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Cisco Commerce Renewals

(CCW-R) Executive Overview

July 2017

Cisco Public
Table of Contents:
1. About: What is Cisco Commerce Renewals (CCW-R)?....3
2. Value: Why Cisco Commerce Renewals (CCW-R)?......5
3. Timeline: When are the key milestones?.......................7
4. Strategy: What is the plan of execution?........................................................8
5. Progress: What is currently in-flight?..............................................................9
6. Testimonials: What are partners saying?......................................................11
7. More Information: Where can I find more information?................................12
8. Appendix.............14
Cisco Unified Commerce Experience Strategy
Strategy Any Offer
Monetization Models,
Buying Programs
Our strategy is to provide
Any RTM All Personas
one Cisco Commerce 2Tier, 1Tier, Direct, Customer, Partner,
and Commercial Seller, Support
platform with a
consistent user
experience for all your
transactions by adding
service renewals and Any Segment All Motions
SP, Enterprise, Mid- High Touch, Low
software subscriptions to Market, SMB Touch, No Touch

the platform where you All Regions

currently order products Type 5, Domestic,
and solutions.
Cisco Commerce Renewals (CCW-R)
CCW-R is the next step towards our $102M
Unified Commerce Experience (UCE)
vision to provide a common workspace for
all Commerce transactions, including
products, services, software subscriptions, Retire CSCC

and solutions. $40.5M

Policy and
Unify User Insights & Offer $13.5M
Business Rules
Experience Analytics Enablement

Q4FY16 Q1FY17 Q2FY17 Q3FY17 Q2FY18

Partner & Integrated Deal CSCC Business
Distributor management Migration to 100%
Delivery Phased Approach for Partner CCW-R Onboarding
Productivity process CCW-R Pilot Scale CCW-R
and CSCC Deactivation
Current Issues & Future Enhancements
Tomorrows Enhancements
Todays Issues
Cisco Commerce Renewals (CCW-R) will become the
platform for initial purchase and renewals of technical
Challenging user experience:
services and term and content software subscriptions
Complex quoting process
Faster, simplified user experience
Painful error resolution on platform that enables speed,
Long offline processing times availability, and automation

Multiple system interactions Enhanced workflow management

(easier error management, real-time
validations, no offline processing)
Benefits of CCW-R
One Transact all Cisco product, technical services, and term & content software orders and
Platform renewals on one platform with enhanced contract management

Improved More robust CCW platform that gives you speed, availability and accuracy.
Copy and paste serial numbers into CCW-R and generate a valid quote for service contracts
Performance and software subscriptions in a few clicks

Do all your validations and error corrections online, upfront, in real time to create your quote
Increased Upfront pre-validation ensures you only have valid options to pick from
Productivity Eliminates time-consuming offline error processing to save hours or even days

Simplified, more intuitive renewals workflow guides you to the next step in quoting process
Additional inline guided assistance available if needed (WalkMe)
CCW-R Timeline & Key Milestones Feb 2018

Aug Migration:
2017 100% adoption of
Jan 2018 No more orders
July on CSCC
Sept 2017 Decommission
2016 Full Capability: partner access on
Apr 17 100% of partner Self CSCC
May Access Open to Sufficiency enabled
Aug 2016 on CCWR
All Partners: Planned Migration of
Adoption Drive Partners can leverage current CSCC
Feb Apr Begins: current completed business to CCW-R
2016 Wave-based adoption approach capabilities to order
Build & Pilot: Most business capabilities for new and renewals
Pilot partner onboarding to SMB partners enabled business
validate design and user 1000+ partners onboarded Continuous delivery of
Past experience 550+ partners trained on CCW-R new capabilities
Two separate systems Finalize solution architecture Inline, guided help through virtual throughout quarter
required for initial purchase and release plan tool called WalkMe
and renewal of products, Finalize change and adoption Core options to process large
technical services, and strategy quotes and uploads
software subscriptions
CCW-R Change & Adoption Strategy

Combined Challenge Accelerate migration from CSCC to CCW-R by February 2018

Adoption Accelerators. . . Outcome. . .

