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JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts Fire Protection / Life Safety - 14

Fire Alarm System Sequence Matrix

Elevator shaft / machine room heat detectors (2)

Kitchen Hood & Duct Fire Suppression

Guestroom System Smoke Sensors (3)

Emergency Generator Signals (9)

Sprinkler Valve Tamper Switches
Dry Sprinkler Pressure Switches
Notes: Reference numbers are shown in

Low / High Air Supply Switches

parenthesis (1) for notes / notations indicated

System Heat Detectors (7)

System Smoke Sensors (1)

Carbon Monoxide Signals

below and in headings to the right.

Fire Pump Signals (8)

Manual Pull Stations

Duct Smoke Sensors

Waterflow Switches
FACP: Display an audible / visual alarm. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Remote Annunciator: Display an audible / visual X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Audible / Visual Alarms: Activate audible / visual X X X X X X
strobe appliances on affected floor. (5)
Assembly Doors and Fire Doors: Release magnetic X X X X
door holders on affected floor.
Stairwell Pressurization: Activate pressurization. X X X X X
Smoke Exhaust: Activate exhaust system in X X (4) (4)
affected zones.
Guestroom Audible Alarms: Activate alarms in X X X X X X
rooms on affected floor. (5)
ADA Guestrooms Audible / Visual Signals:
Activate both signals in ADA and hearing impaired X X X X X X
guestrooms on affected floor. (5)
Guestroom Local Audible Alarms: Activate audible X (6)
alarms only in rooms containing alarm.
ADA Guestroom Local Audible / Visual Signals:
Activate both signals only in hearing impaired and X (6)
ADA guestroom containing alarm.
Air Handlers: Automatically shut off associated air X
Kitchen Gas / Electric: Automatically shut off as-
sociated cooking line gas & electric and makeup X
air handler.
General Notes: (1) System smoke sensors not located in guestrooms.
Fire alarm system devices are point addressable. (2) Provide associated elevator recall and shunt trip functions in
On campus style properties, provide point compliance with ASME A-17.1, Elevator Code.
intelligent addressable networking reporting to (3) Guestroom Smoke Sensors: Provide photoelectric type, with sounder
continuously attended property location. base (minimum ratings of 85dBA, with 75dBA at the pillow).
Sprinkler system water flow and tamper switch At suites, multiple sensors shall activate at the same time.
alarms are annunciated on the FACP. (4) Water flow alarms shall not activate smoke control exhaust fans
where smoke control zones and fire sprinkler zones do not correspond.
(5) Fire alarms shall activate only on floor of alarm. Governing authority
may require additional zoning.
(6) Carbon Monoxide detectors in guestrooms shall activate an alarm in the
guestroom of incident and at the fire alarm control panel.
(7) We recommend not using heat detectors since fire sprinklers are also
activated by heat.
(8) Provide alarm and signal devices remote from controller in compliance
with NFPA 20.
(9) Provide alarm and signal devices remote from generator in compliance
with NFPA 110.

Design Standards Marriott International, Inc. January 2009 | Fire Life Safety 19