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Question no.1.

Explain the entrepreneurial journey of Uldana? Draw a timeline and enlist different factors which
proved during this journey.

Uldana started working at the age of 13 when his father died. Her first job was to work as a temporary
staff at a hospital. Later on she worked with her cousin at the trading business and also did newspaper &
articles translation for 10$.

In 2005 after being settled in Pakistan she got job at Searle Pharmaceuticals for handling their regulatory
issues in Kazakhstan .After job developed her interest in business so, she started doing MBA after
completion of MBA she found a full time job of Business Development Manager for Central Asia in
Herbion. She works only for a year at Herbion and again joined Searle but this time as Business
Development Manager of in international department. She worked with Searle for 8 years and then she
got offer from Bay Trade to start a partnership business in Pakistan. She started partnership with his
colleague Makhmoor Shaharyar. They both have a good experience at Searle, on the basis of their
experience they made a joint venture named as Bridge Enterprise. It took them 1 year to receive their
first order. After delivering her first order of 20 tons mayonnaise to Youngs she changed her strategy
and started making contacts with CEOs. Now its been 2 years to Bridge Enterprise, they started with
zero capital and so far earned of 1.5 million Pakistani rupees. Uldana faced many ups and down despite
all , she has been able to sustain her venture so far.

In the meantime she joined the WomenX Entrepreneurship program, which is a program to support
women entrepreneurs with growth potential in collaboration with World Bank, Center for
Entrepreneurial Development, IBA & MHB a small consultancy firm. The WomenX enabled Uldana to
expand her business network and develop growth strategy.

Timeline Factors
1985 Uldana learned the art of earning her own money at an early age.

1996 Got married & moved to Pakistan.

1999 Completed her MD at Pediatrics.

2000 Moved to Karachi.
2005 Joined Searle, visited Central Asia, this developed her interest in business.
2007 Completed MBA, and decided to do a full time job at Herbion.
2008 Joined Searle as Business Development Manager, this exposure had a
tremendous impact on her professionally and she built up a great network in
industry and pointed out her potential.
2013 Launched Bridge Enterprise in partnership with his colleague and Bay Trade.
Uldana explored many new ways and is still exploring. Also joined WomenX
entrepreneurship program and this helped her in developing a growth strategy
to expand her business.
Question no.2.

What are the different options available to Uldana for expansion of Bridge Enterprise?

1. Increase the product portfolio: she can add other products like construction material, apparels
and textile products, leather products etc.
2. Geographical expansion: she can also include other regions like far East Asian, North America
and Africa etc.
3. Strategic partnership: she can also look to have a strategic partnership like joint venture with
any other organization working in the same category. In this way the burden of the work would
be divided but she would have to lose control as well.
4. Develop a formal systems management and operations of the company to make the processes
more efficient.
5. To expand her team to 10 people.
6. To open a storage facility.
7. To implement computerized accounting system.
8. To streamline the legal and taxation issues.

Question no.3.

How did Uldana recognize opportunity? What strategies did she apply to leverage that opportunity?

Uldana realized that the people of Ukraine were facing a language barrier and had limited to zero
knowledge about marketing their products to the customers. She saw an opportunity to venture into
exporting and importing food products but she did not limit herself just to the food sector but also
ventured into wood, construction material and petroleum products. She is importing said products from
the Russians and their neighbors.

The strategies used:

Identified Low cost and abundant products of Ukraine and neighboring countries.
Identified target markets
Managed demand and supply of different markets