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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)

Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,

Contact Number/s

22 June, 2016

Kind Attn.;
Name of Concerned Person,
Company Name,
Company Address

Proposal for Courier Services of DTDC Express Ltd.

Dear Sir,

With reference to our recently held meeting at your office in regards to letting us render you
the courier services of DTDC Express Ltd., I hereby submit a letter of proposal for your kind
perusal and further approval.

DTDC - Nation's Largest Domestic Network:

Headquartered at Bangalore DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd. (DTDC) was incorporated in 1990. It
has 4 Zonal Offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. DTDC offers superior service
quality and unparallel reach & coverage across the country. Today, DTDC has the nation's
largest network through its own offices and business associates across the length & breadth
of the country. Its robust infrastructure enables it to deliver over 10 M consignments a
month to customers spread over 10,000 Pin codes.

DTDC Overseas:
DTDC having its own network in more than 30+ countries and services across 230+ nations
worldwide has extended its robust service network to the overseas market and provides
services to worldwide destinations using its own branches and International associates at
prime international gateways.

Customized Services:
Through its vast network and cutting edge technology, DTDC is able to offer customized end-
to-end Courier and cargo solutions. DTDC has developed strong solutions for variety of
industry segments like manufacturing, technology, banking, telecom, healthcare, etc. These
solutions include forward & reverse movements of replacement /defective spares besides
transportation & delivery of finished goods using its robust & dynamic multi-modal network.
DTDC's gamut of cargo services, apart from point-to-point delivery to warehouses, also
includes door-delivery to end customer. In doing so, we give our customers the advantage of
hybrid services of courier & cargo.

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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)
Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,
Contact Number/s

Tech Edge:
With its vision of becoming the most admired and successful express distribution company
in India, DTDC constantly endeavors to meet & exceed customers' expectation of service
levels. The system employs cutting edge Technology and software that is developed in-
house. It aims to achieve greater Customer Delight. The company has a customized Nation-
wide Tracking System that offers real-time status of consignments to customers. All our
regional and major branch offices are linked on a real-time connectivity through Virtual
Private Network providing round-the-clock information to customers. We constantly
upgrade our technology in order to meet the changing needs of our customers. This can be
accessed through our website: / and through mobile telephony
(SMS +919845324040) & DTDCs in-house-developed Track & Trace Facility (CTBS PLUS).

Few Quick Highlights:

1. An Indian multinational with a glorious history of over 25 years.

2. Services to over 10,000+ Pin Codes in India. Largest after Indian Post.
3. Only Indian Franchisee based company in industry with a vast network of
10,500+ franchisees.
4. DTDC besides being in Express - Domestic and International courier services, we
are also in Supply Chain solutions (SCS), 3PL & Warehousing, International
Freight Forwarding, Retail and E-Commerce services.
5. DTDC have more than 10,300 employees with its own offices in 31 countries
outside India.
6. On July 5th 2013, GeoPost has joined hands with DTDC as a strategic partner. The
group consolidates the Express service subsidiaries of Le Group La Posta (French
Post) and is a major player in express services in Europe, as shown by its top
ranking road transport network and international brand, DPD. GeoPost operates
in over 230 countries on behalf of over 300,000 customers worldwide and is
No.1 in France and No.2 at European level on the express parcel market and has
turnover of over 22 billion Euros per annum.
7. DTDC has acquired Eurostar in Dubai (Logistical giant in Gulf region) which is
now DTDC Eurostar which makes us one of the best service providers between
India and UAE.
8. Only Indian logistical services provider with end to end logistical services and
solutions under single roof with multiple products and services.
9. DTDC is the only company in India which has a Supply Chain Management
Institute affiliated with CILT of UK and gives Degrees and Diploma from this
10. DTDC is the only Indian company who has started a separate company for e-
commerce vertical - DTDC E-Commerce Logistic Limited with the brand name of
11. DTDC is an ISO certified company and the only company in this space which is
IATA certified.

Products & Services:

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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)
Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,
Contact Number/s
DTDC offers a wide gamut of premium services as described below

Express Services: Designed to cater for your time-sensitive documents & small parcels (up to
5 Kgs) within India
Cargo Services: Available in both Air & Surface modes for heavier consignments that need
Special handling and priority deliveries at optimal costs

Assured next possible business day delivery on priority. Service to all metros & major cities.

Assured second possible business day delivery on priority. Service between locations not
covered by DTDC plus.

Guaranteed service for time bound deliveries within the next possible business day.
(12 Noon & 2 p.m.)

Exclusive B2B product designed to catered corporate houses. High priority day definite
service. (Rolling TAT 24-48 Hrs Max)

Premium Express Product offering

Assured Delivery on priority
Money-Back-Guarantee (On selected services, under particular circumstances)
Service to all Metros & Major Cities
Delivery of documents & packages up to 25 kilos
Email & SMS Alerts providing delivery status.

(Value Added Services)

C.O.D. : Collect on Delivery: Under this service, the invoice value of the item dispatched is
collected from the consignee at the time of delivery.
F.O.D. / To Pay : Under this service, the courier/ freight charges of the consignment are
collected from the consignee at the time of delivery.

Please find overleaf our special offer for your requirement. From the date of your
confirmation of our enclosed offer, we shall further accomplish the contract signing
formality and will commence our services immediately.

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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)
Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,
Contact Number/s
Destination Upto 250 GMS Add Every Additional 250 GMS
(Charges In Rs.) (Charges In Rs.)
Pune Local
Pune Outskirts (Out of PMC &
PCMC Limit)
All Maharashtra
Rest of India
N. East, J&K & Port Blair

(Minimum Chargeable Weight 5KGS)


(Charges In Rs.) (Charges In Rs.)
Metro Cities & Vidarbha
Rest of India
North East,J & K, PORT BLAIR


(Charges In Rs.)

Destination UPTO 500 GMS ADD 500 GMS UPTO 500 GMS ADD 500 GMS

Please Note;

FSC & Taxes applicable as extra over and above the given charges.
Billing would be based on Volumetric OR Actual weight whichever comes out as
higher under any circumstances.

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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)
Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,
Contact Number/s

P(Charges In RS.)argo Service

UPTO UPTO Additional 5 25 KGS 25 50 KGS

250 GMS 500 GMS 500 GMS (Rate / KG) (Rate / KG)
Within City
Within State
Within Zone
Rest of India
Special Destination


Zone East, West, North & South

Metros Metro - Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Kolkatta,Chennai &
Rest of India Excludes Special Destinations
Surface Mode Surface Mode of services are not available to North east
Restrictions sector
Minimum chargeable weight for N.dox is 5 kg.
Volumetric Weight L x B x H in Centimeters divided by a factor of
o 6000 for Air / 4750 for Surface Mode
Dynamic Fuel Surcharge applicable @ 30%
Taxes & Fuel Taxes applicable as S.T. @ 14.0% + S.B.C. @ 0.50% +
Surcharge K.K.C. @ 0.50%


The Company will book all the consignments of the Customer on credit for the
purpose of couriering in good faith in respect of contents thereof. The
consignments should not contain any such items or material which are prohibited or
contraband by the law of the land. In the event of any consignment containing any
of the aforesaid items or material, the customer agrees and undertakes to indemnity
the Company in respect of all claims and losses that occur in respect of such
consignments. Further the Customer will be solely responsible for any cost and
consequences for booking and couriering such item or material through the

The Company reserves the right to refuse booking of any consignment without
assigning any reason whatsoever. Further the Company reserves the right to check

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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)
Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,
Contact Number/s
any consignment booked by the Customer.

The Customer agrees not to book any of the following items through the Company :
a) Currency, b) Gold, c) Drugs, d) Explosive, e) Hazardous Chemicals, f) Bearer Bank
DDs or Cheques, g) Liquids, h) Radioactive material, i) Tender documents, k) Share
Certificates L) Sodexho Copan or any article so banned under the Indian Postal Act

The Company reserves its right to withhold delivery of any consignment booked by
the Customer / Consignor if proper acknowledgement, viz Signature, Company Seal,
Date and Time of Delivery is refused by the concerned Consignee and the Company
will not be responsible for any consequence or loss due to such non-delivery. Unless
otherwise specified all deliveries will be made only at the address mentioned on the
consignment / consignment note.

The Customer will provide full address with pin-code no. and telephone no. for all
consignments booked for easy identification and prompt delivery. The Company will
not deliver any consignment with post-box address only. Further the
Company will not provide any proof of delivery in respect of consignment to be
Delivered to Govt. / Semi Govt. offices.

The Customer agrees to submit a written declaration, stating the value and details of
any non-document consignment booked. The customer also agrees to pack the
consignments in such manner so that it is not damaged during transportation.

