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Content & Process: September 2017 PD Elementary Music - Wednesday and Thursday, September 13/14 Content Objective: ing and support in technology Practices to Elementary Music teachers in Reflection Conten __ Process: [7:30 pm— | Grounding + _ Opening in Library Work area Teacher Agenda «Agenda Hightights *45 pm + Tourof new AMAC ~ walk wit pesons walk with someone new to you fi _ someone new to You, find outname 245 pm — | Session on Synergy |» _ Questions answered a os pm | ne conensinomagy pega [GRR en + Partners: new teachers with mentor 45min. teachers to answer specifies 2:30 pm — 2335 pm Break and Transition to Keyboards in Library Sin. 2335 pm-__| Keyboard Lab Procedure: Teaches 3:00 pm Inventory * Partner up (Thankyou, + Plugin and Play All Keys Trisha Garnes!) * Set aside keyboards that are less than 100% + Color code keyboard, cord, music stand, headphones, student books * Done when we get 16 good keyboard kits 25min, 3:00 pm— 3:02pm __| Transition to Work Area in Library 2min. 3:02pm= | Session on Google [+ Session norms/CHAMPs Laptops ‘Amy 425pm_—_| Usage Potential Why Google? Use Google to How to use Google: can et share, collaborate, ° erie © Teacher Use create) = Creation|Collaborat jon and Sharing + Build Community © Access to Google 259 Elem Music Group * Worktime— Alone or in Groups © Google Forms for communications © Google slides to create CHAMP for Audience Expectations © Google Docs for Flyers/Programs Wrap Up and © Complete reflection form i