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Fe Eleanor M.


1. What is sketch/ sketching?

Every design or an artwork starts with a sketch. It is where you pour your
ideas out and try to make something out of your imagination. Sketch or
sketching is a quick drawing where your art isn't finished yet. It is where
you draw your ideas first and still on the process of finalizing your work.
Sketching is a freehand drawing where you can draw someone or
something without thinking about the final result.

2. Importance/ uses of sketching to arts/ multimedia arts?

The importance of sketching to arts is that it gives it more life and it gives it
more meaning. Sketching is not direct but you can see or feel the meaning
of it, especially when you're into arts and have that "the eye of an artist".
Sketching is important because it gives the artist the chance to express, to
explore ideas, and to have a wider imagination. Sketching is where every
artwork came from. Sketching is the result of your imagination that you put
into existence. So what if sketching doesn't exist? Then there would be no
tool to make your imagination into existence, you wouldn't know how to
express your ideas stock in your mind and because of that, your ideas
might be stock in your head forever.