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Lesson Plan Template

School: RAK Academy BC. Date: 17- October- 2017

Maryam Alblooshi. Time: 9:20 to 10:00.

MST: Philip Edwards. Unit: -

Class: Number
Grade 6A. 25 Students.
ADEC Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to identify the conjunctions (which, who, that, whose, where and when).

Students will be able to select the right conjunction and put it to the right sentence.

Students will be able to analyze a story and they will rewrite it by putting conjunctions.

Prior Knowledge:

Some students have knowledge about conjunctions but they dont know the main purpose of using

Some students will know some conjunctions like and, so, but and they straggling with which, who
and whose.

Possible Problems and Misconceptions:

Classroom management: I will remind students about my class rules.

Red herring: That if students dont understand they example I will say other simpler examples.

Personal Focus:

In this lesson Im working with students to extend their sentences.

Lesson objectives:

Students will know the conjunctions at the end of the class time.

Recourses and teaching aids:

Whiteboard /One big flash card for the word (conjunctions)/ flash cards that contains the examples
and pictures/ worksheet that contains some sentences/ worksheet that include missing sentences/
worksheet that contains a story about myself/Lined papers.
Lesson Activities:

Routine: I will remind students about taking the bathroom cards.

I will ask students:

Do you know what conjunctions means?

Give me some examples of conjunctions? 5 min

I will begin this activity will be in pairs, I will give each two students a small worksheet that contains
different sentences about relative clauses and students will circle the linking words.

Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures):

First: I will put the big flash card of the word (conjunctions) I will tell students the right meaning of
conjunctions a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same
clause. We have 6 common conjunctions:

Who: It is used to refer to people. For instance: The man, who works at the Post Office, is very kind.

Which: It is used to refer to animals and objects. For example: Tina has a bunch of flowers, which her
friend bought.

Whose: It is used to refer to possession. For instance: Have you seen, the girl whose father is wearing

That: It is used to refer to people and animals. For example: The blue jacket that she is putting on,
belongs to her friend.

Where: It is used to places. For instance: The hotel, where we slept, was excellent.

When: It is used to refer to time. For example: I was in the school, when the disaster happened.

I will ask students my key question:

15 min
1) Why do we use conjunctions?

Transition: We know now about the conjunctions Lets move and do the small worksheet.

Second: I will give each student a small paper that include some sentences with missing relative clauses
and students will select the right relative clause and put it to the right sentence. After they will finish
writing they will share their answers on their groups. 10 min
Transition: Now we have enough information about conjunctions, let us analyze a story rewrite it
by putting relative clauses.

Third: I will give each student a story about myself and students will analyze that story and then they
will rewrite it again by putting some relative clauses.
5 min
Evaluation / Assessment:
Game: I will give each two pairs a small card which contains some words and some conjunctions
and students should arrange the sentences using this words and conjunctions.
5 min
Early Finishers:

Students who will finish the task early I will let them write 3 sentences using conjunctions and they
should circle the relative clauses and write that clause is referring to what.

Teacher Language:

Greeting (Good Morning). I will say my classroom rules (eyes on me: When I will say eyes on
me in a loud voice you should keep all the things away and immediately look to the board.
Listen to other: Dont disturb others while they are answering. Group chatting: when you will
chat with your friends on your group and making funny things and making sounds you will lose
your dogo points). I will ask them Do you know what conjunctions means? / Give me some
examples of conjunctions?/ We have different conjunctions and each of them refer to
something (which, who, that, whose, where and when).
Engage part:

- The girl, who was ten years old, rode her bike.
- A notebook is a computer, which can be carried around.
- They live in a house, whose roof is full of holes.
- The reason why I come here today is very important.
- Zayed is watching a movie, suddenly his mother attends
to his room, she is thinking why Zayed still waking up.

Core part:

Complete the fowling sentences by putting the right conjunction. Use (When,
Where, Which, Who, Whose).
1) A coach is a person _________helps you train.
2) Thats the politician __________daughter got married in Miami.
3) A court is a place __________ people play tennis.
4) That is the race __________ millions of people watch.
5) 1992 is the year ____________ the Olympics were held in Barcelona.
6) I have a friend ______________ father is working in the local hospital.
7) You will never forget the day _________ you were born.

Rewrite the story using who, which, that, where or and.

My story
I was sitting in a caf. I often go there for a drink after work. I called the waiter. I
know him quite well. I asked for a cup of coffee. While I was waiting I looked at
a newspaper. It was lying on the table. I started reading an article on the front
page. It said: Police are looking for a woman, Catherine. She has been missing
from her home for two weeks. I looked at the photo. It showed a woman with
dark curly hair. She had a round face. I recognized it at once. She was my new
neighbor. She had moved in just 2 weeks before.

The next lives man who is doctor a door

man stole The car who in now is prison

are These which the earrings to belonged grandma my

is the This where hotel spent our we year last vacation

the is This boy whose sister a is singer

This computer is the I which is the think best

is the restaurant This we where eat always weekends on

restaurant This the is seves the which pasta best

really enjoy I which reading books a powerful have message

is thinking Maryam about exam the took it that yesterday