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EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Name/Description of the Give the When and Aim of the How did/do the students Document
routine. instructions where the routine learn about this routine?
that the routine is How is the routine
routine uses used? reinforced?

1 Student come Morning at the The student sits They learn that each -
Morning routine and sit in begin of the in their chairs morning we have to listen
their chairs day. quietly and to say the Athkar for save
then at the listen to the ourselves during the day
7:50 they Athkar also they can learn the
listen to the Quran.
2 Sing the days Used for The students The students learn the -
Daily routine of the week remind the sing and move days of the week
and month of students the with the song The months of the year
the year song days of the the teacher
week names apply for them
and the months
of the years
3 Students The student The students benefit from
Lunch break make a line make line and what they are eating
and wash At 9:30 to 9:50 eat in the break
their hands
then go to eat
in the
EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

4 playing The students The student able to

Playground From 9:50 to have fun in the develop the physical and
10:10 playground emotional development
when they are in the
5 Good bye the student Start from Students backup -
back to their 12:25 their stuff and
home put their
homework in
their bags