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MEMO Commented [p1]: We cannot confuse between memo and

letter format as to when is that needed. Please understand this is

an external proposal, and hence a letter would be needed, not a
TO: Marketing Manager of XYZ university memo.

FROM: Business Development Associate, ABC Start up

DATE: November 26, 2017

SUBJECT: All Inclusive Social Media Solutions


XYZ University intends to run an intense campaign on social media platforms for their regular MBA
admissions next year. The university has well defined needs that need to be addressed. Commented [p2]: You are writing to the university. Why would
you use a third person language? You must communicate in first
person, saying your university has called for a Proposal..

ABC Start up specialises in social media campaigns and intense social media marketing initiatives.
We have prior experience and proficiency in working with clients such as Microsoft, handling of GOI
Projects etc. Commented [p3]: The solution or the context also talks about
the bigger picture as to why such a solution is relevant. Without
telling them the change engaging in social media can bring to the
TASK STATEMENT #1: Making the current website vibrant and interactive with introduction to universitys admission process through data, you cannot convince
integration of social media and blog them merely by marketing yourself.

The university website will be redesigned keeping in mind the current trends and tastes. The website
will be regular updated with all the latest happenings from the university along with student
experiences, faculty interviews and general titbits. Social Media handles of the university will be Commented [p4]: What can be the optimum level of such
engagement? Add few details or examples to make them believe
integrated with the website to provide a seamless and user friendly experience. A blog will be you know your business.
introduced where current students and faculty members can share interest based information and
opinions and thereby forming a means of interaction with prospective students. Commented [p5]: Each task statement needs to be presented
separately in bullets so that aaction items are highlighted.
TASK STATEMENT #2: Creating a regular social media page with update on activities and events of
the current batch of students and faculty members

A regular social media page of the university will be created on Facebook along with accounts on
Instagram and Snapchat to provide an all inclusive social media coverage. In todays times, students
are more than ever active on social media and social media is considered as one of the best
mediums to reach out to them. Youth opinion leaders from various walks of life will be invited to the
university and the content created with them will be shared across all social media platforms. Along
with this, there will be an in-depth coverage of sports events, cultural festivals, literary fests and
other inter college/university competitions. Commented [p6]: Good points, but needs highlighting.

TASK STATEMENT #3: Admissions campaign a short-term, intense campaign to launch the next
years programme with adequate reach to different regions and demographics of the country

Regarding admissions for next years programme, a nationwide social media promotion campaign
will be launched with a special emphasis on Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. Social media analytics and search
engine optimization tools will be used to generate maximum interest and registrations from these
cities as these have a lot of scope.

December 2017 - January 2018 Designing and implementation of Admissions Campaign

January 2018 Launch of social media accounts and regularly updating content hereon

March 2018 Completing total revamp of the University website and reintroducing it. Commented [p7]: Improve the schedule by presenting it in the
form of a GANT T chart.


Cost Structure as per Tasks will be as follows

TASK #1 = Rs 2,99,999 (One time redesigning fee) + Rs 25,000/month (24 hours online support)

TASK #2 = Rs 1,75,000 (One time fees) + Rs 35,000/month (Regularly updating content)

TASK #3 = Rs 4,99,999 (Complete designing and implementation of the Admissions campaign)

TOTAL = 16,94,998 for one years service Commented [p8]: The cost statement needs alignment with the
schedule. How many months of updating content and what is the
total cost?

Our expert services and professional working at affordable prices will go a long way in establishing a
secure online presence for your university as well as ensuring that you make the most of the
admission season for next years programmes. Please give me a call if you have any questions.