Partner commerce /
CPS led engagement model in partnership with Predictable Regionally-driven transaction type
core cross functional and business teams data driven and with Global based on capabilities
Commitment to capability roadmap measurable Insights SMB, 1-Tier, Global,
Disti, etc.

Insight and feedback-driven adoption approach Digital

Leverage digital and virtual options to provide
Agile Tools for Modular, bite- CPS-led
continually adaptive and support and sized comms Training
support and easy onboarding to all partners
engaging training & training

Built and upcoming Solutions developed based on Sustainable Partner Iterative with
the feedback received from partners and through modular and personalized Feedback- Ongoing Feedback
partnership utilizing partner co design framework real time Loop and
Solution improvements
CCW-R Capabilities Available Today
New Quote,
Services & Enhanced
Order, and
Subscriptions User
Renew in
tab in CCW Capabilities

Use a simple and familiar interface Renew standalone software Renewals landing page with
View existing technical services and subscriptions in CCW advanced filters
software subscriptions with enhanced Renew SmartNet and other supported Edit/renew/add new subscription
search capability to narrow view technical services in same UI/Quote as and services at time of renewal
Easily identify software subscriptions software subscriptions Co-term to existing contract
and technical services renewal 1-Tier and Distribution RTM Flexible end-date alignment
opportunities Renew or add compatible lines to Internal capability to renew and
Software subscriptions and services existing contracts update quotes
in a unified space (CCW) Renew expired or terminated Term & Uncovered lines
Create end-term takeover quotes Content Subscriptions
Basic contract administration
Conduct US Federal Business
2017 CCW-Renewals Capability Roadmap*
June July August1 September October1
Distributor can set Create Sample Invoice Generate reseller order Create quote via Create Quick Price quote with minimal
mark-up and for 1-Tier Partners completion reports upload using minor line information
mark-down in Perform mid-term Ability to select Currency Serial Number/Instance Allow back dating and future date for
quote upgrades Show Promo Code applied Allow Distributor to Federal Quotes based on exception
Download Generate Auto Quotes on Discount tab remove multi-year framework
multiple quotes at Support Russia For MSA configurations, discounts on quote Create Advanced Services Subscriptions
summary quote transactions ability to perform multi-line Quote and apply (AS-S), Technical Services (TS)
level Quote heavy weight edits and cascade date discounts using Factor- Advantage & SWEEPs quotes (CCW)
Improve end items in Latin America Based Pricing Request Periodic Billing schedule
Default invoicing SKU to ENT
customer (EC) Price protect quotes for Allow users to edit
for Russia-created Use B2B Punch Out capability
notification 60 days multiple minor lines
Distributor quotes Create/order Cisco Capital renewal
Create multiple Download multiple for the MSA
B2B Enhancement to allow quotes
quotes via Quote quotes at quote and line configurations
users to provide POLR when Enable quantity change on existing TS
Upload ordering 3A4+POLR Use more contract Software lines when quoting (Lower
Enable B2B Upload multiple quotes
Ability to add $0 to contract management than IB quantity)
quoting Ability to export/
without ordering capabilities: Enable TS Software quote line creation
Ability to route download quote error
Use contract management Ability to update by Product ID
Deal ID to right codes
capabilities: product /contract View quote history via audit log
Account Manager Fix Install Site Operating
Ability to delink one or labels Use more contract management
Unit mismatch
Ability to view Reseller more minors Allow uploads for $0 capabilities:
Price on discounts tab View changes via audit adds Termination for Credit (T4C) User
log Interface (UI) and Upload
*Subject to change in an iterative, agile environment (Last updated July 1, 2017) B2B: 6A1/6A2 Search, Move, Merge
1Two releases in August and October; Summary Quote creation capability coming to CCW in November
We created and validated a medium /
CCW-R is our preferred tool for
quoting at the moment. The
large size quote in about 10 minutes
in CCW-R. The same quote took 8-10
majority of our transactions are hours of work through various
being done in CCW-R. iterations over 1-2 weeks in Cisco
Service Contract Center (CSCC)!

APJ & GC Partner US Partner

Super intuitive, straight-forward, quick, in short: the

CCW-R will save
30-40% of our
exact opposite of CSCC. When it took months to
get acquainted with CSCC, it took me days, if not

time. hours, to find my way in CCW-R. A great example
for Cisco to follow!

