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Auditions and College Preparations Final Rubric

Student Name _____________________________________________ Final Score __________

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Intonation The inaccuracy of pitches Most pitches were accurate during The pitches were accurate and in
created a barrier during the the performance with several tune throughout the entire
performance instances of pitch problems performance
Rhythmic There were significant rhythmic There were several places in which Rhythms were precise with few to
Accuracy problems that took away from the rhythm was not clear no inaccurate places
the performance
Expression The performance lacks The performance shows personality The performance reflects the
personality and authenticity and authenticity, but does not match personality and authenticity of the
throughout the literature or is absent at times literature that is selected
Diction & Words were not spoken clearly The performer sang and spoke The performer sang and spoke
Enunciation enough to be easily understood confidently, but lacked clarity that clearly and confidently, adding to
took away from the performance the overall effect of the
Presentation The performer appeared timid Actions and movements made by the The presented themselves
and constant movements were a performer were a distraction and took confidently and any movements
distracted from the performance away from the performance made added to the engagement in
the performance

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