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Look at the diagram below and answer the question

i ii

Que 1 Which of the diagram shows online, post process inspection?

A) i

B) ii

C) Both of above

D) None of above

Que 2 Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) comes under what type of inspection technique?

A) Contact Inspection
B) Non-Contact Inspection

Que 3 Stylus type surface texture measuring machines comes under what type of inspection technique?

A) Contact Inspection
B) Non-Contact Inspection

Que 4 What process(s) of 6-sigma can be used for new product



C) Both of above

D) None of above

Que 5 In the following diagram, where does Green belt training in 6-sigma fits?
A) 3

B) 1

C) 4

D) 2

Que 6 Which one of the following is a Kaizen practice?








C) A along with B

D) All of the above, except Quality Circle

Que 7 RFID needs to be within the line of sight of the reader, so it may be embedded in the tracked object

A) True
B) Not True
C) Depends on the object
D) RFID doesnt need a reader

Que 8 What type of QC tool is shown in the diagram

A) Ishikawa diagram
B) Control chart
C) Histogram
D) Scatter diagram

Ques 9: Average of the errors made by the forecast over a period of time without considering the direction of
error is called:

a) Mean Square Error

b) Mean Forecast Error
c) Mean Absolute Deviation
d) Mean absolute % error

Ques 10: Which of the following constitute functions of Master Production Schedule?

I) Translate aggregate plans

II) Evaluate alternative schedules
III) Identify material requirements
IV) Generate capacity requirements

(a) I, II, III

(b) I, II, IV
(c) II, III, IV
(d) I, II, III, IV
(e) None

Ques 11: Which photographic technique is used to record path of motions of the members of the body during
method study?

(A) Acrograph

(B) Cyclograph

(C) Cyclogram

(D) Cycloscope

Ques 12)What is the teu of a 38 feet long 8 feet wide and 4 feet high container ?

A) 1.5



Which of the following is not a muda



3) Inventory


14. Which of the following is most suitable for variable flow of materials?

a. layout by process
b. layout by product
c. layout by fixed position
d. line balancing

15. Quality Circle is basically an idea based on

a. American Synthesis on German Idea

b. German Synthesis on Japanese Idea
c. American Synthesis on Japanese Idea
d. Japanese Synthesis of American Idea

16. Demand forecasted for September was 950 units. The actual demand turned out to be 820. If the firm is
using a simple exponential smoothing technique with a = 0.2, forecast for October will be?

Ans: 924 units

17. To know the correlation between shipments of plasterboards X and construction permits for construction Y
, the study revealed the following calculated numbers

X = 184 Y = 80 n=8

X2 = 5,006 Y2 = 950 XY = 2,146

The correlation coefficient will be

Ans: 0.90

18. Production Systems with standardized outputs typically:

A. Have relatively high volumes of output

B. Have relatively low unit costs
C. Have relatively high mechanization
D. Use relatively low skilled workers
E. All of the above
19. A business efficiency technique that deals simultaneously with establishing standard
times and improving work methods
A. Wrench Time Analysis
B. Time Motion Study
D. Just In Time
20. The time difference between ordering a service and receiving it is known as
A. Lead Time
B. Peak Time
C. Rise Time
D. Order Time
21. The categories of decisions that are taken by operations managers are
I. Strategic Decisions
II. Tactical Decisions
III. Technical Decisions
IV. Operational Decisions
a. I, II and III
b. I, II and IV
c. I, III and IV
d. II, III and IV

22. A technique for getting ideas for innovation and improvement from other sources outside of an
organization, is called _______________?

a)Balanced Scorecard
b) Brainstorming
c) Benchmarking
d) Open Innovation
23. A useful process improvement tool is Pareto Analysis. This is also known as the
a) 60/40 rule
b) 70/30 rule
c) 80/20 rule
d) 90/10 rule

24. In a process flow chart transportation is depicted by _____________?

a) A circle
b) A square
c) A triangle
d) An arrow

25.The following is not a major contributor in the development of Control Charts and
Sampling plan

a. F H Dodge
b. H G Roming
c. Walter Schewhart
d. J M Juran

26.Which of the following is not the characteristic of Project Production?

a. Continuous flow of material

b. Highly mechanised material handling
c. Virtually zero manufacturing cycle time
d. All of the above

27.VMI stands for

a. Vendor material inventory

b. Vendor managed inventory
c. Variable material inventory
d. Valuable material inventory

28.A firm that is threatened by the potential entry of competitors into a market builds excess
production capacity. This is an example of

a. prisoners dilemma.
b. collusion.
c. a credible threat.
d. tit-for-tat

29.An oligopolist may engage in short-run behavior that results in lower profits if

a. it leads to a Nash equilibrium.

b. b. it is a dominant strategy.
c. it lends credibility to the firm's threats
d. c. it is not involved in a repeated game.