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Fan Installation Checklist

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure quiet operation.

1. Ensure all bolts and screws are properly tightened when assembling fan.
2. Check fit of support hook to rubber support insulator. If loose, fit rubber
sheathing provided to ensure neat fit.
3. Place rubber washers supplied, between support insulator and support
insulator brackets for tight fit.
4. Prevent loose split pins from rattling by covering with small piece of
insulation tape or other suitable method.
5. Ensure top and bottom cowls are securely fixed and slightly clear of ceiling
and fan motor. t
A few minutes spent checking the above will in most cases ensure silent
operation of the fan.

Remove excessive slack

3 speed controller
on cable to prevent rattling
Place rubber sheathing
inside downrod.
provided over the support
hook if required.

for Airflow
Prevent split pins from rattling
Place rubber washers
provided between support
insulator and support insulator
brackets to effect a tight fit.

ceiling sweep fans

Top and bottom cowls must be firmly
attached to downrod and should clear
ceiling and fan motor by approximately Check for tight connection
10mm all round. between support insulator
brackets and downrod. A bolt
and nut should be used. If a
split pin is used to retain the

Wiring and installation instructions

nut, prevent it from rattling
2. Installation should be tested over by using insulation tape.

Check that there are no loose

Check for tight connection
parts within the capacitor housing.
between the downrod and
Bend brackets holding capacitor
capacitor housing. Prevent
and/or terminal block to tighten
split pin from rattling.
if necessary

F996 9922 Check list included

The Clipsal 2031VF3C and 31VF3C series ceiling sweep Wiring Connection
fan controllers have overcome the problems associated with 2031VF3C and 31VF3C series fan speed controls are
choke or other electronic controllers. They are a very connected as illustrated in the diagram below.
compact, cool running device offering 3 speed control of the NOTE: All permanent electrical installations are required to
specified fans. be made by a licensed electrician.
The controller employs the use of capacitors to achieve
linear speed control of the fans. This method of control
overcomes the annoying motor growl emitted from fans
controlled by other electronic (Phase control) speed setters SWITCHED
and ensures quiet operation of the fan motor. ACTIVE

Models Available
Two fan control models are available in 2000 series or standard
pattern plate style.
Cat No. 2031VF3CA and 31VF3CA designed to suit:
Airflow fans Motor No
ACES 36 KA36
Cat No. 2031VF3CB and 31VF3CB designed to suit:
Airflow fans Motor No
ACES 48 KA48 Installation
ACES 56 KA56 The arrangement of the controller is vertical as a standard
ACES 56AL KA56L for easy change-over. (Capacitor below mech.) To mount
AFLR 48 KW48M the controller in a horizontal position.
1. Lever the knob from the shaft
2. Prise mech out of aperture and rotate 90
3. Clip mech into new position and replace knob.