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EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

Peer Observation
Please ensure that the observer /critical friend has a copy of the lesson plan.
Peer Observation Number: 1
Date/Time: Thursday- October 19, 2017. Name of Student Teacher to be observed:
(11:40 12:20). Sheikha Rashed.

Lesson: Grade: 3B.

Renewable energy and Non-Renewable

Learning objective: Name of Observer/Critical Friend: Anfal

Questioning- Drawing- and giving examples AlDahmani.
of each type of energy.

Strength of the lesson :

Variety of games for the students (the apple challenge, spoon game, the renewable energy chart).
Good using of eye contact with the students.
Allow the student who answered to choose the next student to answer the next question.
Managing students for most of the class time.
Sheikhas voice was clear and loud enough.
She disciplined the misbehaving students (taking out his name from the cup to not participate in
the game).
Supporting the students who are struggling with the answer.
Rewarding the students (excellent, good job, and giving them biscuits as a gift).
The cup activity with the students names on the sticks was lovely.
Reminding the students to talk in English.

Areas for development :

Try to not say ha a lot.
Next time let the students who are struggler to choose a body to help him or h

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani