for us to learn and pass Science with flying colours.

Of course, the content of the book is paramount. But I can guarantee you, the whole book is in
favour of secondary students. With attractive presentation, it makes it easier to remember the key
notes in Science. The clear explanation together with the attractive presentation, no doubt it is very
useful for us.

With a variety of exercises and provided sample answers, we not only understand what really
does Science wants to tell us but also as an evaluation for us. Evaluation is absolutely the best way
for us to understand the content better. So, what more do you expect from a reference book?

Furthermore, "Science Made Simple" also contains many useful tips. The tips, which are not only
relevant for the school exams but most importantly, the SPM. The question papers in the book are
all from the mind of Mdm Sharifah Shazana, who is also an evaluator or litterally saying, a marker of
the SPM Science subject.

Friends, why do you need to think anymore? Go and get one now! Don't always waste time
thinking whether the book is valuable or not, I can tell you this, it is worth more than enough! Quick!
Action now! Do not afraid when you found out there is no more stock left in the bookstores.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!