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Leanna Casale Date: October 5, 2017

Mrs. Evans Time: 12:40 PM

Grade: 3
Subject: Social Studies
Anti-Bullying Lesson
1. Essential Questions
a. How does bullying affect the victim?
b. What are some ways to stop and prevent bullying?

2. Standards
a. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.3.1 Engage effectively in a range of collaborative
discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners
on grade 3 topics and texts, building on others ideas and expressing their
own clearly.
b. 6.3.4.D.1 Identify actions that are unfair or discriminatory, such as bullying,
and propose solutions to address such actions

3. Learning Objectives and Assessments

Learning Objectives Assessments

Students will be able to identify actions, Students will listen to the teacher read
like bullying, that are Chrysanthemum aloud to the class and they
unfair/discriminatory. will recognize examples of bullying
throughout the story. Students will discuss
the examples with a partner and with the

Students will be able to discuss solutions to Students will answer questions posed by
unfair treatment. the teacher about how to solve issues with

Students will be able to identify ways they Students will complete I Can Stop Bullying
can stop/prevent bullying. By worksheet.

4. Materials
a. 19 pre-cut red hearts
b. 1 large red heart
c. Band-Aids
d. Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

5. Pre-Lesson Assignment and/or Prior Knowledge

a. Students will come into this lesson most likely having already witnessed or
heard about various acts of bullying in their school and community. They
may have even been in a situation where they werent sure the appropriate
way to respond. Students will bring these different perspectives and
experiences into the activity, activating a lively, diverse discussion.

6. Lesson Beginning
a. Have a riddle on the board and ask the students to solve the riddle
i. Its not in your tummy but its somewhere above. It is often thought
of as a symbol of love.
ii. Answer: A heart
iii. What does a heart symbolize?

7. Instructional Plan
a. Explain that when they notice an example of bullying, they will fold/crinkle
the heart and when there are examples of someone being kind to
Chrysanthemum, they should smooth out a little of the heart.
b. After reading the book, students will Turn and Talk about examples of
bullying and kindness they noticed in the book for 2 minutes and then they
will share with the whole class.
c. Discuss as a class what happened to the heart throughout the book (when
they crinkled them). What does this symbolize?
d. Ask students how their hearts compares to the heart on the board.
e. Discuss as a class how the heart will never look the same or be the same
again after being bullied.
i. Even when we say were sorry, people still remember the hurtful
things we did.
f. Students will then return to their seats and write down examples of how they
can help someone who is being bullied or prevent bullying.
g. The teacher will ask if anyone wants to share what they wrote.

8. Differentiation
a. For students who dont want to share their answers, the Turn and Talk will
give the teacher the opportunity to listen in on each student as they talk with
a partner.

9. Questions
a. What does a heart symbolize?
b. What are some examples of bullying/kindness you saw in the book?
c. How does your crinkled heart compare to this heart?
d. Decide if your heart is really fixed. Why or why not?
e. How can you help stop bullying?

10. Classroom Management

a. The students will follow the rules of the classroom.
b. All materials will be pre-cut.

11. Transitions
a. Students will be called onto the rug by table at the beginning of the lesson.
b. The teacher will ask students to return to their desks quietly to work on the
c. The teacher will call one table at a time to place their Band-Aids on the heart.

12. Closure
a. Students will write their names on a Band-Aid. Students will pledge that they
will not bully others and will help those who may be getting bullied. The
students will place their Band-Aids on the large heart to sign the pledge.

I can help stop bullying by

I PLEDGE to take a stand

against bullying.

I will treat others with



to help others being bullied

and to report bullying.

Before you speak
Think and be smart
Its hard to fix
A wrinkled heart