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by swedish painter Knut Ekwall (1843-1012)

L’ É c o l e H o r s l e s M u r s / S c h o o l B e y o n d t h e Wa l l s - 2 8 1 , R u e d u M o u l i n S a i n t - M a r t i n 0 4 1 0 0 M a n o s q u e , F R A N C E •

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Project Details
Short Description

Europe has not always been as now a land of immigration. As Africans and Asians today, millions of Europeans were left
on boats to escape poverty or war. This etwinning intends to study their history.

L'Europe n'a pas toujours été comme aujourd'hui une terre d'immigration. Comme les Africains et les Asiatiques aujour-
d'hui, des millions d'Européens se sont retrouvés sur des bateaux pour fuir la misère ou la guerre. Ce etwinning se pro-
pose d'étudier leur histoire.

Subject Areas

Art - Citizenship - European Studies - Informatics/ICT - Design and Technology - Foreign Languages - History - Social

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Every school involved in this etwinning will develop a case study about an history of emigration inside Europe or out-
side Europe. Teachers and students can choose to describe the history of a small group of emigrants leaving the town or
the region where students work today.

For example, in France, we will study the case of people from a village in Alps mountains, Barcelonnette: many people of
this village have emigrated in Mexico from 1820 to 1950...

S c h o o l B e y o n d t h e Wa l l s ! e t w i n n i n g 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 11

Work Process

how to proceed ?

1. Sign Up on our educational network "School Beyond the Walls" . We have a video tuto-
rial to help you to register if you don't understand french.

2. Join the workgroup "European Emigrations": . All the

details and work in progress for this etwinning will be published inside this workgroup.

3. Work language: english but we encourage teachers to use also with students their mother language with english trans-
lation. Our diversity is our wealth !

4. Schedule:

- registration : from September 1st to November 30 th... setting up the etwinning with preparatory meetings, ict trai-

- activities: from December 1st to April 30 th

- Final Publishing: from May 1st to june 30 th

- collaborative work

Expected Results

1. This global project can be a good opportunity for teachers to learn how to use many ict tools with their students. We
can give free training for any kind of tools. We will use for example our virtual classroom on Elluminate. We will help
students and teachers to develop activities with web publishing as podcast or videocast...

2. If we gather many case studies, we will offer a wonderful data base for teachers about history of emigration. We plan
to create an with all these case studies.

3. We will present this work as a virtual museum with a community partnership with "La Cité nationale de l’histoire de
l’immigration" (National Palace for history of immigration)

S c h o o l B e y o n d t h e Wa l l s ! e t w i n n i n g 2 0 1 0 / 2 0 11