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Module 11-7

Design of a Wormgear Set with a Steel Worm

and a Bronze Gear
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Insert the required information:

c= 5 in Center-to-center distance
N1 = 2 Worm teeth number
N2 = 50 Gear teeth number
jn = 20 degrees Worm normal press angle
n= 2000 RPM Pinion speed
Cast method 1 integer 1=sand, 2=chill, 3=centrifugal

The computed output values are as follows:

mG = 25 Speed ratio
dp = 1.859 in Worm diameter
dg = 8.141 in Gear diameter
Fe = 1.245 in Gear face width
l= 9.939 degrees Lead angle
vt = 987.964 ft/min Tangential velocity
Cm = #VALUE! Ratio correction factor
Cv = #VALUE! Velocity factor
Cs = #VALUE! Material factor
m= #VALUE! Coefficient of friction
Wt = #VALUE! lbf Tangential load
Wf = #VALUE! lbf Friction force
Po = #VALUE! horsepower Output power
Pl = #VALUE! horsepower Power lost in friction
Pi = #VALUE! horsepower Input power
h= #VALUE! Power efficiency

Source: AGMA Standard 6034-B92,

Practice for Enclosed Cylindrical Wormgear Speed Reducers
and Gearmotors
with the permission of the publisher, American Gear Manufacturers
Association, 1500 King Street, Suite 201, Alexandria, VA 22314.
From: "Design of Machine Elements" 8Ed, Spotts, Schoup, & Hornberger, PrenticeHall, NJ, 2004
iceHall, NJ, 2004