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Annotated Bibliography of Superman and Me: The Most Wonderful Books

Alexie, Sherman. Superman and Me. The Most Wonderful Books: Writers on

Discovering the Pleasures of Reading, Milkweed Editions, 1997.

Sherman Alexie wrote the article Superman and Me, to highlight his love for reading and

to emphasize his potential and difference when compared to a stereotypical Indian child.

Taking place mainly in eastern Washington state, Alexie taught himself to read in

paragraphs from a young age. He took this knowledge and love for reading and later on

became a writer. His goal is to make an impact for other Indian students and individuals

by teaching creative writing classes and sharing his writings with others.

Annotated Bibliography of Bootstraps: From an American Academic of Color

Villanueva, Victor. Bootstraps: from an American Academic of Color. National Council of

Teachers of English, 1993

In an excerpt from Bootstraps: From an American of Academic Color, Victor Villanuevas

(author) purpose is to find out about the diverse obstacles that individuals face if they

are in anyway part of the minority. He talked about why he was unable to go to College,

but then ended up in a University being Puerto Rican and not having a very decent

GPA. In my opinion, the Intended audience is pretty much anyone but more specifically

English professeurs. His goal was to graduate and shows the readers (audience) the

difficulties that they, similar to him, could experience when they desire something that

much. He does this by using great philosophers and political leaders as his examples.

Villanueva discovers how these people in history used the term rhetoric in different ways

and he proposes that rhetoric is an important aspect in daily life and regular human

language. He assumes that it has different impacts on people for different reasons.

Annotated Bibliography of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers

Sommers, Nancy. Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult

Writers. College Composition and Communication, vol. 31, no. 4, 1980, p. 378.,

Nancy performed research for three years in which she compares student writers and

adult writers. She compares multiple models of revision like the James Brittons model,

the Gordon Rohmans model, and then explains the linear model. She then transitions to

comparing the average students writing with the writing of experienced writers. She

determines that the experienced writers tend to try to maintain form to their writing

however the student writers tend to reword what they are trying to say. The student

writers also seem to struggle with their range of vocabulary, however this is not as much

an issue for the experienced writers.

Annotated Bibliography of Teaching the Conventions of Academic Discourse

Thonney, Teresa; "Teaching the Conventions of Academic Discourse," Teaching English

in the Two-Year College, vol. 38, no. 4, May 2011, pp. 347-362.

Author Teresa Thonney introduces her main argument in her thesis statement that there

are certain features that are found in most all types of writing that should be taught to

specifically first year students to improve upon their writing. She introduces both

counterarguments, one being that there are not any general skills to be taught in writing.

The other argument by Freedman was that writing should not be taught because

teaching something implies that they are specific rules and guidelines to be followed,

which Freedman does not agree with. Thonney shares her advice and guidelines to

writing with us, that involves six steps, or moves as she calls them. This article allows

us as readers to understand that there is disagreement between whether writing should

or should not have guidelines to follow. In her conclusion she notes that academic

writing is constantly varying but she seems to be writing to help professors understand

what she thinks first-year students should be learning about good writing.
Annotated Bibliography of Philosophy Dedisciplined

Frodeman, Robert. Philosophy Dedisciplined. Synthese, vol. 190, no. 11, 2012, pp.

19171936., doi:10.1007/s11229-012-0181-0.

This essay delves into the shortcomings of disciplinary philosophy, the most

prominent form of academic philosophy in the twentieth century across the United

States. This essay in and of itself is an argument against the aberration that

disciplinary philosophy is seen as in comparison with the traditional Western philosophy

that had been the go-to for two-thousand years. As a dedisciplined philosophy, this type

of education is a possible way to incorporate the more theoretical and institutional parts

of philosophy. This essay is based on the results of a survey sent to ...500 philosophy

departments across North America in the summer of 2010.