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Acting Out the Fur Trade

Character Profile
-Next week you will be acting out the Fur Trade. If you have received this
booklet that means that you will have just learned who your character is.
-On Thursday April. 6th, you will become this character for one full class
period as you barter and trade to get what you want in the Fur Trade. You
NEED to fill out this booklet by April.6th so that you are prepared for the
activities ahead.
-Please bring this booklet to class every day, because there will be some
class time to work on it.
-We will be going over the rules of this activity in class over the next week.

Step 1. Who Are You?

Fill out the information below in complete sentences.

What is your name?

What is your race? Are you French, British, Metis, or First Nations?

What is your occupation in the Fur Trade?

What language(s) do you speak?


Step 2. Information About the fur Trade

In order to understand your own trading strategies, you will need to understand
the history of the Fur Trade. You will be able to find this information in your notes
and the textbook. Please answer the following questions, and write all short
answers in complete sentences.

1, The Fur Trade ran on a Barter system. What does bartering mean?

2. Read the section Three Key Players on pg 79 of the textbook. Describe the
roles of the First Nations, Merchants, and Courers de Bois/Voyageurs in the Fur
Trade. Include at least 2 facts about each group.

First Nations


Courers de Bois/

3. There were many manufactured goods that were traded to the First Nations
people during the Fur Trade. List 5 goods that Europeans would provide at their
trading posts.

4. The Europeans valued the furs which they obtained from the First Nations
through trade. The most popular fur traded was from the ________________.
List 5 other animal furs that the Europeans would trade for.

5. Why did the Europeans want to trade for furs? What were they used for?

6. First Nations helped Europeans adjust to the Canadian wilderness. What were
some ways that the first Nations helped Europeans? Name at least four.





7. Read the section First Nations Women: Another Perspective on page 80 of the
textbook. How did First Nations women participate in the Fur Trade? Describe at
least two jobs that first Nations women had.

8. What does the term Metis mean? What was the role of Metis people in the Fur

9. Read page 84 of the textbook. What was the main method of transportation in
the Fur Trade? What is a portage?

10. The British Fur Trading Company with a monopoly on trading furs in British
North America was called the ____________________________.

11. The Fur Trading company that was formed by a group of traders from Montreal,
and built trading posts far into the Western interior was called the

12. What are three reasons that the Hudsons Bay Company chose to build Fur
Trade forts on the cold shores of the Hudsons Bay.




13. Choose one of Albertas most notorious Fur Trade Forts, either Fort Chipewyan
or Fort Whoop Up, and explain the significance of this fort to the Fur Trade.

14. Based on what you have learned, how did the Fur Trade influence the
development of Canada? Apply your knowledge, there are many correct answers.

Step 3. Fur Trade Items

Below is a list of all of the items available when you are acting
out the Fur Trade. You will receive your Fur Trade items and a
list of the items you need to trade for when we do the Acting
out the Fur Trade activity.

Fur Trade Items

-Furs -Metal Pots
-Food -Metal Sewing Pins
-Guns -Blankets
-Horses -Tobacco

There are also two special items which will be held by very
few characters:
-Map of the West
-Sea Shells

Which items do you think your character will have to trade based on
their race/occupation? Please include one sentence explaining why.

Which items do you think your character will be trying to obtain?

Please include one sentence explaining why.

Step 4. Journal Entry

Based on what you know about the Fur Trade, and about your characters role in it,
please write a journal entry about what an average day would be like for your
character. What do they do? Who do they meet with? What jobs are they doing?
If you need some ideas for this part feel free to ask Mr. Volk for help. Please fill
this page, and feel free to use the back of the page as well.