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The Problems And Struggle Of Grade 11 ABM B Students In Their Business Math

Specialized Subject in PHS

This course will provide an understanding of the basic concepts of mathematics as applied
in business.It includes a review of the fundamental mathematics operations using
decimals,fractions,percent,ratio and proportion;mathematics concepts and skills in buying and
selling,computing gross and net earnings,overtime and business data presentation,analysis and
interpretation.The use of computer and software applications for computation and data
presentation is encouraged.
Mathematics is an important part of managing business.Business and mathematics go hand
in hand this is because deals with money and money encompasses everything in itself.There is a
need for everyone to manage money as some point or other to take desicions which requires
everyone to know mathematics.Business mathematics is used by commercial enterprises to record
and manage busness operations.Business mathematics also includes statistics and provides
solution to business problems .
Business is always surrounded with challenges which need to be dealt with in a proper
fashion so that they do no arise in future .These problems that occur on a daily basis can be
effectively solved with the help of mathematical models.Hence mathematics not only helps to
calculate but also analyze bisiness problems and work upon them .Learning and using business
mathematics enables a person to think out of the box, sharpens ones thinking and helps in precisely
formulating and structuring relationship.
Business Mathematics .Mathematics is an important part of managing
mathematics used by commercial enterprises to record and manage business operations.
As a senior high ABM students,we can say that sometimes we are facing some difficulties
when it comes to business math such as identifying and analyzing the taxable and non taxable
benefits.We had 3 teachers in business math ,first is maam Wilhelmina,second is Sir Rommel and
our present teacher is Sir Ray.
Pulungmasle,High School
Pulungmasle Guagua, Pampanga

Field Report
Business Math

David,Kimberly S.
Garcia,Aira Joy S.
Sarmiento,Clarence G.

Grade 11-ABM B

English for Academic and Professional Purposes

Maam Sindy P. Lagman

Subject Teacher