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Rommel and the German 7th Panzer

division in France 1940
The Initial Days of the Campaign

By Ove Pappila

T he purpose of this paper is to give a society until Rommels book Infantry

detailed account of the first days of the Attacks was released in 1937. Hitler
German 7th Panzer Divisions actions himself read Infantry Attacks and made
during the Campaign in France 1940. The Rommel the leader of his own lifeguard
purpose is also to analyse the impact the during the campaign In Poland. After the
division commander, General Erwin campaign in Poland Rommel was asked of
Rommel, and his leadership, The man who lies low his further wishes and gave
had on the divisions actions. and awaits developments the answer that he wanted to
command a Panzer Division.
Background usually comes off second Rommel was given the
With this brief message Figure best command in the place of the
1 Erwin Rommel took E Rommel1 both older and more
command of the 7th Panzer experienced commanders.
Division on February 10, 1940. Until this Inevitably, any account of the German
moment Rommels career was nothing 7th Panzer Divisions actions in France,
much to boast about. As one of many 1940, to a large extent involves Erwin
veterans and heroes from the First World Rommel. Nevertheless, Rommel often
War, Rommel in the interwar period had a showed audacity and never hesitated to take
hard time making a mark for himself. His command of a situation no matter how big
extraordinary accomplishments as an or small. He was a man of action, and it
infantry leader during World War One left seems that he often reacted in a spontaneous
few marks among the German military and somewhat impulsive manner.

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