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Assalamualaikum wr.wb

The honorable the teachers and my lovely friends. First of all, I would like to say
thanks to Allah SWT, the almighty who has been giving us the mercy and blessing till we can
attend this meeting without any obstacles in this good place and time. Secondly, I would like
to say thanks to you all for giving me the chance to deliver my speech entitled The effects of
television against the children.

Okay everybody, Television is one of humanitys most important means of

communication. It brings pictures and sounds from around the world into millions homes.
Maybe we will be frustrated if we dont watch television in one day. No wonder, television is
considered as the most important sources of entertainment and information. People have
different ideas about the effects of television. Some people say that television is good because
it will educate the children. But others say that television is bad for children.

Well, television has good and bad effects. The good effects are first, television is a
source of information. Children should always know the lastest news in all over the world in
order to increase the knowledges. So, they can develop themselves in the future. It will
happen because the human information can be better than before. And the second, Television
is a media of entertainment. Of course television can be a refreshing source too. It has a
function to decrease bored or tired feeling from children, such as quiz, film, or other
programmes. And the third, television has many good programmes that shows many success
and smart people in education, business, entertaiment and others. Success and smart people
that are shown can influence childen to do the same as them to reach the childerns
ambitions. And the fourth, lectures in television strenghthen the faith and give the spriritual
cleansing in order children have the good behavior and will always remember the God.

Besides the good effects, television has bad effects too. The bad effects are first,
television can influence health especially the eyes. The radiation can make the eyes tired so it
can cause myopia. Thats why many children have worn glasses now. Second, television can
make the children forget about the time. If they were too busy watching television and forget
about the time, it means that they forget about the plans that has made. So automatically it
can make the children lazy to do something positive such as study. Third, In television there
are programmes that do not educate the children such as violence and criminal. It can make
the children imitate the scenes of violence and crime. So thats why in Indonesia, there are so
many violence cases like bully.

Conclution that, everything that exists in the world must have rule and must be
checked again whether the programmes good for airing or not. And then the role of parents to
educate their children is very important and the awareness of the children itself should be
high and is responsible for what they want to do with the guidance of teachers.

Okay I think thats all I want to deliver to you. Im sorry if I have a mistake. Thank
you for your good attention. Good afternoon.