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EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

Peer Observation
Please ensure that the observer /critical friend has a copy of the lesson plan.
Peer Observation Number: 2
Date/Time: Monday - October 30, 2017. Name of Student Teacher to be observed:
(9:20 to 10:00) Aamna Ahmad.

Lesson: What time is it? Grade: 1F.

Learning objective: Name of Observer/Critical Friend: Anfal

Reviewing about the clock when the long AlDahmani.
hand on 12exact time, doing more examples
by new activity.

Strength of the lesson :

- The song was nice, the students get engaged in and some of them were singing with the
- Managing the students (no teacher, no miss, just raise your hand).
- Asking the student who is not raising their hands.
- Reminding the students to not talk.
- The asking the students to say the time.
- The class tools game was interesting and all the students were exciting in.
- Reinforcing the students (good job, clap your hand for ).
- She asked Salems friend to help him fixing the time instead of helping him.
- The watch card.
- Supporting the students when they need.
- Motivating Salem when he did a correct time in his watch.
- Clapping hands for Mayed when he did a correct time.

Areas for development :

- Next time when you will explain the worksheet try to show it in the board to get students
attention easily.
- I will count about ten (I will count until ten).
- Try to print the small hands in other paper or in the corner of the worksheet.

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani