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Internet Freedom

Who We Are
The State Departments Internet Freedom and Freedom Online Coalition (FOC): We lead
Business & Human Rights (IFBHR) U.S. engagement in the
Section within the Bureau of OUR APPROACH Freedom Online Coalition, a
Democracy, Human Rights, and group of like-minded
Labor leads U.S. government PROMOTE & PROTECT governments collaborating to
policy and engagement to Fostering implementation of advance human rights online.
protect human rights online. international human rights law Examples of FOC work
and developing commitments in include: building cross-
Our guiding principle is the idea the global Internet freedom regional support for Internet
that the same rights people have space with key stakeholders freedom language in key
offline must also be protected international documents and
CONVENE & FACILITATE joint statements on issues of
online, in particular the freedoms Creating a space for emerging
of expression, peaceful assembly concern.
and critical issues to be debated
and association. Over 3.3 billion among relevant stakeholder
people use the Internet on a groups Multi-stakeholder: We work
daily basis, accounting for with interagency partners and
trillions of dollars in annual DEVELOP & IMPLEMENT civil society stakeholders to
global economic activity. Establishing tools, training and advance Internet freedom at
Technology companies, including guidance for U.S. government the annual Internet
Internet service providers and officials to be more effective Governance Forum, a multi-
social media companies, play an envoys on Internet freedom stakeholder venue for
important role in making Internet addressing global Internet
Contact the IFBHR team: governance.
freedom a reality.

What We Do We convene meetings and

events on the margins of human rights- and
Working with other U.S. government agencies, cyber-related conferences to bring together
like-minded governments, civil society, and stakeholders to address topical Internet
multi-stakeholder partners, we strive to freedom issues.
maintain a global network that is open,
interoperable, reliable, and secure. Programming: Since 2007, the U.S.
government has provided over $125 million to
support Internet freedom. Our Office of
Examples of Engagement Global Programs oversees programming that
empowers civil society online through support
Bilateral: We raise concerns about restrictions
for innovative technologies, digital safety,
on the Internet bilaterally with governments.
policy advocacy, and research programs.
Multilateral: We collaborate with like-minded
Building awareness in the U.S. Government:
governments to advance Internet freedom,
We build tools and conduct training to help
including in multilateral fora such as the UN
our State Department and interagency
Human Rights Council, the G-7, and the G-20.
colleagues become more effective envoys on
Internet freedom issues.