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PSU Student: Denise Torres-Pitzer Grade Level: 4TH GRADE

Content Area: Math

Lesson Title: Estimate Quotients

Domain: Number and Operation in Base Ten
Major Cluster: Generalize place value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers.
4.NBT.3: Use place value understanding to round multi-digit whole numbers.



o Content Objective: Students will estimate quotients, using compatible numbers, basic
facts, and place value.
o Language Objective: I can read a division problem as ___ divided by ___equals___.


o Book
o Pencil
o Tablet
o Homework sheet
o Fact sheet
o White board
o Marker


Use the Problem of the Day to set the tone for math. Students should be sitting on the carpet
and ready with their math books. Have the students work with a partner to solve the problem
of the day. After that have the students break out to their groups.

Today, we will be finding the quotients to division problems figure mentally.
What is a quotient (the answer to a division problem)
What does it mean to find it mentally (we have to divide in our heads)
We will be estimating the quotient
Show the students a sample question on the white board. Remind the students of the poem we
learned to help with rounding if its less than 4 let it rest, more than 5 let it soar.

My example is 123 / 3. First, I will be rounding 123, I am going to round to 120 because it is a
compatible number. I know that 12/3=4 so 120/3=40.

give me thumbs up if you remember how to round and are comfortable with rounding?
(students should be able to give you thumbs up, if they dont, review rounding
turn to page 335 and lets work out example 1 together, who would like to read? (ask a
student to read the example).
Work along the students and have them guide you through the process so you are sure they are
getting the rounding and then dividing which is the next step.


Before you begin on the homework who can tell me what is the first step I do? (round your
number to a compatible number and then you divide.)
If students are not sure what the first thing to do is, work on example 2, but this time show
them with detailed words.


turn to page 337 and lets practice with 2 problems on the independent practice page.
Have a student read the instructions.
Its asking to estimate, and to check our answers using multiplication.
Lets begin, the first problem says 244/6 so what do I do first? (round 244 to a compatible
My compatible number would be 240, next I will do what? (take 240 and divide it by 6)
I know that 24/6 is 4 therefore, 240/6 is? (40).
Lets move on, the plan boys and girls we have just learned to estimate quotients. You will be
working on page 339-340 numbers 1-17. After you are done, please turn it in to the basket, I
will grade and give back to you.


Gather the students at 10:00am in whole group at the carpet.

In todays lesson, we practiced estimating to find the quotients.
What is the first thing we do. (we round to find a compatible number)
What do we do next? (We divide)
We have 4 math groups. Those math groups are made up of students who are on the same level of math
skills. Each group has their own color, and students depending on the progress they show are able to
move to different groups.

To introduce Compatible

ELL: (student 1) and (Student 2) work well together. They are compatible. Explain to the students that
compatible numbers are numbers that work well together.