Pilot Partner Germany Distributor Europe
For More Information

Cisco Operations Exchange
for additional training
documents and information to
help you adopt CCW and
retire CSCC
Appendix Contents:
1. Training Approach...17
2. Current Training Resources .18
CPS UC Renewal Partner Training Approach
Our training approach is aligned with our communication strategy to ensure all users have access to the information they need,
when they need to use CCW-R

Engagement Model Logistics Details Training Approach*

Targeted Messaging for sponsors and key 1:1 Virtual Training
stakeholders to cascade to their respective 1:1 Instructor Led Training (ILT) for high touch partner or
organizations entity (typically from the same company)
Detailed training sessions for targeted group
Training Logistics Comms Q&A sessions with SMEs
Same as below

Training Logistics Comms 1:Many Virtual Training

CPS Partners/Distis Blended training session with partners / customers from
Invitations to 1:Many Trainings via c- different entities
vent for partners & WebEx events for Training sessions open to the Cisco field
High Touch internal Cisco Field should be trained before external
Touch Targeted Email Comms by audience Walk-Me Guided Help
Helps users navigate the new capabilities of CCW-R
using on-screen overlay information
Monthly Newsletters Improved end-user experience
Program Updates
Low Touch Availability of new training resources
Reduction in CPS case-load
Reduction in development of VoDs and Tutorials
Success Stories
Timelines Quick Reference Guides
Jive Job Aids
User Guides
Title Description

Smart Account User A simple explanation of how to add Smart Accounts to your Smart-enabled products in
Guide Software Subscriptions and Services.
Reseller User End-to-End description of the Software Subscriptions and Services space in CCW for
GuideUpdated Resellers, including initiating and managing renewals quotes through the Quote Manager.
End-to-End description of the Software Subscriptions and Services space in CCW for
Distributor User
Distributors, including initiating renewal quotes, managing renewals through the Quote
Manager, and reviewing discounts and pricing information.
1-Tier Partner User
End-to-End description of the Software Subscriptions and Services space in CCW for 1-Tier
Partners, including line item search, quoting, and ordering.
Quick Reference Guides/Job Aids
Last Updated
Title Type Description

Add New QRG How to add new subscription lines to a renewal quote 2 Feb 2017
Contract Management
Job Aid Detailed procedures on contract management. 19 Jul 2016
Job Aid How to conduct Takeovers, currently available for 1T Partners and Distributors only. 19 Jul 2016
Creating and Managing Renewal
QRG The basic process for creating a quote in CCW-Renewals. 20 Feb 2017
Applying Deal ID to Quote QRG How to apply a Deal ID to a Renewal Quote 25 Sep 2016
Co-Terming and End Date How you can select an end date, align multiple renewals to the same dates, or co-term to an existing
QRG 7 Oct 2016
Alignment contract
Share Quote QRG How to share a quote 2 Feb 2017
Searching, Filtering, Sorting QRG How to search, filter and sort quoted items. 20 Feb 2017
How to add a case inside of Cisco Commerce. This includes how to add a Bill-To ID to your CPS 11 Oct
Opening a Case QRG
profile. 2016
Search for Contract Information How to locate and interpret contract information. Intended for users adopting CCW as part of the AS-
Job Aid 26 Sep 2016
Failover retirement.
Internal Access QRG How to gain access as an internal user to the Software Subscriptions and Services Space 2 Feb 2017
Export QuoteUpdated QRG How you can export (i.e. download) your software subscription or services renewal quote. 31 Mar 2017
Create a Site ID QRG How you can create a new site ID. 13 Oct 2016
Federal Quoting QRG How you can assign Federal pricing and taxation to a quote. 1 Dec 2016
Multiple Service Attach (MSA) QRG Details on quoting MSA-enabled configurations in CCW-R 31 Mar 2017
CCW-R FAQNew FAQ Frequently asked questions for users making the move from CSCC to CCW-R. 3 Apr 2017
How to access WalkMe in CCW-R. Useful to show partners during the onboarding process so they can
WalkMeNew QRG 13 Apr 2017
access WalkMe.