The Customer agrees to reimburse the Company on demand, any payment incurred
by the Company towards Octroi Charges, Sales Tax or any other Government Levies
for consignments booked by the Customer along with Service/Handling charges.

The Company will do its best to deliver the consignments within the specified time
limit; however the Company is not responsible for any loss incurred due to delay in
delivery for any unforeseen reason whatsoever.

The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the consignment
caused due to any act of God, such as accidents, any natural calamity, riot, common
strike or any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of the Company. No claim
for loss or/and damage will be entertained by the Company in such events.

If Item is insured by Customer, will charge 0.2% on declared value for producing
COF, or else there will be Carrier Risk Surcharge of 2% on the declared value to
provide the Insurance. One needs to inform/update by email or in written before
sending any high value consignment.

In case Consignor/Consignee are not able to provide us any required state entry
paper work, we shall go ahead without any paperwork however in case of any
penalty levied by the State Government authorities, same will be borne by

The Company reserves the right to use any mode of transportation, viz. air, railway,

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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)
Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,
Contact Number/s
surface or a combination of any or all the modes for couriering the consignments.

In case customer sends any banned item without declaring the same by AIR mode
for any reason, following which if any airlines charges any penalty or claims DTDC
any loss then same will be borne by customer.

Automatic Risk Coverage for Domestic and International Services will be as specified
in this contract form. For contracted clients, the same risk surcharge shall prevail
and should be settled at the time of bill settlement. Claims, if any, shall be settled
within 60 days from the date of receipt of evidence of expenditure and other
paperwork to include a) a Letter of Claim b) Consignor Copy c) Declaration / Invoice
Copy d) an Undertaking from the Customer that they have no Marine Policy.

The Company will compensate the Customer to the extent of such amount as
decided and made good by the insurance company for loss of consignment. If
additional payment for special insurance risk coverage is made by the Customer at
the time of booking. Claims will be settled at the earliest provided all supporting are
required by the insurance company are furnished by the Customer within the
stipulated time.

No claim for loss will be accepted by the Company after 30 days from the date of
Booking of neither the concerned consignment, nor any communication will be
entertained by the Company beyond the above period.

The Company holds the right to destroy all records of delivery and other connected
documents after 60 days of booking.

The Company agrees to provide proof of deliveries to the Customer against the
consignments booked in soft copy and delivered in special case; however not
providing of such proof will not be pre-condition for (holding the) payment to the
Company by the Customer. All records of delivery details is mentioned on our
website up to 60days.

The Customer agrees to make payment to the Company / Authorised Franchisee of

DTDC Express Ltd. for the charges of couriering of its consignments as per the rates
agreed upon and detailed so in the contract, specifying various slab of weights,
destinations, time of pick up, point of pick up, contact person etc. within 30 (Thirty)
days from the date of bill being submitted to the customer, the customer also
agrees to pay the service tax & statutory levies, if any, prevailing at the time of
booking. Payments to the Company by the Customer are to be made vide account
payee cheque or DD in favors of "ENTERPRISE NAME", payable at PUNE. The
Company holds the right for any payments made after the credit period or Rates will
be change without informs to you which around 15 to 20% hike. It is advised by the
Company that payments should not be made in cash.

It is agreed that the rates quoted by the Company in the contract for customers is
subject to a minimum average business of Rs. 5000.00 (in Figures), Rupees Five
thousand rupees only per month. In case of the average business per month comes
below the above figure, the company reserves the right to charge customer at a
higher rate subject to a maximum of its prevailing tariff.

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SAHU Enterprises (IF377)
Authorised Channel Partner of DTDC Express Ltd,
Contact Number/s
In case the Customer asks the Company to pick up and book consignment from
various other stations simultaneously, the minimum billing amount per station
should be Rs. 2000/- per month.
The arrangement will continue till it is terminated by either party by giving notice in
writing to the other (notice period of 30 days).
The terms & conditions printed overleaf of consignment note is also binding on the
Company reserves the right to change policy without any notice in advance.

Both the parties agree to intimate the other in writing in advance for any change in
terms and conditions as mentioned in this contract, in witness whereof both the
parties hereto execute this contract the day and year herein written above.

Signed, sealed & delivered by and within named,

Yours Faithfully, Accepted Rates, Terms & Condition Overleaf



(Authorised Signatory & Stamp) (Authorised Signatory & Stamp)

(RAMESH SAHU) (Name of Company Representative)

Authorised Franchisee, (Designation)
DTDC Express Ltd.

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